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Grimeca Brakes

Brief History of the Marque: Grimeca

Italian motorcycle component manufacturer famed for its four leading shoe brake assemblies. Grimeca have been used on a great many machines including Watsonian, Ducati and Dot.

Mon Aug 03 2009
billstuart25<at>hotmail dot com
Sorry but i am looking for a master cylinder rebuild kit and all i have is the master cylinder itself...the Inside Diameter is 13mm
Any help greatly appriciated.

Tue Jun 16 2009
ian.champ72<at>googlemail dot com
Master Cylinder cap
Grimeca After Market
Hi. I need to find a screw on cap for a Grimeca master cylinder that I bought for my classic racing honda.
The screw thread is 50mm approx - can you help?
many thanks
Ian Champ
Colchester, Essex

Tue Dec 16 2008
gaetanoattard75<at>hotmail dot com
Grimeca Brake Caliper
Honda CityFly 125 CLR
I broke the brake caliper of My Honda CityFly 125 (Year 2000) by overtightening the bleeder. I am looking for a NEW caliper for a decent price.
Valletta (Malta)

Grimeca 2000 Honda-Cityfly-caliper.jpg

Tue Nov 04 2008
stef.senyszyn<at>rokgroup dot com
4 leading shoe 200mm
how to adjust brake shoes

Tue Sep 18 2007
jhansen218<at>hotmail dot com
grimeca brakes
honda atc astro conversion to atv caliper brakes
astro made a kit to upgrade a honda 3 wheeler to a 4 wheel atv in the 80's.they used grimeca calipers.i cant find replacement parts ,do you guys have any information?thx

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