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Gilera Tank Sticker

Gilera 1937 500cc Rondine Kompressor Rekord
Photo by Hans Denzel

A Brief History of the Marque

Founded in 1909 by Giuseppe Gilera in Milan, the Gilera company's first machine was a 317cc OHV engine with belt drive to the rear wheel. Most other models were SV until he reverted to OHV in 1926.

Giuseppe began his working life at the age of 15 with Bianchi and later worked with Moto-Rève, among others.

Gilera acquired rights to the Rondine four cylinder engine in 1935, which marked the beginning of a 40-year stretch of racing victories and the adoption of the configuration by a great many other marques including MV Agusta.

The Gilera marque was acquired by Piaggio, who closed the Arcore factory in 1993 ending a remarkable chapter of motorcycling history which endured for 84 years.

Gilera models: Gilera Models

Sources: Tragastch, et al.

affric01 at
Gilera 150 Turismo 1953
Are you able to tell me if this bike (which I've just bought in England) would have had a speedometer fitted when it was made?
Many thanks,
David Macey
United Kingdom

The speedometer was mounted in the headlight - see Gilera 1954 gallery. Gilera 1953 image posted to Comments
melnewnes at
Gilera giubileo 98
Hi I am trying to find the year of manufacture with the chassis no and engine no 001-37347. Can you help.?
Grazie Mel Newnes
Mel Newnes
Telford Uk
  • The page on Gilera resources, below, may prove helpful. Ed.

mpinkus at
1948 Gilera Saturno Sport
Hi Sheldon ! I am looking for a recommendation for a shop to perform restoration work on my 1948 Gilare Saturno Sport. I live in New York.
Much thanks,
New York
motosman88 at
Looking for an military Gilera Saturno engine, have seen or heard something about one of those?
keith.webb at
1974 150 autostrada gilera
ive been a given the above bike, im a mechanic by trade but dont know a lot about bikes, bike wont start, the wiring not that flash, carb cleaned out and fresh petrol in, spark but a bit weak, any idea where i could get a wire diagram to help or any ideas ?
keith webb
    Nothing specific on Gilera as yet, but this page may be helpful: Italian Resources
    There is also a page on books and manuals which may have something. Books & Manuals

conner123.js at
1967 gilera 106ss
I got a new wire harness and not sure where everything goes .I need a pic or a wire diagram any help would be appreciated
Trou Illinois
trukdm at
Gilera Town And Country 98. 1965
What info can you provide about this model? Frame number 002 10070, motor number 001 53240. Looking for parts also. Considering restoration.
Kurt Martin
Rochester, NY

  • Image supplied was thumbnail only. Ed.

cad2cam at
Hi, I'm tracking a Gilera Saturno 500 and have the Frame and Engine number. Looking for advise if im looking at the real deal and if anyone as access to past build numbers to see if the engine and frame match from the factory. Can anyone advise who to contact .
David Grant
Worcester England

Fri, 30 Mar 2018
hannerose9 at
Bycicle 125ccm<

I am looking for a front wheel of a Gilera 125ccm-machine, more then 39 yoears old.
Regensdorf Switzerland

Sat, 17 Mar 2018
todotrial at
Gilera CR 250 arizona rally 1985

I own a Gilera CR 250 arizona rally 1985 Where can I get a Complete Decals Set as original for above indicated motorcycle Thanks for your answer
horacio san martin
madrid Spain

Sat, 17 Feb 2018
rudeboycycles at
Gilera Think it's a 150 but that's the question I have

Hello, I was recently given the task of identifying then restoring a Gilera. From my research it looks to be the 150 but the seat I only see on guibs. It has the bars of the 150 sport it seems. I guess it was discovered with a vespa inside some tires or something here in New England. My reason for mentioning that is that the vin looks to be concealed or was concealed at one point I assume for import sans tarrif but that's only a guess. Any help would be appreciated. Included are pics of the vin # and the bike
Kyle LaPointe RudeBoy Cycle
Manchester, NH USA

Gilera-1950s-150cc-KLa-01.jpg posted to Comments

Sun, 24 Sep 2017
pearce04 at

Hi Could you tell me what the correct silver/grey colour code is for the frame
OXFORD United Kingdom

Sat Sep 17 2016
b.58richard at
fork seals
gilera 1964 125 sei giorni 6 day special
i am looking for a pair of fork seals, od30mm id22mm x5mm<

Wed Jul 13 2016
lwilkins3 at
chain slider
Gilera Saturno 500 IOM 1988
I am looking to buy a chain slider. The present one house the Gilera symbol with the numbers the 939150 on the side . Would be prepared to buy from any country.

Fri Dec 18 2015
mdickinson9 at
date of manufacture
gilera cb1 50cc t/stroke
can you advise how to obtain date of manufacture.frame number

The Gilera CB1 was built in 1975, 76 and 77. The Vespa Grande, also built by Piaggio, was very similar.

Thu Nov 26 2015
fred at
stop/rearlight lamp
Gilera 50cc trails moped
I am looking to buy a 15/3W stop/rear light lamp do you know where I could source this item<

Sat Jun 06 2015

dbrown at
Model Identification
Gilera ?
Can you identify this motorcycle model and year? Also what is it worth?

