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Akront rims - made in Spain. Fitted to a great many sports and offroad machines.

Antera wheels from Germany are fitted standard to Bimota's 2005 SB8K and possibly also to the earlier SB6 and Bimota 500 V Due.

Bernardi plastic wheels

Borrani logo
Borrani rims from Italy were fitted standard to many European machines, for instance Ducati SS models of the 1970s.

Campagnolo from Italy

Dunlop Rims

Jones Rims

Premier French bicycle rim manufacturer, the company was founded by the partnership of Idoux and Chanel in 1890. MAVIC is an acronym from "Manufacture d'Articles Vélocopediques Idoux et Chanel.

Radaelli rims
Fitted to many Italian marques including Moto Guzzi. Styles include Aimon Sport and UNI. Available from several dealers including motocicliveloci.it

Rudge-Whitworth built many components including wheel hubs which were fitted to Ferrari's first model, the 125S.

Rigida Rims were fitted to Motobecane

Roman rims were fitted to Royal Ruby, Sun and other British motorcycles.

San Remo

sanremo logo

Schwingen Wheels for sports machines 1970s on.

Speedline wheels were fitted to several Ducati models of the early 1980s including the SD500 twin. In Australia, they achieved some notoriety.

Weinmann alloy rims were fitted to BMW /2 models including R26, R27, R50, R60, R69, R50/2, R60/2, R50S, R69S and the US models, usually as an option although the later sports models had them fitted standard.
BMW /2 Rims

Hagon Wheelbuilding - Rim to Tyre Table
Rebuilding Spoke Wheels (BMW /2, but most of the information applies generally)

Richards Bros, Wales

Established 1937 - considerable information on wheel rims and tyres, including motorcycles.


Beresford Spring Wheel 1919

The Beresford spring transmission device.


Sir, - I am forwarding a photograph of a spring transmission which I have fitted to my 8 h.p. Chater-Lea. Previously the machine had no cushioning device, and, although fitted with a good clutch, was very uncomfortable when running at a low speed on the top gear (3J to 1). The jerk on the trans- mission was the cause of several spokes breaking in the back wheel. (The machine is a 1913, by the way.)

The good points of my idea (which I have protected) are a good range of movement of the gear wheel (this may be as much as to absorb one revolution of the engine) and the drive taken directly to the rim of the road wheel by the springs instead of through the spokes. The gear wheel is bushed and mounted so that it can oscillate: on the hub, and, the connections to the rim being brought to a tangent, the spring* are com- pressed by being pulled from opposite ends. The idea of having the springs in com- pression is that in case the springs break the drive would still take place.

I have recently tested the trans- mission by tak- ing four adults (thirty-nine stone) on top gear from Hathcr- sage up the hill to the Surprise (Derbyshire), and more recently my wife and I rode the hilliest parts of North Wales on the machine, and I find 1 can run at very low speeds on the high gear without feeling in the slightest the impulses of the engine.

For single-cylinders, I would mount a ratchet wheel or ring on the gear wheel, with the pawl mounted on the chain stays of the frame. This would retain the gear wheel after each impulse of the engine until the springs had reassumed their normal position, thus making the drive continuous. For big singles, I am of the opinion this would be a great improvement.

I may point out that the photograph shows my device in the experimental stage only. When placed on the market it will probably have the springs enclosed. This would make for ease in cleaning, at the same time improving the appearance.


The Motor Cycle September 11th, 1919.

Sun Dec 06 2015
g_thieme at yahoo.com
wheel rims
1969 Harley Aermacchi 350 SS
who made the wheel rims for Aermacchi? Are they still available?

Fri Aug 30 2013
teemsphillip at gmail.com
hole diameter
borrani akront
I have a 19" borrani akront shouldered rim and I need to know the hole diameter drilled for the spokes

Wed Jan 16 2013
I need spokes and nipples for a 1965 M50 Aermacchi !!!
Harley Davidson Aermacchi M50 1965
Hello. Myself, and my shop are doing a special restoration job on a 1965 Harley Davidson Aermacchi M50 cc . I currently need all of the spokes with nipples. I only have 21 out of the required 72, and have contacted specialists everywhere. Everyone seems to think that this is an impossible job, but I am determined to finish what I started. If you, or anyone you know might have these parts, please help me. You can call the shop, GP BIKES INC. at 321-253-9223. Ask for Angel!
Melbourne, Florida

Wed Oct 05 2011
motorcycle rims 36 hole
borrani 63 ducati 250 n/c
will borrani 18 rear and 19" front 36 hole rims fit 63 ducati 250 scrambler hubs and spokes
Portland Oregon,USA

Sat Feb 19 2011
Borrani wheels
Borrani 250-19/36-Record/14 RM-01-4402-Made in Italy-EU-3-78
Have 2 wheels-front 250-18/36-record/14 RM-01-4402 Made in Italy EU-3-78. The rear 3000-18/36 record/14 RM-01-4402 Made in Italy. Could you give any information on these wheels as to what bike and model it came from or could be used on. Also any information would be appreciated.
Florida U.S.

Mon Nov 08 2010
drschwarzenbach<at>uiwater dot com
borrani wm1/19
looking for new spokes for this rim wm1/19

Fri Sep 25 2009
Board track racer wheels
Cyclone racer
I am working on a replica of a 1914 Cyclone board track racer. I am looking for spoked wheels that will accept a 28" x 3" tire from Coker tire company. This size wheel will allow me to have a full scale motorcycle. Do you know if anyone sells such a wheel (36 or 40 spoke) Thanks
United States

Thu May 28 2009
lmeeker<at>goodyear dot com
Akront BMW GS 1992
I am in need of some green Akront rim stickers for a couple GS's I'm working on.
Larry Meeker
Florida, USA

Mon Feb 09 2009
borrani rim
borrani wm-3/2.15 - 18/40 record rm-01-4844
sir...wonder if you could help me
decipher what mc this is from. same measurements as 750gt, but the rm # is 4844 instead of 4626.
help please...thanks daniel

  • Borrani rims were available from many dealers and were often used as replacement components, and to fit wider or different diameter tyres. Ed.

Sat Nov 01 2008
Borrani Wheels
BSA/Norton B50/Commando
Is there a source of information on Borrani wheels where I can find what the number codes mean, and what fits the bikes above?
Thank you, Pete

Thu Oct 23 2008
meadowlandbodyshop<at>hotmail dot com
Borrani wheel
Borrani rm 01 4403 cross
Hi- I came across two Borrani rims (from my father) and I"m having difficulty finding out what they originally fit. He had many older bikes...BSA Laverda... Both rims are stamped
"Borrani wm3 l 18 RECORD RM 01 4403 CROSS"
Any ideas? Thanks!
Upstate NY

    They would fit many Italian machines of the 1970's including Ducati 750/860 models. Ed.

Borrani-WM3.jpg posted to the gallery.

Sat Jun 23 2007
pjpring<at>btinternet dot com

lookin 4 19" 36 hole wmo ally rims any one help!
south east england

CWC British Chrome Rims

Jones Rims and and Dunlop rims

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