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Beeza Bill's BSA A10

Welcome to my Home page. This is my BSA - a 47 frame with 52 crankcases, 55 RR twin carb head, thick flange barrels and large journal crank. If you like A10s and are into performance with reliability. {oxymoron?!!} I hope you will take the time to explore these pages. I will be putting up information on many of the modifications and parts that I've made and other info relevant to A10s. I have for some time used this bike as a test bed for the Café Racer I am building, but never seem to finish. While the above bike is off the road due to frame, oil and fuel tank fractures [Metal fatigue, vibrations?]. I have taken this opportunity to strip the motor and cleanout the sludge trap. When assembling it I will photograph the roller bearing conversion I did and many other modifications. I hope you enjoy it.Please allow the pages to fully load before exploring as there is alot of pics and diagrams. Use your browser back button to return to this page.

How I converted a BSA Scrambles cluster to Close-ratio:

Converting A STD Camplate to Reverse:

The Head & Rockerbox Mods

Rocker Breathers

Other Mods Part 1

Bsa Parts Service Bulletin No: G21 [RGS]

Gold Star Twin Parts Supplement

"Twin Tips" Compiled by Eddie Dow

My Bsa A10's roller conversion

Fitting & Troubleshooting The 6 volt K-Tec Regulator

Running Cam & Idler in Needleroller Bearings

BSA Frame Dimensions




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