Thu Sep 18 2014
marco at
Where to find a Carburetor
1957 Gilera Sport 150
Hi there I have a client that stepped in with a Gilera 150 Sport...We need a carburetor and some other random parts is there anywhere I can find them or do you sell them?
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Wed Jul 02 2014
felice.cardarelli at
info about gilera saturno 500
gilera saturno 500
I want to know year of manufacturing and other technical info about gilera saturno 500 frame nbr 2612340

Sun Apr 20 2014
Rvicic at
Any idea what this bike is beyond it's a gilera?
Gilera??? *101*90766*
*101*90766* it's some sort of gilera. The sticker on the front says gilera moto, any idea how old this is? Or where I can find an electrical scheme or parts for this?

Sat Apr 19 2014
vintagecycleworx at
Gilera VIN
Gilera 150
I picked up an older Gilera that I'm considering restoring. Motor VIN is 106*20380 FN and frame serial number is 124*7723. Can you give me any additional information? Also companies dealing with restorations and parts. Thanks.
Atlanta, GA

Tue Jan 28 2014
g.passeron at
boite de vitesses a vendre gilera 500 sport 1930 je vends cette boite de vitesses pour 500 gilera de 1930 boite a 4 vitesses strasbourg

Wed Dec 04 2013
gilera lte 500
gilera gilera lte 500-vle500?!
Dear Sir, found on intrernet this page...u can help me about find parts catalogue about gilera lte 500 or gilera vle500?I got that motorbike just missing many things on there.
Thank u
my friend said its more earlier about 1940.Becouse after the company made Gilera saturo and the engine was different.U have any idea where can i find Gilera motorcycle parts catalogue?

Try this page for books and manuals

Thu Nov 14 2013
gilera 808 89542
would like to know date of manufacture for serial # *106*1461*

The bike is a Sears Allstate

Sat May 04 2013
Gilera 106
I am looking for a piston and rings for my 106 Gilera. Also a front fender.
Rice Lake WI

Sun Dec 23 2012
Rear Shocks Gilera 50 Touring 1974
Gilera 50 Touring
Can anyone help please, im looking for some new or good second hand rear Shocks, thank you

Mon Dec 03 2012
Engine Rebuilds
Gilera Giubileo 98

I recently bought a 1964 Gilera Giubileo 98 and want the engine rebuilt. Is there any recommended engine rebuilders I could contact in Italy who do this kind of work. I'm happy to pay for shipping charges to and from Italy. Thanks. Nathan

Fri Aug 24 2012
motorhead650<at>msndot com
specifications for timing 1948 saturno 500
Gilera Saturno
I need reliable specifications for timing a 1948 Gilera Saturno Sport 500

Tue Jul 10 2012
Gilera 1999
Runner 180cc Runner
I am after left and right inner fork legs upside down fork type, anybody know where i can purchase?

Sat Mar 03 2012
Gilera 124
looking for apair of fork boots in black 125cc

Sun Nov 27 2011
Sears Rebadge Gilera 124 Sport
Gilera 124
I found this motorcycle and I want to know what the value of it is in the USA. Cannot find any information regarding this motorcycle. It was sold through Sears Roebuch company in the 1960s. The motorcycle has a red gastank and the cafe style seat. Any information would be helpful.

Thu Oct 06 2011
Gilera 106ss spark plug
Gilera 106ss
Can someone tell me the correct spark plug for a 1965 Gilera 106ss?
Thanx Much!
Larry Haney

Wed Sep 28 2011
larry<at>retro-cyclesdot com
Arkansas Gilera owners
Gilera 106 SS
I have a Gilera 106SS(not running yet). Looking for other Arkansas Gilera owners. larry at

Wed Oct 26 2011
Gilera Marte parts\manuals require
Gilera Marte
Looking for parts\manuals for Gilera Marte (1942y).
Thanks for ANY data, for any contact person...

Mon Jul 25 2011
1965 gilera 106ss
gilera 106ss
hey there! I am a new owner of a gilera 106ss, i think! I was wondering exactly how to identify the exact model and also (and most importantly) where can i find parts to restore it? any help would be great!!

Thu Jun 09 2011 ibew773jsf at
ht coil gilera 106cc sears
HT coil has RU on one side an AL on the other. Can you let me know which screw the green goes on an which the grey wire needs to go on the ht coil? Michigan

Mon May 30 2011
vikingfan 26 atg
Gilera Runner 180
Gilera Runner 180cc
Are these Scooters availible in Canada and if so where is my closest dealer in Ontario Canada.
Toronto Canada

Fri Mar 18 2011
rickscarart<at>hotmaildot com
Gilera Ads
Gilera 124
I collect vintage ads and have some duplicate ads for 64-66 Gilera 124s, anyone interested?


Wed Dec 22 2010
need speedometer 140 kph
Gilera 1956 Sport 189
need speedo for my project and a few other pieces, any information?
please help

Tue Aug 17 2010

Gilera runner 50cc
Let me introduce myself.
I'm Robert SHAU located in Tahiti-French Polynesia.
I have my own business, selling scooters, motorcycles, parts and accesories.
I'm intersted by buying used scooters Gilera Runner and I'd like to know if you are able to deliver it to me.
Also, I'd like to place an order for spare parts and I'd like you to end me your catalogue with photos, prices and specifications.

So, please let me know about it to make good business togheter as soon as posible.

