BSA Motorcycles 1950s

BSA 1956 Models

BSA 1956 Brochure A10 Golden Flash

Exhilarating acceleration, extreme flexibility, perfect road holding and rock-steady steering, superb comfort and striking appearance make the Golden Flash popular as either a powerful solo or sidecar mount. Features which contribute to its remarkable performance include duplex cradle frame, swinging-arm rear suspension and full width aluminium hubs with powerful brakes. The rear wheel is quickly detachable while a rear chain cover giving complete enclosure can be fitted to order. Plunger rear suspension is available to order.

BSA 1956 Brochure A10 Road Rocket

An exceptionally fast standard road machine, as its name implies, the Road Rocket has a specially tuned and brake-tested engine, light alloy cylinder head with high compression pistons, Amal T. T. racing carburetter, sports camshaft, etc. It is undoubtedly the world's greatest motor cycle, and to get the feel of this powerful 650 engine when the twist-grip is turned is to know the thrill of road supremacy at its best.

BSA 1956 Brochure A7 500cc

A smart, tractable touring mount capable of high-speed touring with marked comfort for two people. With duplex cradle frame, swinging arm suspension, full width hubs and superb engine performance, this B.S.A. 500 Twin makes a wide appeal It's a smart looking model to knowledgeable motor cyclists, too, in maroon (or black if preferred) and chromium, including chromium panels on the petrol tank.

BSA 500 c.c. O.H.V. Twin model A7 Shooting Star

"Ease of handling, sweet transmission and smooth low-speed pulling make the Shooting Star a delightful machine to ride in traffc, while zestful acceleration in all gears, a tireless engine and superb braking and steering cater admirably for the rider who wants something out of the ordinary in 500 c.c. performance" - that's what The Motor Cycle says about the Shooting Star. The basic specification of the engine is similar to model A7 but has an aluminium alloy cylinder head with special valve seat inserts, high compression pistons, sports camshaft, and manual ignition control.

BSA 1956 B31

Described by The Motor Cycle as "most economical, comfortable and fast, handy in traffic, excellent steering and brakes", the B31 is one of the most popular machines on the road. Many outstanding features combine to make this machine far ahead in performance and value - duplex cradle frame, swinging arm rear suspension, full width aluminium alloy hubs and powerful brakes, quickly detachable rear wheel - are but a few.

BSA 1956 500 c.c. O.H.V. model B33

A powerful single-cylinder model which has for so many years and on so many occasions proved the truth of the saying - "You can leave it to your B.S.A." The high power-weight ratio of the B33 with its 500 0.H.V. engine gives this machine an exhilarating performance.

BSA 250 c.c. S.V. model C10L

For the man who wants a lightweight model that combines economy, easy handling, simplicity of maintenance and a satisfying performance, the answer is the B.S.A. 250 side valve model. It is attractively finished in two tones of green enamel.

  • BSA C10 Specifications

  • 250 c.c. O.H.V. model C12

    For extra comfort this sturdy machine has a frame incorporating swinging-arm rear suspension, a four-speed gearbox to take full advantage of its engine power, and the finish is smart-looking maroon with cream panel (chromium to order) on the petrol tank, or black in place of maroon, if preferred.

    BSA 125 c.c. model Dl BANTAM

    A thoroughly reliable lightweight of proven performance, so easy to ride and the ideal motor cycle for the beginner. No other machine in the history of motor cycling has achieved such world-wide popularity. In price, economy, ease of handling and maintenance the Bantam has no equal. Finish is pastel green (as illustrated), maroon or black.

    Bantam D1 Specifications

    BSA 150 c.c. model D3 BANTAM MAJOR

    The Bantam's big brother has a frame incorporating swinging-arm rear suspension, an improved design of silencer, and is finished in pastel grey (as illustrated), maroon or black. Over 150,000 Bantam 2-stroke models are giving wonderful service to their riders all over the world, and numerous long-distance tours have been undertaken by Bantam riders.

    BSA 600 c.c. S.V. model M21

    For sheer dependability there's nothing to touch this B.S.A. machine. It has proved its worth for Police, Postal Departments, Municipal Corporations, Military Forces and so on, and in this kind of slogging, never-ending duty it excels. With 8 in. front brake and valanced mudguards this all-purpose machine with its heavy duty frame is suitable for sidecar work and any similar kind of punishing duty.