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simmoto916 at hotmail.co.uk
ala rossi
I am looking for a ready made scale model of Aermacchi Ala Verde or Ala Rossi for display purposes,can you help please.
dave simmons

Mon Dec 22 2014
roy123 at blueyonder.co.uk
Wanted Scale Models
AJS Model 16 350 single and Model 31 CRS 650 twin
Can anyone help, I want a scale model of an AJS model 16 350 single,
Also an AJS CRS 31 650 twin
Bradford UK

Sun Jul 17 2011
rbcoulson7<at>gmail dot com
A problem!
I an building a Protar model and have a problem with the rear wheel assembly being too wide to fit inside the swinging arm. Is there anyboby out there that can help.
Sydney, Australia.

Mon Jan 12 2009
motorcycle model
triumph bonneville 1/9 scale
Does anyone have model kit or diecast 1/9 scale triumph twin?

Jan 30th 2008
Good morning,
I have now finished my model of the AJS 350 7R Boy Racer, a really nice model to put together.
This is a Protar kit and most parts fitted together very well.
The model will go nicely with my other British bikes, especially the Manx Norton.
All I need now is the Protar Matchless 500 G50 kit to go with the AJS and Norton.
Attached are a couple of pics of the AJS, hope you can use them on your site.
Bye for now,
ken. AJS 7R Protar Model

Compliments of the season, hope 2007 is a good one for you.
Did I send you any pics of my Triumph Tiger 100, Vespa PE 200 and Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle models, find them attached.
I have been onto your excellent web site again and you have some awesome bikes on there, keep up the good work.
One model I am after is the Protar 1/9 scale AJS 350cc Boy Racer, another I would like is the Matchless G50 500cc, also a Protar 1/9 scale model.
Both these would go really well with my as yet unbuilt Manx Norton.
Okay, will be in touch again soon,
Best regards,
Ken & Renee.

Triumph Tiger 100 scale model.jpg
Alson Norton Manx scale model.jpg
Vespa PE 200 scale model.jpg
Vincent Black Shadow scale model.jpg

(These images have been posted in the relevant galleries, ie Vincent Gallery)

Thu Nov 22 2007
alexanderlambert<at>btinternet dot com
diecast models
bsa shooting star
does anyone know if it is possible to obtain a diecast model of a bsa shooting star

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