Best regards.
Robert SHAU
fench polynesia

Sun Nov 29 2009
linolascaleia at hotmaildot com
Gilera giubileo '63 175
I am in australia and require an engine for my Gilera Giubileo 1963 175cc. If anyone can help please contact me

Wed Nov 25 2009
Jacko-456 at
gilera gsm original stickers
gilera gsm<
hi i was wondering whether i can stil purchase original gilera gsm stickers for the bike anywhere if so where ? many thanks james

Thu Nov 12 2009
sibarco1 at tecwritedot com
Gallery photo submittal
Gilera 1967 'Militare 124' model
Only example in existence.

Wed Oct 07 2009
fatboy666 at
1975 gilera rs 125 5v
its nice to see my gilera on the net after so long and thank you to all the people that helped me
birstall leicester

Tue Jul 21 2009
harveyo at absfastenersdot com
1965 Gilera
Gilera 1965
The summer of 65 I had a Gilera but been so long ago that I don't remember the model. Is there a listing that might refresh my memory.
Georgia, USA

Wed Jun 24 2009
fatboy666 at
old gilera
gilera rs 125cc
i have a 1975 italia import gilera rs 125 i am confused about what it is i have been told it is a acora but i dont know
birstall leikester

Fri Jun 19 2009
ebneila at aoldot com
Gilera GP800 availability
Gilera GP800/850
I've heard much back and forth over if and when the Gilera GP800 Super Scooter will be available in the US. I can hardly wait. Do you have any definitive info on this?
Jacksonville, FL

Thu May 14 2009
chandan.56 at gmaildot com
gilera 125cc (1960s) 106 Sears engine
Required for restoration camshaft

Mon Dec 22 2008
j.butler338 at btinternetdot com
Seat fixing
Gilera Rossa Extra
Hi, I have a late 50's Rossa extra (1957 stamped in cases) I would likle to know what the seat should look like and how it fixes onto the frame at the rear. Thanks Jack

Thu Dec 04 2008
D-WARREN3 at skydot com
gilera sioux
I need a carb for a gilera sioux 50cc.

Mon Oct 27 2008
kykhoek at
gilera 300
1956 300 b extra
ik zoek een dynamo of alleen het anker

Thu Aug 21 2008
wldrvr at aoldot com
Cylinder head needed
Gilera 202
I bought a Gilera 202 lower end. I am in need of a complete cylinder head and rocker cover. Anyone have any suggestions. Bob Wright needs a casting number, which I do not have. Appreciate any help. Sean Cahill. Nebraska USA.
Beatrice, NE USA

Tue Jul 29 2008
cnelson79 at
spare parts and information
gilera 1952/125 cc
I would appreciate any and all information regarding purchasing the following: owner's manual, tire pump, tools, crank case oil plug (mentions castrol oil), any accessories (side car, etc.).
Thank you.
scottsdale, az usa

Sun Jun 01 2008
jhnsturge at yahoodot com
67 gilera 124
sears gilera 124 124
looking for parts and/or one in junk yard

Mon Mar 03 2008
debsnmel at
Gilera DNA 50
I am looking for an engine for my son's Gilera DNA 50 on an 02 plate, does anyone no where i can get a good second hand one from??

Sat Feb 16 2008
jay2jas at
sprocket cover
gilera coguar
hi where can i get a sprocket cover for my bike

Thu Jan 24 2008
deana at bluebottledot com
Gilera Motorcycles, Forums and Parts
Gilera Older models
Two major suppliers of parts for the Gilera range are and (404)

Useful internet forums:

Safe riding, deenewcastle
Tyne & Wear England

Sat Dec 01 2007
stevekobuta at hotmaildot com
where to get parts
1959 gilera rossa extra 175cc
where could i get parts for this bike i am in the united states especially replacement rims wich are spokes
nh,connecticut,united states

Wed Nov 21 2007
dean at demars-intldot com

500 Gilera approx. 1940 quattro bulloni
I have one cylinder Gilera, I believe military model, approx. 1940 and need some parts for it. Would appreciate someone help me find them. Gas tank, handle bars, valves, rear brake light and some other minor parts.
Anybody can advise me where to look for them?
Thanks and regards,
Dean E. Dujmovic
New York City
My 1940 Gilera is still in parts but I have restored 1953 BMW R-51/3 with Original 1953 BMW Spezial Sidecar. You can use that photo that I am attaching.
Thanks and regards,
Dean E. Dujmovic

Tue Oct 23 2007
llschrader at gmaildot com
Parts and info
Gilera 106S #808 895510
Can you tell me the year and if you have parts? It has a neat cafe seat with Sears on the rear. Is it worth rebuilding? I need muffler, exhaust pipe, carb, carb boot, head and jug. The chrome on the wheels is shot, gas tank badges,

Sun Oct 21 2007
twooton at
barn find gilera
not sure, 50's sport single
I have found in a barn in KY. good condition, I can buy it right. Tony 502 921 9053

Wed Oct 17 2007
f.vanasselt at
Gilera 200 cc extra 1963
Ik zoek een handboek + een kilometerteller + aandrijving in het voorwiel+ kabel
Translation: I zoek a handbook + a speedometer + traction in the voorwiel + cable

Thu Sep 20 2007
chrisatfarm at aoldot com
xr1 parts
gilera xr1
hello,i have xr1 and i need a cdi unit,can you help?many thanks chris

