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Beeza Bill's BSA A10

Welcome to my Home page. This is my BSA - a 47 frame with 52 crankcases, 55 RR twin carb head, thick flange barrels and large journal crank. If you like A10s and are into performance with reliability (oxymoron?). I hope you will take the time to explore these pages. I will be putting up information on many of the modifications and parts that I've made and other info relevant to A10s. I have for some time used this bike as a test bed for the Café Racer I am building, but never seem to finish. While the above bike is off the road due to frame, oil and fuel tank fractures [Metal fatigue, vibrations?]. I have taken this opportunity to strip the motor and cleanout the sludge trap. When assembling it I will photograph the roller bearing conversion I did and many other modifications. I hope you enjoy it.Please allow the pages to fully load before exploring as there is a lot of pics and diagrams.

How I converted a BSA Scrambles cluster to Close-ratio

Converting A STD Camplate to Reverse

The Head & Rockerbox Mods

Rocker Breathers

Other Mods Part 1

Bsa Parts Service Bulletin No: G21 [RGS]

Gold Star Twin Parts Supplement

"Twin Tips" Compiled by Eddie Dow

My Bsa A10's roller conversion

Fitting & Troubleshooting The 6 volt K-Tec Regulator

Running Cam & Idler in Needleroller Bearings

BSA Frame Dimensions

Poorman's Electronic Ignition

MY BSA A65 Roller Conversion

BSA Improvements