BSA Motorcycles

BSA Motorcycles 1935

Solos and Combinations by Birmingham Small Arms Models for 1935:

    X35-0 1.49 hp OHV 150cc

    B35-1 250cc 2.49 hp

    B35-2 OHV 2.49 hp 250cc

    B35-3 250cc 2.49 hp OHV De Luxe

    R35-4 350cc 3.48 hp OHV De Luxe

    R35-5 350cc 3.48 hp OHV Blue Star

    R35-17 350cc3.48 hp OHV Twin Port

    W35-6 350cc 4.98 hp

    J35-12 OHV Twin 500cc 4.98 hp

    W35-7 4.99 hp OHV 500cc

    W35-8 OHV Blue Star 500cc 4.99 hp

    W35-9 OHV Special 500cc 4.99 hp

    M35-10 500cc 5.95 hp

    M35-11 OHV 600cc 5.95 hp

    J35-15 OHV Twin 7.50 hp War Office 750cc

    G35-14 Twin 1000cc 9.86 hp

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