Sat Sep 15 2007
rcastrom at
Mi Gilera 175 Sport 1958
Gilera 175 Sport 1960 (??)
Esta es mi Gilera 175 Sport, 1960(?). Está en muy buen estado y tengo su libro de partes original. Qué les parece? Saludos,
Moravia, San José, Costa Rica
Translation: My Sport Gilera 175 1958 Sport Gilera 175 1960 () This is my Sport Gilera 175, 1960(). It is in very good state and I have his original book of parts. What seems to them? Greetings, Moravia, San jOse, Costa Rica Spanish

Sun Sep 02 2007
mt-haulage at
new project
Gilera 50 rs trial
hi im 14 years old and ive just bought my self a Gilera 50 rs trial!!!
i would love it if people could give me a few places i can buy part and maybye pictures of your ones!!
north wales

Sat Aug 18 2007
Georgi- at
Gilera 300 bicilindrica
details of those 4
I am interested in a bicilindrica 300! Please send me photos of the ones you have.
If I am going to buy one please help me to find a restaurator for it too!
Send the pictures and your prices at my email adress please

Wed Aug 01 2007
egholm.svare at
gilera saturno 500
I hope someone can help me. I have ben looking for a gilera saturno 500 ccm for a long time, but i dont know wher i can seatch.If you can help me please let me know.

Tue Jul 17 2007
radu249 at yahoodot com
Gilera RC 125
I have a Gilera RC 125, year 1990. Unfortunately I meet problems with the cylinder - is broken from the inside. Therefore, I need a cylinder, a piston (with axe end bearing) and the upper part of the cylinder.

Please contact me if you have this parts or information regarding one supplier. I am from Bucharest, Romania.


Mon Jul 16 2007
longevity254 at yahoodot com
Nead parts and info
Gilera 124
Nead a sorce for buying gilera 124 parts, also have for a few models some parts.
Also will like to see if someone can let me know the exact year of my bike

Mon Jul 16 2007 at
Lights won't work
gilera coguar 125
I have a coguar and up until now it has been very good. But today I could not get it to start easily. It took ages and when it did start up none of the lights work. Only the parking light still works!? What do i need to do?

Wed Jun 27 2007
furlkev at aoldot com
gilera cougar
i am after a replacement exhaust for 2003 cougar. are there any aftermarket replacements that are recommended?
southend-on-sea, uk

Wed Jun 27 2007
dweath at gmaildot com
gilera 106ss
I just finished rebuilding a 106 and now I am trying to get it to run properly.
It will start, but not often, and when it does it wont idle and has poor throttle response. I have checked the timing and played around with both the carburetor settings and the throttle cable. if there are any suggestions please let me know. thanks
Atlanta, Ga

Tue Jun 05 2007
rhondaand at

GILERA GINA 202 I.S.DT.1958-1960
What does I.S.D.T MEAN,I heard there was only a handful of these made in Argintina,a picture would be great.thanks.

ISDT=International Six Day Trial. Ed.

Sun May 13 2007
d.atkins01 at btinternetdot com
tank sticker blue
gilera rs 50 touring blue
i need tank stickers in blue can you help thanks
Bikelinks lists numerous sources of decals and badges:

Fri May 04 2007
Robert.Golic at gmaildot com
175 sport
Dear Sirs,

I am getting near end of restoration process of Gilira 150 or 175 sport, from year 1958 or 1957. Because there is no documentation I do not know exactly which year Gilera was made and how much cubic centimeters she have.

The serial number is *188-6517*.
If you can help me in any way I will be very pleased.

Best regards,

Sat Apr 14 2007
pksa-flatrock at yahoodot com
Year and Parts
106 ss gilera
Hi I have a 106 ss Gilera and am having trouble finding the year (vin. 808 895 401)
Also I'm trying to find parts for it can you point me in the right direction?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
U. S.

Thu Apr 12 2007
maxjahufer84 at hotmaildot com
Bush for the suspension
Gilera DNA Runner 180
do you have this part- bush for the suspension and get it to me asap
Melbourne Australia

Fri Mar 30 2007
amgb24 at hotmaildot com
gilera 150cc turismo sport
soy de uruguay y muestro aqui mi gilera 150 cc muy linda
Translation: I am from Uruguay and I show aqui my very pretty gilera 150 cc

Wed Mar 07 2007
davegilbert-80 at hotmaildot com
gilera runner
gilera runner 2002
hi i have just bought a set of LED lights for my gilera runner but i need an electronic flasher for it so that the LED's run properly does anyone no were i can get one

Wed Feb 28 2007
treijnen at
Gilera 500 piuma or corsa 1955
I ám intrested in a gilera saturno piuma or corsa bild between 1952 and 1956
Please send me images and price you will have
Grave the netherlands

Wed Jan 17 2007
segovianicolas at hotmaildot com
Gilera 300b
Hi, i recently have purchased a Gilera 300B from year 1971. The motor is not complete and i couldnt find any reparations manual. I really need the reparations manual, if you have one, please send me it.

