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Bernardi Mozzi Motor (BMM) were located at Via Garibaldi 29, Zola Predosa, Bologna. From around mid-1982 they produced 48cc bicycle attachment engines with friction drive ("rodillo de arrastre") to the rear wheel. Another type drove the rear wheel via a large toothed sprocket integral with the rear rim.

"The transmission system was precisely the weak point of these vehicles, due to the premature wear of the gears..."

Models include the Bernardi Leggenda. In Australia the Bernardi was marketed as the Kangapower bicycle engine. See below.

The firm marketed alloy wheels for scooters, mopeds and mini-bikes which were fitted to Negrini, Lem, Garelli and others until at least 2001. Apparently they also built moped tanks and frames, and possibly complete machines.

There was a much earlier Bernardi built between 1893 and 1901 in Padua called a Rimorchietto which is believed to have been the first Italian motorcycle. See Bernardi (1893)

1. There is an image titled "Bernardi NSU 250", but such a machine is not mentioned in any history of the marque. See below.
2. Paride Bernardi was previously part of the Berneg concern.
2. Engine patent by Paride Bernardi at patents.google.com/patent/EP0093222A1/un

Sources: motoclub-tingavert.it, et al

violetterussel at yahoo.com
I too am also trying to find information on bernardi as a individual and his company Bernardi mozzi motors. Can you help offer a summary including bicycle mag sales?

Thu Dec 04 2014
prawny12009 at googlemail.com
helpfull info.
bernardi mozzi motor 35cc
I have recently been trying (unsuccessfully ) to get one of these 35cc bicycle engines running correctly, I have replaced a few parts and would like to share their specs, carb is a dellorto sha 12.10 with a #42 main jet (don't know if carb is original) the piston pings are the same as many stihl chainsaws 34mm x 1.5mm, and the crankseal behind the flywheel is 12x19x5mm.

The bike now runs but will not idle or rev cleanly so it has to be pedalled pretty fast to keep it running I suspect it is either running very rich low rpm's, I have replaced the jet as the one in had been enlarged thanks to previous owners aggressive cleaning my other theory is that the ignition coil/ module is not retarding properly.

But without finding a good coil to try or finding some info regards the ignition timing so I can strobe it I can go no further.

Fri Mar 07 2014
pjflackey at hotmail.com
Piston Rings
Bernardi Morri Motor
I am servicing a Bernardi Morri motor Bolt on Engine. I found a broken piston Ring So I would like to replace Both

Wed Dec 04 2013
motorised bike
bernardi mozzi
hello my name is kevin bonetti I am wondering if you are still manufacturing the bernardi mozzi motor for a bicycle

Wed Nov 20 2013
bernardi mozzi motor
bernardei a3
Iam interested in a bernardi petrol motor for a bike have seen one on the side it says electronic bologna italia with patent number cn you let me know where I can purchase one regards kevin bonetti

Fri Oct 11 2013
bernardi mozzi mottor
mottor bicycle
Hi,estoy buscando el rodillo de friccion con la rueda o goma trasera.
Hi, I'm looking for friction roller that attach with rear wheel, thanks Mario

Thu Jan 26 2012
Bernardi Mozzi Motor leggenda
vorrei informazioni in merito ai ricambi di minuteria per il miotore del mio Bernardi Leggenda, in particolare mi interessano la serie completa delle guarnizioni, la serie completa di paraoli e la cinghia.
Ringrazio anticipatamente per le informazioni.

  • I would like information about the spare parts for small parts of my Bernardi Leggenda, in particular I am interested in the complete series of gaskets, the complete series of oil seals and the belt. Thank you in advance for the information.

Distinti saluti
Vincenzo Napolitano
Castellammare di stabia - naples - italy

Sun Jun 12 2011
pashjr at gmail.com
3 wheel electric 24 volt
Bernardi Mozzi ID 458541
Don't know what I have. BMM is on the wheels, SICUR, Brevettato is on the handle bars. A tag on the 24 volt elec. motor is 19/08/97. can you help me to ID ? Thanks Paul
California, US

Fri Apr 08 2011
jetsdrums5<at>netzerodot com
bernardi inquiry
bernardi morhi motor leggenda
I can't find any info on this machine?

