Dresda Motorcycles

Dresda motorcycles have been in production since 1961. 1961 Dave Degens of Dresda Autos was one of the first to popularise the Triton (a generic name taken from the combination of Triumph engine and Norton frame). These machines were an immediate success.

1965 A major boost came when Dave Degens and Rex Butcher used one to win the very demanding 24-hour Barcelona endurance. The machine had been de-tuned for greater stability.

1967 A link was forged with the Rickman brothers to produce the Dresda Metisse, using the brothers' frame and a tuned Triumph engine for road racing. Tuning was also done at the shop where they made and sold custom parts as well.

Degens went on to ride an Aermacchi for Syd Lawson and from this came the Dresda frame and many more Tritons.

1970s During that decade Degens went on to other projects.

1980s A classic revival saw the return of demand for the Triton, so Dresda reappeared and Degens raced again in classic events, proving himself to be as successful as ever.

As featherbed frames became harder to find, the Dresda frame was used for most of the later Tritons, but they also made replicas of those, on demand. Later he also used Suzuki 500cc twin and 750cc triple, and Honda 750cc quad engines.

Source: Graces Guide

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