Sun Jan 14 2007
th.reijnen at
for sale
gilera 500
i'm intrested in a Gilera 500 saturno build between 1959 en 1955

Fri Dec 22 2006
aualexv at yahoodot com
Would like to sell my old Gilera. Iam in the Philippines..would you know how much would it cost?-Alex +639174986155

Thu Dec 21 2006
benja-6306 at hotmaildot com
gilera 175
que tal fanaticos de gilera soy Benjamin Steinbach de Argentina y tengo una gilera 175 q era de mi abuelo para restaurar no se la fecha de fabricacion pero debe ser se la decada del 60 me gustaria que me puedan mandar fotos catalogos cualquier tipo de unformacion para repararla desde ya muchicimas gracias
buenos aires. Coronel suarez

Mon Nov 27 2006
masergo59 at

I send him pictures of some of the motorcycles that I have for the sale. These three motorcycles are working perfectly.
The price of the Corsa Gilera is of us$13000 (dollars), it is similar to the one that used in international competition by Salvador Caldarella (the corridor that more it stood out with Gilera 500 in Argentina). This motorcycle that I offer for sale was of a non official team. I have pictures of the motor with the special tree of levies, piston of high compression, cylinder and special cover of aluminium with carburdor SS of 35 millimeters.
The Gilera 500 of 1934, denominated Sei Giorni, became famous in 1930 to win an international career of six days of duration. The motorcycle is 72 years old and it works perfectly without any faltantes type. The price of this motorcycle is of us$7000 (dollars)
The motorcycle Universal 600 cc., of origin Switzerland, and of the year 1950, it is working perfectly and she came equipped with that sidecar that I restored to be outside of the motorcycle about 30 years. The price of her is of u$s 7000 (dollars).
In another mail I will send him more pictures of other motorcycles that I have for the sale. I have several Rumi: Formichino, Sport, Bicarburatore, Junior 125, and 200 Sport.
The motorcycles have documentation to export.
I will thank him to publish these motorcycles. That you have a good day. Greetings, Marcelo from Argentina.

See also Classic Bike Collection Argentina

Mon Nov 13 2006
t.armour at btinternetdot com
gilera 175 -- 1956
required to complete a restoration -

Sun Nov 12 2006
cntrll467 at aoldot com
indicators gilera dna 50
the indicators flash normal when engine is not running but when you start the engine they flash very quickly it has failed the mot because of it any ideas

Sat Oct 07 2006
paul at celticfansdot com
need a kickstart
gilera rc 125 (1990)
Can you please help, I am looking for a kickstart for a Gilera rc 125 (year 1990).
Many thanks for your reply, but i got a kickstart from Bob Wright motorcycles.

Wed Sep 13 2006
joseph.pirate at gmaildot com
First Bike
I am 16 and looking for s first bike. Is a second hand Gilera DNA 50cc worth buying? Or is there a better 50cc to start with? I am looking for something that looks and feels good to ride.

Fri Sep 08 2006
mundechus at yahoodot com
gilera tg1
i need a shematic wiring diagram for my bike,preferably a pdf or jpg so that i can do it myself. it's a 1980 model

Fri Jul 14 2006
jason-mental at
gilera runner
hi do u sel plastiks 4 a gilera runner and haw much send back

Mon Jun 12 2006
wilkopup at hotmaildot com
gilera 300b
i have just purchased a gilera 300b and if you could send me some details on what year it is that would be great.
engine number: 88-00968-1
dubbo, Australia

Tue Jun 06 2006
mdeso at yahoodot com
I just bought a Gilera Project
1965 Gilera 124
Hello everyone, I just bought a Gilera project and I'm wondering what the hell I just got myself into. I saw a photo of a restored one in Cycle World and fell in love with it. Any insight, support and direction would be greatly appreciated.
Philadelphia, Pa.

Sat May 20 2006
jake at seniorgeekstxdot com
Help Identifying
I was hoping that someone might be able to tell me what year and model the attached emblem is from.
Thanks, Jake

Thu May 04 2006
eisses at
Color Gilera 175 Sport (1956)
The red paint of the petroltank has to be renewed. Does anyone know
what the right color is?
Many thanks, Geert Eisses Netherlands

Tue Apr 18 2006
hutbooker at merseymaildot com

1999 125 coguar
info on above, there is a rubber pipe on near side from air filter box going to a conical vertical receptor of some sort, any idea what it is all about as rubber pipe is perished and I cant figure out what it and conical item are supposed to be doing?

Thu Mar 30 2006
fbatthebar at
parts gilera gsm 50
got a gsm 50 been down the road still ride's ok need lights plastic ect can anyone help don't realy wont 2 scrap it as up to £800 been sent on the motor, go's like f--k 4 a 50 thanks.
uk , east midlands

Fri Mar 24 2006

Mon Mar 06 2006
mikevand at
identifying a gilera
I have a gilera that has been standing since 1974.I neen to identify it. The engine/frame number is 2012058
south africa

Fri Jan 20 2006
dz at
gilera gubileo 150
does anybody have a clear wiring diagram for the gubileo 150

Mon Jan 16 2006 at
Gilera cb1 1977
I am serching for the exhoust to a gilera cb1
would be very happy for all the help

Tue Nov 22 2005
cassie8 at gmaildot com
Gilera 125 DNA waterpump leaks
Dear Sir(s),

I urgently need to know how to take a waterpump of the Gilera 125 DNA
4 stroke scooter/bike hybrid apart (my son's bike). Is it perhaps possible for you to support me in this regard with a diagram or instruction sheet or something to make it visible and possible to figure it out.

