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Alexis Stoppa was the brother of sidecar and motorcycle builder Charles who opened a store named Alexis-Moto in Lyon in 1928. Post-war it became a Yamaha dealership run by Stoppa's daughter and son-in-law.


Tom Bullus

Tom Bullus was a British rider who campaigned as an NSU works rider in the early 1930s. Although very successful on the Continent, his efforts against Norton at the TT were without notable success. He married the daughter of a director of NSU, returned to England in 1933 and opened a motorcycle shop. There is a street in Hockenheim named for him. More information under NSU.

Th. Dupuis

Th. Dupuis 1898, Montigny-la-Resle (Yonne).

Advertised "Cycles, Motocycles", displayed image of a tricycle which strongly resembles a De Dion-Bouton. The document also states "Constructeur - Mecanicien". As there is no apparent mention of the name as a marque, it seems likely he had a workshop which repaired bicycles and motorcycles.

Fournier and Knopf

Fournier and Knopf, Rue Lafayette, show four motor-bicycles and one "Avant-train," two-seater. Two of the bicycles are of American build throughout, and are named the "Thomas" and "Dayton" respectively. The other machines appear to be built up with American frames and French motors and equipment. One of them has a "Star" motor of 2½ h.p., placed vertically, well forward on the down tube. A heavy outside flywheel is used, and a wide flat belt drive fitted. Carburetter is a simple form of spray. Only a single band brake of great power is used, this being fitted on rear hub, and worked from the handlebar. Pump lubrication and coil ignition are used. The other machine has a 2 h.p. Buchet motor fixed vertically between bracket and down tube. This has a spray carburetter, single lever control, and V belt drive. The Avant-train has a vertical 4 h.p. motor, Star make, with outside flywheel, and water-cooled head. The motor is clamped to a single tube, which forms the main tube of frame. Drive is by a 1in. gutta-percha belt. Only one brake is fitted on this machine.

Paris Salon 1902 in Motor Cycling, December 17th, 1902.
Motorcycle Dealers

Georges Monneret

French motorcycle dealer and road-racing champion, notable for having ridden his Vespa from France to England before there was a tunnel.

His widow, Dominique, married IOM winner Jack Findlay.

See also Special Monneret
Wikipedia FR: Georges Monneret

George McLean

of Dundee

1930 Company founded.

1949 Private company.

1961 Motor, tractor and motor cycle engineers and distributors. 130 employees.

George was a Douglas factory rider in the 1920's and 30's and married Louie Ball who also rode Douglas. Louie achieved lasting fame as an international trials rider. In 1927 Louie McLean, Marjorie Cottle, and Edyth Foley won the Vase category of the ISDT, beating Denmark (2nd place) and the all-male Great Britain team (3rd).

Source: Graces Guide, et al.

Haden Bros

Long-established firm which produced motorcycles from 1905 to 1931 including New Comet and Haden under the mantle of A. H. Haden in Birmingham.

Alfred Hadens's sons assumed management of the business after 1937 and the name became Haden Bros. They produced components for tanks during World War II, and in postwar years returned to building motorcycle and bicycle parts which were exported to many countries from 1954 to 2002 when the business closed.

The Motor Supply Company

Established in Lewisham in 1907. Became sole concessionaires for the UK & Colonies for Moto Reve, which were exhibited at the Stanley Show in 1908.


Bob Sergent


Frenchman Christian de Vilaseca was the largest Honda dealer in Europe in the mid-1970s. He built the Japauto endurance racers based on the Honda Four which won the B'ol d'Or in 1973.

Japauto 1972~1976

Joël Corroy was based in Vesoul, France, in the 1980s. The firm, which produced JCM trials motorcycles, was purchased by Streit in 1987.

Dealers USA

Scottsboro AL Honda

Cosmo Dealers USA (Parilla)

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