Today in Motorcycle History


Triton motorcycles have been built since 1959.

This is a generic name for the combination of the Triumph-twin engine and the Norton Featherbed frame, to create a racing bike, and cafe racer popular with 'Rockers' of the 1960s.

The most famous Triton maker is Dave Degens, of Dresda Autos, who formed Dresda Engineering.

They were first built during the 1950s for road racing, when Manx Nortons, with engine and gearbox removed, were plentiful.

Later came the model 88 twin and, later still, the model 50 and ES2 singles. To begin with the engine was the 499cc or 649cc pre-unit twin, but later, larger units became more popular.

Various forks and wheels were sometimes used and some dealers built complete machines in the cafe racer style.

The machine was always very individual and built to owner specification - some better than others, and to very high standards.

Source: Graces Guide

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