I thank you in advance

Kind regards, cassie

Sun Oct 30 2005
speeder at pacifierdot com
124 Gilera, 1964
I'm looking for pictures of a 1964, 124 Gilera M/C. Of course it was my first m/c experience.

Tue Oct 25 2005
userall2 at aoldot com
Speed clock for gilera 50 gsm<
we r looking for a speed clock for my 2000 gilera please can any one help, I can not become road worthy until i get one

Tue Jul 19 2005
ronmeg555 at
gilera fxr 180 and 180sp
can you tell me the diffrence in performance between the two models ie or what the diffrence is

Tue Jun 28 2005
john at
Gilera GSM 50
I have just bought a GSM 50 for my son but I need a manual or at list a blow up of the gearbox can anyone help please

Thu May 12 2005
tsmjhb at
1957 Gilera 175 Dolomiti
I am Looking for a workshop manual or any information on the 1957 Gilera 175 Dolomiti

Thu Apr 28 2005
aualexv at yahoodot com
old gilera
i have an old gilera in the Philippines. would like to know more about where to get this kind & also parts etc... thanks!

Tue Apr 26 2005
richard.golding6 at
gilera 125 dna 4stroke 4 valve
would anybody out there have a workshop manual for a gilera dna 125 4 stroke, i would much like to get hold of a copy, a.s.a.p.

Fri Apr 15 2005
Jaminjud at aoldot com
1963 Gilera 202
I was wondering if you could tell me what would be the value in U.S. Dollars of a 1963 Gilera 202, in mint condition, with under 50 original miles. Thank you.

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005
subject: Paint for Gilera DNA 50cc 2001
Email: davidflynn7 at aoldot com
message: Can anyone please tell me where I can obtain Paint YELLOW 957 for the above model of bike. Preferably in the UK

Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005
subject: Sears 106SS
Email: lambypie at igloudot com
message: Looking for a flywheel puller and tank badges, please. Any help appreciated!

Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005
subject: Gilera 1957 Rossa 175
See Gilera Forum

Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2005
subject: correct colour for 1957 gilera rossa 175
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21st January 2005
From: "mcfy" <mcfy25 at>

dear sir,
Thank you very much for your reply
I enclose an attachment with the pictures and description and I look forward to receiving some feed-back

Gilera four stroke 500 cc model “Gran Sport” date of manufacture approx 1930 in unrestored condition 100% original and complete.

I will be grateful if you will tell me whether you are able to give me a valuation on these very old machines if not please give me an idea of where can I get some advice

kind regards
Vincent Maffei
Gilera Gran Sport 500cc c1930

From Sheldon: I am no expert on Sears Allstate motorcycles but I believe that they were produced by both Gilera and Puch. Information may be on either page.

October 30, 2003
My first motorcycle, several decades ago, was a 1966 Gilera Giubileo 98...
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October 19, 2003
Hi, I've seen a concept Bike at the Milan show 2003.
The Gilera Feero 850cc...
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September 30, 2003
I see it looks like some of you have got some good help on there. I have a 66 Gilera 202 and am looking for a service manual. I have tried several numbers and websites without much luck. Thanks for any help you can offer. --  Matt -- meh623 at yahoodot com

August 24, 2003
I'd like to put a request for a flywheel puller for a 1967 Gilera 106SS on your site. Measurements are 17mm diameter x 1mm thread pitch. Must have external threads. Please email Tracy at minxmode at aoldot com if anyone can help me in this search. Thanks

April 23, 2003
Hi , I have a 58 Gilera 150 Super Rossa ...
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November 27, 2002
I own a Gilera Dakota ER 500...
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November 15, 2002
I have recently acquired a sears 67 model 106cc. I need a front fender, a tail light cover, and a front brake lever. Any parts would be helpful... -- Kheather507 at aoldot com

November 12, 2002
Looking for a 67sear Gilera parts...
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November 10, 2002
Sitting quietly in the corner of my garage is a 1966 106 SS. I purchased it new in '66 ...
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November 2, 2002
I am looking for the rightside cover (battery) for a 1967 Sears 250cc. Anyone have any info on how to obtain this part? -- MWMmich44 at aoldot com

October 29, 2002
I have 3 Sears 106's, and one 124, all were made by Gilera...
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September 12, 2002
I bought a Gilera coguar 125 and i would love to change the exhaust to a custom exhaust one so it would be a bit throaty -- mike -- Michael Llewellyn -- michael at

September 10, 2002
I just bought a Gilera cx 125 and I'm looking for manual and parts suppliers. -- Tanks in advance -- Manuel Suarez -- manolosuarez at yahoodot com

August 30, 2002
I have a lot of Gilera-parts, only new types (83-93), 125-600cc, special-parts too. Visit my . Greetings Gottfried --  hahne001 at

July 22, 2002
I'm looking for a manual for the Gilera Coguar 125cc. If anyone can help, please let me know: tracy-at-cheswick at hotmaildot com

July 19, 2002
Hi everyone,
I have a Gilera 150cc 1968(?) engine/frame number 1045384.
Can anyone identify which model it is, where I can get road test/press review/photos/repair manual? Please help, Bob. -- bobbishop at waitrosedot com

July 12, 2002
Can anybody help me? I am searching a original picture of Gilera G 124 5V in color...
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July 8, 2002
Hi all, I can give help about these Gilera models: 125 150 175 1949/1959 - 98 106 124 150 175 202 1959/to end also you can visit my site (sorry only ita) [403] and don't hesitate to email me if you need help,
bye, Lele. -- amphenol at

