BSA Motorcycles 1960s

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BSA Starfire Scrambler 1960

250 c.c. O.H.V. Scrambler

Engine: BSA 250 c.c. overhead-valve alloy head single. High compression 9 to 1 piston, enlarged inlet port and valve, large Amal carburetor. Special acceleration camshaft, heavy-duty bearings lubricated under pressure by double-gear type oil pump.

Transmission: BSA 4-speed gearbox, heavy- duty clutch incorporating shock absorber. Scrambles gear ratios 7.92 - 10.13 - 13.93 - 21.13. Sprocket sizes, Engine- 23; Clutch- 52; Gearbox- 16; Rear Wheel- 56.

Bolt-on rear wheel sprocket. Front chain runs in oilbath, rear chain with guard over top run. Chain guide for lower run.

Ignition:New Lucas ignition system.

Direct lighting set.

Fuel capacity: 2 ½ gallon tank on rubber mounts.

Tires:Dunlop Sports (Scrambles type)

3.00-20 front, 3.50-19 rear; large diameter wheels and long forks give high ground clearance.

Brakes: Full width hubs with powerful 6" diameter brakes. Finger-operated adjusters.

Frame and Suspension: Lightweight frame ruggedly constructed of tubular alloy steel. Swinging-arm rear suspension, telescopic front fork, both hydraulically-controlled.

Equipment:Western type handlebars, scrambles dualseat, scrambles footrests, ball-end clutch and front brake levers, 90 m.p.h. speedometer, skid plate under engine, security lugs on both wheels, rubber dust covers on front forks, jiffy stand.

Built to win! This amazing, new, high-power BSA Scrambler has already run up an impressive string of victories both in the U.S.A. and in International competition. Completely equipped for scrambles-finest of finish with chrome tank panels, chrome fenders and lots of other parts in chrome or polished alloy.

This is a brand new model - designed and built from the ground up as a competition motorcycle! You'll be proud to own and ride this delightful and zestful sports lightweight.

Finish: Sapphire blue tank with chrome panels, chrome plated fenders, black frame. Many other parts in bright chrome or highly polished alloy.

General dimensions: Weight 264 lbs,; ground clearance 8"