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Godden Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Don Godden produced frame kits and, from around 1962, complete machines with engines from external suppliers as well as those of his own manufacture.

Don was an accomplished rider who had taken the British Longtrack Championship in 1969, with several podium finishes along the way.

Godden and Harry Weslake collaborated on a project to challenge the dominating Jawa speedway machines, and in 1975 fitted a Weslake Mk1 engine to one of Don's DGS machines. Results were very satisfactory.

In the late seventies Don Godden adapted features of the Ken Maeley speedway engine, resulting in the GR500 Mk I, a SOHC four-valve design. The results were once more satisfactory, with Hans Neilsen achieving three World Speedway Championships. The engines were used in numerous other machines for short-track, long-track, speedway sidecars and sprint cars.

Godden Engineering is now owned by Gary Drake, Maidstone Road, Nettlestead, Kent.

More information: The Godden Story


The rather extraordinary Ellwood is based on Godden's work.

andy at
Godden 2 valve Jawa for sale.
Norton box, AMC clutch. King silencer.
Well maintained machine.
Andy Downes
Shaftesbury Dorset. SP7 0AZ. UK
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Wed Sep 17 2008
scott.kudrna at
battery box
godden mk2 ?
looking for schematic or a box for a points style godden speedway bike.

Thu Dec 13 2007
trudy at
Hi My son is riding a godden frame with 200cc motor for Junior speedway. Im making a race bib and he would like just a godden sign on the front,But I cant seem to find a godden badge or!
New Zealand

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