May 9, 2002
I have an old Sears 106cc and I need info and parts? Please help... -- Dave500929 at Gilera 106 Sears lhs

April 28, 2002
I just bought a new Gilera Coguar 125, coz at being only 17 and not yet passed my test this is the biggest bike I can have. Just wanted to say that it's grate and I love it. I highly recommend any one thinking of of getting to go ahead and do so..
Cheers and Rock on !!!!
Russell -- RssBut at aoldot com

April 1, 2002
I am looking for a manual for a Gilera SP02, 125 cc.
If any can help me, pls let me know.
Furthermore I need some technical advise how to repair front fork. I have changed the oil seal, refilled with oil, but without result. I filled up fork with oil but I am not sure whether this is the right way to do. Can anybody help me how to revise the front fork, how to fill, how much oil, and grade, pls let me know,

regards Rudy -- quirrudy at hotmaildot com

January 23, 2002
Can you help? I am restoring a 1964 Gilera 175 Giubileo Gt Extra, and need the following barts.

Cam shaft.
Cam followers.
Piston and rings. (60.8 or 61.2)
Big end and bearing

Also I am thinking of installing a larger inlet valve and seat do you have one the could be adapted or any information on performance products. -- Thank you -- Joe -- joeb at

December 22, 2001
???, biker.
Good day,
I need the spare parts for motocycle Gilera CX-125

Description Part n. Availability
Piston Assy 9437670002
Connecting Rod Assy 943874

Would you please give me information about people who could help me with my problem?
I am looking forward to your reply.
With best regards,
Igor Pokosenko -- igor at lamatourdot com

November 26, 2001
I have an old Sears 106 motorcycle that I would like to sell. It could be restored or used for parts. It turns over and has compression. It is missing the rear shocks and a muffler. The tank is in good shape. -- Clyde Gorman -- cgorman at artabandot com

August 5, 2001
I have a Sears/Gilera 123cc/Circa 60's that I bought...
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August 1, 2001
I am looking for a air filter for a 1985 Gilera. Can you help me?
wolfmercer at hotmaildot com

June 21, 2001
Gilera confirms plans for a full range of big-bore bikes

Supersports 600 will be on show at Milan this September

17 Jun 2001
By Ben Purvis --

Gilera is to return with a full range of bikes almost a decade after the production of its last bike.

As reported by earlier this year, the firm's first new bike - a 600cc supersports contender - is due to be shown at the Milan show in September, before going into full production in summer 2002. The bike is due to use the engine from Suzuki's GSX-R600, mated to Gilera's own frame and styling.

The deal to buy Suzuki engines has yet to be confirmed, although the firm is confident it will secure a supply of motors.

However, even if the deal falls through, Gilera owner Piaggio is committed to building the bike - even if it means developing a new engine of its own.

Piaggio has big plans for Gilera, which will spearhead the company's full-scale invasion of the big bike market.

Piaggio boss Stefano Rosselli Del Turco has confirmed the firm is working on a range of two-cylinder engines of its own, ranging from 600cc to 1000cc, to provide power for the next generation of Gilera models to debut over the next few years. He said: " We have a timescale over which we will introduce a full range of bikes, but I am not going to tell you what that timescale is. "

The firm doesn't see Gilera as a competitor to other Italian brands, instead fixing its target firmly on Japanese manufacturers. Rosselli Del Turco said: " We hope to price the bikes between Italian machines like Ducatis and the Japanese bikes. We believe there is a market there. "

Although details of the new Gileras are still secret, the two-cylinder engines are expected to be in a traditional V configuration. Gilera has a recent history of such designs - in the early 1990s it developed a 60-degree V-twin similar to Aprilia's RSV motor. Running on either carbs or injection, the prototypes developed between 100bhp and 140bhp, but the plug was pulled on the project in 1993 as Piaggio, which has owned Gilera since 1969, believed the time was not right.

Eventually, the range is likely to include machines of most configurations, from single cylinder trailies to four-cylinder superbikes.

Piaggio's all-out attack on the bike market might be led by Gilera, but could include other brands. The firm is currently in talks with MV Agusta boss Claudio Castiglioni - hammering out a deal which should see Piaggio taking control of the MV Agusta, Cagiva and Husqvarna brands if an agreement can be reached.


April 24, 2001
My name is Daniel Sepulveda and I am from Chile. I have an old Gilera motorcycle. It is a 1958 Rossa Extra, engine number *171*3158*...
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April 19, 2001
I have a 1959 Allstate that I am starting to rebuild. The motor cycle is 99% complete, I even have the original owners manual and tool kit. I'm looking for a tail light or a good picture of one so I can rebuild a new one. Also new rubbers ,foot pegs, shifter, ect.. maybe a new key switch. Please Help jbs at networlddot com THANKS!!

