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B and B Carburettors

Brown and Barlow of Carburet Works, Westwood Road, Witton, Birmingham made B. & B. carburettors for motorcycles between 1900 and the early 1940s.

1911 Carburettor with 2 separate jets and a pilot was exhibited at Oympia Motor Show[1]. The company showed 8 different types of carburettor.

1915 Patent to Clement Brown and Brown and Barlow Ltd: Improvements in or relating to Carburettors for Internal Combustion Engines.

1920 Amendment to patent.

1923 Application for a patent on a twist grip control: "Improvements in or relating to operating means suitable for flexible power transmission mechanism".

1924 A Humber motorcycle and sidecar was launched; the deluxe version used a Brown and Barlow carburettor whilst the standard Six Days model used an Amac carburettor.

1927 Amalgamation of several organisations including Brown and Barlow to form Amalgamated Carburetters Ltd, in order to manufacture and market carburettors and associated products.

Source: Graces Guide

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