BSA Motorcycles 1960s

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BSA 1968 Models

175 c.c. BUSHMAN D14/4B

A motorcycle for any type of country. Originally built for the Australian market for use in the tough conditions of the outback. The Bushman will take a lot of punishment and still give you safety, speed and economy. Competition tested front forks and trials tyres as standard. Finish is bushfire orange and white with frame and forks in black.

500 c.c. ROYAL STAR A50

One of the finest touring machines ever produced by BSA. A really powerful 500 c.c. twin with steering, suspension and braking that are all absolutely smooth and positive. Standard equipment include 12 volt electrics with twin coil ignition, single 1" Amal concentric carburetter, 8" diameter front brake, 150 m.p.h. speedometer [1] and separate sports headlamp. The Royal Star is finished in flamboyant red and chrome.

250 c.c. STARFIRE B25

This is the fastest production 250 ever made by BSA. Built round a competition type frame with glass fibre petrol tank and side panels and incorporating a high performance sports engine developed from the famous Victor Grand Prix. The overall feel of this machine is of immediate response to your control. Completely reliable and very fast.

Finished in sapphire blue, ivory and chrome.

650 c.c. THUNDERBOLT A65-T

The 650 c.c. Thunderbolt, the epitome of power and reliability. Surging power, vivid acceleration and flexibility combine with steering and suspension that are both light and responsive to the rider and road conditions. Chrome blade- type mudguards, new style petrol tank with sports 'snap' filler cap, rubber gaitered front forks, sports headlamp and racing styled dualseat are all standard equipment. Colour finish is black with chrome guards and tank panels.


The really big one - like its airborne namesake, this machine has real punch ! Things classed as extras on other motorcycles are standard on this one. Tuned engine with racing pistons.

Racing style glass fibre petrol tank.

Twin Amal concentric carburetters, light alloy rims and a brand new twin leading shoe front brake are but a portion of this motorcycle's host of special features. Cherokee red. chrome and polished alloy finish give the Spitfire the looks to match its brilliant performance.

BSA Motor Cycles Limited, Armoury Road, Birmingham 11, England.

Telephone: Birmingham, Victoria 2381
Telegrams: "Selmoto" Birmingham

N.B. 1. 1968 brochure does say 150mph.