BSA Motorcycles 1950s

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BSA Motorcycles 1950

British Bikes of the Fifties from Birmingham Small Arms

For 1950, BSA offered the following models:

D1 Bantam, Wico Pacy Electrics, 125cc

D1 Bantam, Lucas Electrics 125cc

D1 Bantam, Wico Pacy Electrics, Plunger, 125cc

D1 Bantam, Lucas Electrics, Plunger 125cc

D1 Bantam, Wico Pacy Electrics, Plunger GPO 125cc

C10 250cc

C10 Australia 250cc

MC1 250cc Competition

C11 250cc

B31 350cc

B31, Plunger 350cc

B31 Alloy Motor 350cc

B31 Alloy Motor, Plunger 350cc

B32 Competition 350cc

B32 Competition, Plunger 350cc

B32 Competition Alloy Motor 350cc

B32 Competition Alloy Motor, Plunger 350cc

B32GS Gold Star 350cc

B32GS Gold Star, Plunger 350cc

A7 500cc

A7 Plunger 500cc

A7S Star Twin, Plunger 500cc

B33 500cc

B33, Plunger 500cc

B33 Alloy Motor 500cc

B33 Alloy Motor, Plunger 500cc

B34 Competition 500cc

B34 Competition, Plunger 500cc

B34 Competition Alloy Motor 500cc

B34 Competition Alloy Motor, Plunger 500cc

B34GS 500cc Gold Star

B34GS 500cc Gold Star, Plunger

M20 500cc

M33 500cc

M21 600cc

A10 650cc Golden Flash, Rigid or Plunger