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BSA Motorcycles 1936

Solos and Combinations from Birmingham Small Arms

For 1936, BSA offered the following models:

X0 150cc OHV 1.49 hp

B1 250cc 2.49 hp

B18 2.49 hp OHV Light De Luxe 250cc

B2 250cc OHV 2.49 hp

B3 250cc 2.49 hp OHV De Luxe

R4 350cc OHV 3.48 hp De Luxe, high cam.

R17 350cc OHV 3.48 hp. Standard model, different engine to R4 and R19.

R19 350cc 3.48 hp OHV Competition, high cam. 1936 only.

R20 350cc OHV 3.48 hp New Blue Star

R5 350cc OHV 3.48 hp Empire Star

Q21 Blue Star 4.96 h.p. 500cc OHV

Q7 500cc OHV 4.96 hp

Q8 500cc OHV 4.96 hp Empire Star

J12 500cc OHV Twin 4.98 hp, high cam.

W6 500cc 4.99 hp

M10 600cc 5.95 hp

Y13 750cc OHV Twin 7.48 hp

G14 1000cc 9.86 hp Twin

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