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BSA 1936 Q8 Empire Star AUE528


The following letter accompanied the motorcycle.

BSA Empire Star Q8
Frame No, D8 101 Engine No. D8 1321

Reg. AUE 528


Discovered as a barn find in 2005 and restored in 2007. All original tinware and fittings with the exception of wheel rims, exhausts and battery carrier. A later mag with face cam has been fitter but it still retains the original 3 brush constant current dynamo, both of which have been rewound. Machine was dispatched from the works on 28/4/36 to Pearsons Garage, Barston, Solihull and sold to Thomas B. Warren of Knowle who registered it on 1/5/36.

The machine was damaged during the war and purchased as salvage by a dealer in Dorset called Young, and the current engine fitted (original engine No. D8 8307). It was re-registered CFX 19 and sold to a Mr. C.E. Samways on 28/3/47. The engine has been rebuilt with a WC piston plug , new mains and a custom built big end, which was missing when the bike was purchased. The rod and flywheel rims had been polished. The gearbox has been rebuilt with new bearings and new clutch linings and centre. A later front hub and backplate have been fitted so as to employ a speedometer. The horn is the original "Clear Hooter" and is neither loud nor clear! The oil has been changed twice, once at 100 miles and again at 500. Current oil is SAE 30. Use 40 in the summer. Oil pressure is 6-12 psi and the bike should be fitted with a Eureka 0-25 psi. gauge. The dash panel illuminator is missing.

Cold Starting

Bike should be off the stand and on the flat or facing down hill - flood the carb., no air, 1/4 advance and kick over 6 times with valve lifter engaged. Ease over just past compression and kick smartly. Fully advance and move off. Open air slowly as engine warms.

Hot Starting

Flood carb every time, ease past compression and kick smartly, air can be almost closed and then opened slowly once running.

(Edited for clarity)

Courtesy Andy Tiernan Classics

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