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The company and trademark "AMAL" was formed from the 'amal-gamation' of three other organisations - Brown and Barlow, Amac, and Binks - in the years immediately following the First World War in order to manufacture and market carburettors and associated products.

In the 1960's AMAL became part of the IMI group of industries before being sold in 1993 to Grosvenor Works in North London: a family run business specialising in supplying components to various fuel systems companies. Grosvenor then began revitalising the AMAL product range by commencing a programme of re-introducing some of the more popular ranges of obsolete product.

In 2003 the business was sold yet again, this time to the current manufactures, Burlen Fuel Systems Limited. BFA, who also produce both SU, Solex and Zenith products have over recent years gained a high reputation for continuing to produce carburetters and spares keeping a vast range of British classic vehicles alive.

BFS have continued to invest in AMAL product by further increasing the range of popular obsolete back into production.

The "AMAL" and AMAC trademarks are now owned by BFS and have been in constant use since their initial conception and now cover a range of products covering carburettors (principally, but not exclusively for motorcycle engines), controls (brake and clutch levers, cables, etc.), fuel lift pumps, gas jets and burner devices as well as gas safety valves.

AMAL component and assembly part numbering sequence usually enables the end product type and design age to be determined, i.e. the earliest of the carburettor type discussed below is the 4, 5 and 6 series; these are generally assembled from piece parts and have the same initial number (for example 4/035 where 4 denotes the carburettor for which the part was initially designed/used and the 4/035 designates the part itself). In principle, this numbering system has been used for all AMAL product and piece parts over the years.

Source: Graces Guide

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AMAC Carburettor Type 25E
I am trying to date above mentioned carbie with serial number O 5260 D. Can you help?
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