December 15, 2000
I have more Gilera 106cc items I will swap or sell...
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November 9, 2000
I have the original Sear's 106SS manual and parts listing...
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November 6, 2000
I'm an editor at Cycle World magazine, and I'm looking for SoCal owners of a pristine, show-quality Gilera 106SS or SR124...
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June 25, 2000
I have a 1967 Sears Gilera, and am looking for two tank badges, a gas cap, and a key. Any ideas? -- Thanks, jsandhb at

May 30, 2000
Help!!! Can anyone tell me the proper gap and procedure for setting points on Sears-Allstate/Gilera 106cc. Also what are the number of turns on the two screws on the Dellorto carbs?...
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March 28, 2000
Here are some useful facts taken from my Sears Allstate-Gilera. I'd like to see more of this type of info...
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February 15, 2000
Our family owns several 106ss. My father and each of his siblings bought one one when sears sold them in the 60's...
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December 14, 1999,
Does any one know of a Gilera e-mail list that I could look at? I have 2 - '93' 125 cc sport bikes for sale...
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November 3, 1999
I have 5 Sears 106SS bikes. My best one is showroom (like new ) condition...
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October 25, 1999,
Could someone help me find a piston for a Gilera 106S mid 60's. Also ringsand service manual. Thanks, Ben Creager -- Bshlac at

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September 10, 1999
The old g-net at mailing list ...
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May 18, 1999
Sears sold these bikes in the 60's in 106 and124 cc versions...
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I have 100's of NOS and used parts for 98-300CC Gilera and Sears (106 & 124) motorcycles, as well as parts, repair, service and owners manuals....
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Hi the web site for Gilera is they have a history link there but I have not explored it. Also Gilera is somehow associated with Piaggio (What scooter manufacturer isn't). I hope this was of some help. -- Daniel Jansen  -- computron at sprynetdot com

June 14, 1999
I have factory manual for Sear's 106ss (Gilera sold in U.S. by Sear's). May have a few parts to offer or swap. -- Woody -- woodystephenson at hotmaildot com

March 13, 1999
Gilera 106SS
This isn't a form letter...but a THANK YOU for all of you that either responded to my questions or helped me with my restoration project of an old Sears Allstate motorcycle. This is the first time I've used the internet as a tool for one of my projects....and I must say it has proven to be one of the better tools in my tool box. I'll attach a couple of jpg.pix you can open and see the end result. (I've got more if you want to see) It's not a 100 point bike, but it turned out nice.

I'm thinking about pulling the engine back out and painting it either flat black or red like the rest of the bike...whata you guys think.??

Now for the really hard I keep her or sell her and start on yet another project...seems I'm just not happy unless I'm bringing these things back from the graves...Again...thanks -- Kelly in Fallbrook Calif. -- eodrke at Gilera 106SS Sears Allstate

March 7, 1999
Tengo una Gilera KZ 125 del año 1981, ...
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March 7, 1999, te mando una foto para que la pongan en la página de Gilera, prontop te mandaré otras. gracias, por haberme contestado el mail -- Claus -- Argentina - claus at

March 4, 1999,
Hola, soy de Buenos Argentina, y soy fanatico de las motos gilera, me gustaría poder intercambiar información, acerca de esta marca.
Ddesde ya muchas gracias por cualquier infomación, fotos o cualquier dato que puedan mandarme. -- Claus -- claus at

From Sheldon: A bit of translation...
March 7, 1999, I am sending a photo to you so that they put it in the Gilera page, soon I will send others. Thanks you. -- Claus -- Argentina - to claus at

March 4, 1999, Hello, I am from Argentina, and am fanatic of the motorcycle Gilera. I would like to be able to interchange information about this mark. Thank you very much by any information, photos or any data that you can provide. -- Claus -- claus at

February 15, 1999
I have what I believe is a 1955-56 175cc Gilera...
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Hmm. This exact same message has been sent to the list three times and I haven't seen anyone respond to it. Nobody out there knows anything about small Gilera singles of the '50s and '60s? ...
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December 31, 1998
Time (making appropriate allowances for time zones ) to get those bottles (make it magnums !) of champers chilled ready to celebrate Gilera's 90th Birthday....
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Sears brought in Gileras but only in 2 sizes - 106cc and 124cc - and from the mid to late '60's. I don't recall Sears bringing in any Gileras from the '50's. As for Montgomery Ward, they brought in rebadged Benellis.

The serial number doesn't sound familiar - I have a 1958 172 Rossa Extra and some literature - and it's serial is 171-3442. I believe some other 172 models had serial no. beginning with 172. I can't recall any Gilera models with shooting stars (maybe MV) but I'll check my reference book tonight.

If the original poster can send me a photo, it will help in identifying what he has. As for parts, if it is a '50's Gilera, Bob Wright in the UK maybe the only bet, otherwise you'll have to scour the internet, magazine ads and swap meets.
-- William Yasui, YOSH at PR.UOGUELPH.CA
University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

I have just purchased an old bicycle with a 35 cc meccanica girelli, baby mosquito. It runs great. It is a small motor that bolts to the bottom of a standard bicycle and drives the rear wheel. I am curious of the history of this thing. What year is it,,, etc.
please e mail me at: tweeekrrr at aoldot com

December 28, 1998
I just bought a Sear Allstate, 1969, 124cc/V5 yesterday. I'm in the process of locating pasts and info. -- Kelly in Fallbrook, CA -- eodrke at

I have an original owner's handbook that covers the 124 6G Sei Giorni and 6G Special. If anyone needs any adjustment information for these machines I will answer any requests. I have owned my 124 6G special since 1964 and out of all the bikes I've owned and ridden it's still the most exciting. All the best, Gwyn. --pliny at klingon.upnawaydot com

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