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tempestcontracting at gmail.com
Hagon sandracer, weslake engine
Hi my name is Bert Sergent from New Zealand. I posted some pictures to this website some years ago of the Drake Engine. I am trying to find someone that has drawings for a hagon sandracer engine plates for the weslake engine and Jawa two speed gearbox. Do you know anyone that could help me? I have a museum here with many machines and this is the next machine to be built.

Fri, 29 Sep 2017
martin.anderson14168 at hotmail.com<
Hagon Dont actually know

I have recently purchased a hagon jap but i have no idea of year or model,i have serial numbers but thats it.
Martin Anderson
Newcastle Australia

Please supply serial numbers, and images if possible.

Mon, 04 Sep 2017
roon56 at aol.com
Hagon Jap Speedway 1972 frame

How do I prime the oil pump? I've put oil into the frame, pumped oil into the oil line going to the pump and have been turning the rear wheel until I was ready to drop. I had bubbles every, maybe 4th turn of the wheel. I haven't seen a drop of oil in the oil discharge box. Should I see oil in the discharge box? My oil adjusters have been in and out so I can see the pump is pumping, but I haven't had any oil being pumped out. The back adjuster is for the crankcase,right and the front adjuster is for the top end Right? Or am I just an idiot. Any help would be ever so helpful. If you can help a brother out, I would be ever so grateful. Thanks my motorcycle brothers.
Mike Rooney
Sacramento, California

  • Very basic info on the 4B and 84S oil pump at 500race.org

Fri Apr 07 2017
ksblizz at bigpond.com<
Brake cable
Hagon JAP 500-4B
Looking for brake cable for this bike
Sydney Australia

Wed Aug 13 2014
a3406p at aol.com<
Hagon Speedway bike
Hagon Speedway
Hi, I own the hagon Speedway bike which you have a picture of on your website. It is the bike with #32 on it. What can you tell me about it as I have very little info on it. Thanks,

Sorry, no details on the bike other than what is in the caption.

Wed Feb 08 2012
Hagon Grass bike frame

Wed Feb 20 2008
reynoldsg236 at aoldot com<
Air Forks
Hagon LTR Grasstrack Bike
Hello All, I have a LTR which i have just restored can anyone tell me what oil goes into the forks also how much? as i took them apart to have re-chromed and not sure now Thank you

Thu Dec 13 2007
bbhslatcher at hotmaildot com<
Hagon Motorcycles
Hagon 500
Alf Hagon modified loads of engines for grass track and sprint, why not ask them yourself at Hagon Motorcycles in Essex?
Derbyshire, U.K.

Tue Feb 06 2007
linleyg at optusnet.com.au
We have just come into possession of an old speedway racing bike and have some questions that we hope you can assist us with. Details of the bike that we have been able to establish so far are as follows:

FRAME: Hagon - No. 01-539-8416
GEAR BOX: BSA - No. 65-3364
ENGINE: ??? - No. MSS-8280

From this info, could you please advise the engine capacity and year of manufacture and confirm that the "MSS" refers to Matchless??

Many thanks

Lin & Buffalo
Sydney, Australia.

I think the engine is a much-modified JAP Twin Port from the 1930s. Ed.

There was a desmo conversion around in the 60's and it would not surprise me if that is one. Maybe?

It doesn't look like a Desmo. But if you look at the timing cover you will see why its a Velo. The latter link is all about Desmo's of all persuasions.


Carl Askew

Many thanks for your fast response.

However, are you absolutely certain that this is a Velocette (modified, of course!!) with an engine number of MSS-8280? If so, could you let us know your opinion as to the year of manufacture and engine capacity (in its original state)?

The reason we ask is that, at this point in time, we are hoping to sell the bike.

Kind regards
Linley Green

Quoting from http://www.croesus-consultants.co.uk/v-tec/ :
"Velocette built engines and frames separately, kept them in the stores and eventually built them into a machine. Therefore there is no direct or logical relationship between engine and frame numbers. It is not unusual for an engine to have a much later frame than the next engine in the numeric sequence or vice versa. This causes problems particularly towards the end of the year where the last frame number I can find does not necessarily belonging to the last engine number of that year. "

Therefore it is not possible to accurately date your engine. Carl seems very confident that it's a Velo, and I would trust his opinion. But absolutely certain? No.

Tue Dec 05 2006
em-ex01 at btconnectdot com<
hagon product
suzuki ap 50
i have an ap50 engined hagon i think its 70s era, can you verify, please, frame also ap50 2 stroke oil in frame

Thu Oct 05 2006
paullucey at bigpond.com.au
speedway bike
JAP (Hagan Frame) early 70'S
Have a complete bike in fair condition would like to know an approximate value of it and is there a market for interested buyers?
Sydney Australia
thank you for your reply.I have the bike at my friends house as we were going to rebuild and restore the bike however other commitments have forced my hand to probably sell the bike .I will get some photos of the bike and download them for you as soon as I can.The engine is a 500cc and was tricked up and rebuilt in 1980 and never hit the track as I had a very big get together with the safety fence on my spare bike and never fully recovered to ride this girl.Will get back to you shortly.
-Regards Paul.

Tue Jun 07 2005
sidecarman at hotmaildot com<
hagon jap sandracer 500cc
Do you know what chain size this machine takes please?

26th January 2005
Hagon JAP 350 Grasstrack listed on Ebay UK
Vendor's Description:
Hagon JAP 350 5 Stud Grasstrack
D.V.G 3 Stamped on crankcase indicating it was previously owned and raced by Don Godden ex European Grasstrack Champion.

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