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Dresda Motorcycles

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A Brief History of the Marque

Dresda motorcycles have been in production since 1961.

The first Dresda machines were built in 1961. Based on the Triton, they achieved considerable racing success and popularity. Later machines incorporated their own frames and used, in addition to the Triumph twin, Suzuki two-stroke twins and triples, and Honda four OHC engines.

There was also a Rickman framed Dresda, the Dresda Metisse.

More on the Dresda

ejb1006 at
Dresda Honda CB750
I am looking to replace the Decal on my front fender. Do you know where I could find any Dresda decals?
Edward Barna
Randolph Center

Thu, 11 Jan 2018

Hi Triumph Owners Club recommended I contact you. I would like to improve my single leading shoe front brake to a twin leading shoe on my T100SS I have been informed that Dresda had the parts to do this. Are the parts still available? Thanks Tom<
OXFORDSHIRE United Kingdom<

There is a link to the Dresda website on this page: Dresda

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