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Bosch UK of 40 and 42 Newman Street, Oxford Street, London, W. (1914)

Robert Bosch GmbH is a German corporation.

  • 1886 Company started by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • 1906 Company established in London.
  • 1914 Manufacturers of magnetos etc. Employees 70.
  • In 1924 Bosch Ltd. was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch A.G. to distribute Bosch products in the United Kingdom.
  • In 1931, following a manufacturing and market sharing agreement made between Lucas and Robert Bosch A.G., Stuttgart (Bosch) the well known German manufacturer of electrical equipment for motor vehicles, the name of C. A. Vandervell and Co (in which Bosch had acquired a 49 per cent, interest from Lucas) was changed to C.A.V.-Bosch Ltd. By the agreement made in 1931 between Lucas and Bosch the ownership of Bosch Ltd. was transferred to C.A.V.-Bosch Ltd.

    In 1937 Lucas bought back for £294,000 Bosch's interest in C.A.V.-Bosch Ltd.

    1937 Bosch electrical equipment.

    In 1939 changed its name to C.A.V. Ltd. This company is still concerned almost entirely with the production and supply of electrical and other equipment for heavy vehicles.

    In 1954 Lucas sold Bosch Ltd. back to Bosch for the sum of £25,000.

    1963 Motor Show exhibitor. Bosch Electrical equipment including starters and fuel injection systems.

Source: Graces Guide

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