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BSA 250 STAR 1960

250 c.c. O.H.V. Light Single

A smash hit in its first year of production! Lively performance with a snappy unit-type engine and 4-speed gearbox New type frame, finest hydraulic suspension front and rear. A well-balanced, fine-handling motorcycle with real BSA dependability, and many unusual equipment features.

Finish: Blue and ivory two-tone tank, blue fenders, black frame. Many parts in heavy chrome plate.


Simple in design, sturdy in construction, with excellent power output, this BSA engine-gear unit is the heart of the 250 Star.

Engine: 249 c.c. bore, 67 mm.; stroke 70 mm.; overhead valve four-stroke single cylinder; alloy head; pressure oil feed to overhead valve gear; pressure oil feed to main and connecting rod bearings; dry sump lubrication with double-gear type pump.

Carburetor: Amal Monobloc with twist grip throttle control; air cleaner.

Transmission: BSA 4-speed gearbox in unit with engine; positive stop foot control; gear ratios5.98-7.65-10.54-15.96; multi-plate clutch with resilient facings and incorporating a synthetic rubber cushion drive; duplex primary chain; primary drive chain runs in oilbath, rear chain with guard over top run.

Ignition and Lighting: Coil ignition with A.C. generator mounted on engine shaft, rectifier supplies D.C. for battery lighting; automatic advance; special emergency switch position for starting with dead battery; 6" diameter headlight, stop and tail light; electric horn; illuminated speedometer; 12 amp./hr. battery.

Fuel capacity:

Tires: Dunlop Universal 3.25-17 front and rear.

Brakes: Full width hubs, 6" diameter brakes with finger adjusters.

Suspension: Hydraulically-controlled front forks and hydraulically-controlled swinging- arm rear suspension.

Frame: Cradle type of brazed construction.

Duplex tubes for engine mounting, spring- up center stand, jiffy stand, dual seat with passenger footrests. Western type handlebars.

Finish:Sapphire blue tank with ivory panels, sapphire blue fenders, with gold striping, black frame. Chrome wheel rims, exhaust system, handlebars, levers. Polished alloy timing and primary drive covers. Many other parts in heavy chrome plate.

General dimensions: Wheelbase 5' 5"; ground clearance 5"; overall length 78"; dry weight 280 lbs.