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BSA 1961 B40
BSA 1961 B40 legshields
Reinforced glass fibre leg-shields available at £5. 5s. 0d.

£205 including £35. Is. Id. purchase tax.

Here is the eagerly awaited model B40, the new B.S.A. 350 cc OHV single. Brilliant in performance, a sheer delight to ride under all conditions, economical in maintenance and running costs, this handsome model is destined to acquire an unsurpassed reputation in its class.

Engine. 343 cc (79 x 70 mm.); single cylinder four-stroke; die cast light alloy head, fully enclosed valve gear with pressure oil feed to overhead rocker mechanism; ball race on drive side mainshaft; copper-lead bearings on timing side mainshaft and connecting rod big-end; dry sump lubrication with double gear type oil pump; oil tank capacity four pints.

Carburettor. Amal Monobloc type with twist grip throttle control and enclosed air cleaner.

Transmission. B.S.A. four-speed gearbox in unit construction with engine; positive stop foot control; gear ratios   5.22—6.78—9.4—14.25;   multi-plate clutch with bonded resilient facings and incorporating a synthetic rubber cush drive; cable adjustment by knurled thumbscrew on handlebar; 3/8" duplex primary chain; rear chain 1/2" x .335" rollers; primary chain oil-bath and guard over top run of rear chain.

Ignition and Lighting. Coil ignition incorporating A.C. generator with rectifier for D.C. battery lighting; automatic advance and retard unit mounted on crankcase; special switch position for emergency starting; folding kick starter; Lucas electrical equipment; 6" diameter nacelle mounted headlamp with ammeter, lighting switch, and built-in illuminated speedometer; stop and tail lamp incorporating rear reflector; electric horn; 12 amp. hr. battery housed in a special compartment.

Fuel Capacity. 3 gallons.

Tyres. Dunlop 3.25 x 18" ribbed front and 3.50 x 18" Universal rear.

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