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GUIDE for Tire and Corresponding Rim Sizes

My BSA buddy John Sommers helped me find the following information in an old Nicholson Bros. "Modern Motorcycle Mechanics" catalog. I know the last time I tried searching the internet to figure out how tire sizes correspond to rim sizes I struck out....and I therefore decided to share this information via my website hoping it may help others.

Tire & Corresponding Rim Sizes
Rim Type Outside width Inner Width Normal Tire Alternate Size Range
WMO 2-1/16" 1.500" 2.00-2.50" N/A
WM1 2-1/4" 1.600" 2.50-3.00" N/A
WM2 2-5/8" 1.850" 3.25-3.50" 3.00-4.00"
WM3 3" 2.156" 4.00 3.50"

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