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The Hagon Junior Speedway

Hagon Junior machines were purpose to meet the young riders needs, and in addition to the models shown they could make any Junior models to specification. All Junior machines were fitted with safety chainguards and footrests

The Hagon Jawa 90cc (Left)* is designed for the younger grass-track rider being both lightweight and easy to handle. The five speed transmission provides a low first Gear for initially learning to ride together with a high top gear for serious racing.A Rotary inlet valve allows port timing for maximum performance whilst still retaining low speed power and easy starting. Height reducers can be fitted which are simply removed when the rider grows.

The Hagon Puch 125cc (Right)* made for the Intermediate age group. This model uses the powerful Puch Competition Engine Unit, with electronic ignition, dykes piston and radial cylinder head. The machine was sold as a complete machine.

Hagon frames are available for Honda 100cc and 125cc engines, with a range of wheel sizes and seat heights to suit any age rider. Complete machine, less only engine unit and exhaust

HAGON 198cc POWER CONVERSIONS for Honda 125cc single cylinder OHC engines. By modifying your own components, we can increase the capacity of your Honda 125cc engine to a full 198cc. Suitable for petrol or methanol fuel.


Re-sphere cylinder head, enlarge ports, fit larger valves, fit racing valve springs and racing camshaft. Bore cylinder barrel, fit big bore cylinder liner, supply high compression piston, copper head gasket, alloy spacer plate, longer cylinder studs and dowels. Bore crankcase mouth. Increase crankshaft stroke, re-balance flywheels, and supply long cam chain.


We can convert and re-build your complete engine unit in our engine workshop. We also remove the kickstarter mechanism, and first gear pinions to save weight, and beadblast the whole unit.

(Note: Any worn stock Honda parts will be replaced, at extra cost).

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