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BSA 1935 Model M35-10 595cc1

BSA Model M35-10

B.S.A. 5.95 h.p. S.V. Model M35-10

ENGINE. Single cylinder S.V. 595 c.c. (85 by 105 mm.). Enclosed side valves. Lubricated inlet valve guide. Lubrication from gear pump to double roller big end. Oil sump (3 pints) and crankcase cast in one unit. Pressure gauge in tank and dip-stick on filler bracket. Mainshaft on ball and roller bearings. Aluminium alloy piston. Gear driven magdyno. Amal carburetter.

TRANSMISSION. Engine-shaft cush drive. Front chain ½in. by .305in., lubricated by oil well in chaincase. automatically replenished from engine. Special gland plate at rear of chaincase. Rear chain 5/8in. by 3/8in. with lower run guard. Dry plate clutch. B.S.A. four-speed gear-box with screw adjustment or front chain. Gear ratios: 5.1. 6.7, 10.5. 15.2 solo, and 5.9. 7.8. 12.1 and 17.6 sidecar.

FRAME. Duplex cradle with forged steel backbone and integral sidecar lugs. B.S.A. front forks with adjustable shock absorbers. Saddle fank (2¾ gallons). Knee-grips. Spring-up rear stand. Lifting handle on hinged rear guard. Dunlop tyres 3.25—19. Brakes 7ins. by 1 3/8ins. dia., front. with quick release. operated by lever on handlebar, rear by right toe-pedal, and both quickly advisable. Quickly detachable rear wheel.

EQUIPMENT. B.S.A. flexibly mounted handlebar with special controls, including twist grips for throttle and ignition and ratchet lever for front brake. Spring seat saddle. Detachable carrier fitted, or approved pillion seat if specified. Metal toolbox on chainstay with complete tool kit in leather case. Inflator. Lucas 6-volt Magdyno electric lighting with large headlamp, tank instrument panel, and Altette electric horn. Anti-vibration battery. Licence holder.

FINISH. Black and chromium. Tank chromium with green side panels of improved design.