Thu Mar 11 2010
piston rings
bernarie morri motor piston rings as above
require piston rings for bernardi morri motor patent number 82830113.5

Fri Oct 09 2009
ne.cruz at gmaildot com
bernardi mozzi motor
bmm A3 ? (tipo cociolo)
Ho un motore del marchio "bernardi mozzi Motor", con iul numero 8030093 M, il posizionamento in bicicletta (tipo Cociolo),che ha anche un appuntamento BMM A3, che ha il numero de patent 82830113.5
perche avete bisogno di sostituire la routa posteriore del motor per avere la gomma che tocca la ruota bicicletta indossati,chiedo il vostroaiuto a me che,quanto posso mettermi in contatto o che hanno a vendere pezzi di ricambio per questi motoi
penso che in Portugallo non ci sono rappresentanti di questi motori
grazzi per il votro contatto
Lisboa - Portugal

  • I have an engine of the brand "bernardi hubs Motor", with iul number 8030093 M, the positioning in bicycle (type Cociolo), which also has an appointment BMM A3, which has the number de patent 82830113.5 because you need to replace the rear rout of the motor to have the rubber that touches the wheel worn bicycle, I ask your help to me that, how much I can get in touch or who have to sell spare parts for these motorcycles I think that in Portugal there are no representatives of these engines

Tue Sep 15 2009
Allard at lamain.nl
BMM plastic wheel
Bernardi Mozzi Motor its a wheel

I have these wheels. 20"x1.75" (pic attached). They say Bernardi Mozzi motor. I cannot find a single thing about them making these plastic wheels, and I have a hard time picturing them on a motorcycle. Do you have any info? Thanks,

Sat Nov 15 2008
jcdavidson at planet.nl
Bernardi Mozzi Motor
I like to know more information about this.
I think its a 50 cc

Wed Sep 28 2005
sjohansson at teliadot com
I'm looking for some parts made by Bernardi Mozzi Motor about 20 years ago. If someone of you have an idea of where I can find these spareparts,
Please let me know.
You can see the parts here: http://web.telia.com/~u62202966/ (404)

Thanks in advance!


March 1st 2005
There is also a Bernardi Motor Attachment of 1893 listed at Murray Barnard's site.

November 5, 2002
Hello Ian,
I just read your January 1, 2001 response on the Bernadi Mozzi Motor.
Have you any further information on the bicycle engines as I am trying to locate parts.
Any further information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in anticipation,
Trevor Caldwell -- nathcycles at mcmedia.com.au

September 9, 2002
je cherche un moteur bernardi morri motor 35cm3 pour velo merci de me donner toute les informations tums at freegates.be

  • I seek an engine. a Bernardi 35cm3 for bicycle. I'd appreciate any information. tums at freegates.be

January 1, 2001
Hi, just stumbled on your website, I used to work for the Australian distributor of Bernardi bicycle engines, here they are called kangapower bicycle engines as far as I know Bernardi are situated in Bologna Italy and now manufacture alloy wheels for motor scooters I have heard that they have a Bernardi motor cycle in the foyer of their offices that is about all I know -- regards Ian R Hill in OZ..... -- MaryMacH at bigponddot com

Do you know anything about the Italian make BERNARDI? A couple of years ago I owned a 1958 (?) 250cc Bernardi (frame number 42!) with a 250cc 18HP OHC NSU Supermax engine. An elegant and fast bike for that time, but I never heard anything about its origin. Maybe it was a small factory like CAPRONI that built bikes with imported NSU engines. -- Hartmut Schouwer

November 6, 1999
I still like this bike: the café-racer styling combined with the steamhammer NSU Max engine made a wonderful bike. Maybe someone can tell me something about the bike's origin or about its fate since I sold it. . . Frame #42
Best regards
Hartmut -- Schouwer at t-online.de

March 1st 2005
www.schouwer-online.de/ Harmut's site goes on to say that Paride Bernardi was partnered with Corrado Negrini in Bolgna building Berneg motorcycles, and indicates that the Bernardi NSU is probably a one-off never offered for sale.

I need to find details of brakes made by "BERNARDI MOZZI MOTOR". If this is the same company that produced the bikes you refer to in your web page could you (or someone else) supply me with any details? --  Regards -- Tony -- flexi.flyer at virgin.net

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