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Fri Nov 30 2007
elrico_2<at>hotmail dot com
DEMM mufflers
Brevetti Silentium
Does anyone know where to get a Brevetti mufflers??
I have a Demm motrocycle with 75 cc two stroke engine. Please let me know and email me

Silentium mufflers were fitted to many Italian marques. Is there a part number on the muffler?

Fitted to Ducati, DEMM and many others.

Ducati Darmah 900 Silentium Brevettato Exhaust Mufflers

1982 Darmah 900 part numbers 0799.84.105/100

Good Conti replicas are made by a small firm in South Australia, no website I believe (12/07). Road and Race sell these ones. Ed.

Overlander Products in Warnambool make mufflers for many classic bikes.

Vintage BMW, AWO & other German exhausts here:

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