BSA Motorcycles 1960s

BSA 1965 Models

75 Beagle Model K1

The newest and gayest of lightweights - with a real motorcycle engine and specification - overhead valves, alloy head, unit 4-speed gearbox, everything - and only 75 cc. for incredible economy but what performance! It is difficult to believe that so much comes from so little. Try it, you'll be astonished. Brakes and steering to match, of course. Easy to ride and easy on the purse.

175 Bantam Pastoral

Made for hard work on sheep farms, cattle stations prairie land or veldt where roads are non existent. Developed from the hard experience gained in trials scrambles and moto-cross events, these sturdy reliable machines are the untiring "workhorse" of the modern farmer. Fitted with low gear ratios (8.11, 13-58, 25.45), 3.00x18 tyres with security bolts, flexible gaiters to forks, large tyre clearances, crankcase shield and many other special features. Dry weight 224 lbs.

175 Bantam Super Model D7

This is the seasoned compaigner! Never was so much experience packed into a single model. For more than fifteen years the Bantam has led the lightweight field - hundreds of thousands have been built, sold and ridden in every country where motorcycles are used. It is the trusted friend and ally of all who need inexpensive, troublefree transport - with a lot of fun thrown in. Steady development throughout its life means the Bantam is as crisply up-to-date today as it was at the start.

Famous 250's of proved performance

250 Star

When the need for more power is felt, a good 250 can meet most requirements. Such is the BSA 250 Star. A fine performer, the "Star" handles and brakes like a thoroughbred and will give endless satisfaction under all conditions. A good looking, dependable motorcycle at a reasonable price

* 250 Star-Features

Roller bearing big-end - dry sump lubrication with double gear type oil pump - 4-speed unit construction gearbox - new rack and pinion clutch operation - new contact breaker drive in timing case - duplex primary chain in oilbath case - folding starter pedal - crankshaft mounted A.C. generator - emergency start switch - hydraulically damped suspension front and rear - full width hubs.


On all 250 cc. and 350 cc. BSA mode/s the primary drive is by a long wearing silent duplex chain with a simple-to-operate tensioner. The accessibility of the crankshaft mounted generator and the dutch are well illustrated in this photograph.


All single and twin cylinder four stroke models with the exception of the Beagle have dry sump lubrication, and the heart of the system is this robust gear type pump which guarantees the reliable functioning of the vital lubrication system.


The 250 cc model C15 is available in two successful competition specifications - the C15T for trials and the C15S for scrambles. For full details see separate literature.

250 Sport Star

Designed for the man who wants a 250 with the feel of a "350'', the Sport Star has a high compression piston, special cams and other features to give it the performance required. Attractively finished with chromium plated sports guards and plated tank panels.

* 250 Sport Star-Features

Large inlet valve - special high duty valve springs - large bore carburetter - sports type handlebars with combined brake and air levers - striking flamboyant blue finish - chromium plated tank panels - plated guards front and rear.


The ignition contact breaker on all 250 and 350 cc. models is enclosed m the timing case where it is readily accessible by the removal ol thecover plate. This new drive arrangement ensures ultra accurate ignition setting and a contact breaker working under ideal conditions.


This impressive machine is a 500 ton forging press which bumps out things like sprockets and connecting rods with the greatest ol ease. It has a big brother of 2000 tons, which deals likewise with flywheels.

Lightning Rocket

Model A652L

This exciting high performance 650 developed specially for the American market is now available in all markets of the world. The specification includes a super powered 650 twin cylinder engine with two carburetters, special racing type camshaft, high compression pistons, unit construction four-speed gearbox, special "Gold Star" racing brakes, quickly detachable rear wheel, tachometer and speedometer on special twin mount and many other superb features. Metallic red tank finish with chromium plated panels, plated guards, black frame.

Model A65


The all-alloy two carburetter cylinder head fitted to the Lightning and Cyclone models. The carburetters are Amal monobloc type with separate air cleaners. (not shown)


The lining of fuel tanks is one of the jobs where the machine has not yet been invented (even by BSA!) which can equal the superb skill of the man with a brush in his hand. However intricate the shape, a few deft strokes and the job is done - to perfection.


This little tool shaves the gears which go in your gearbox, it removes all unwanted stubble and leaves each individual tooth clean and true - ready for thousands of miles of smooth and silent running.

650 Star

A luxury twin with performance to thrill even the most hardened enthusiast. A cleanly designed engine-gearbox unit duplex frame, powerful brakes in full width hubs, neat enclosure of carburetter and numerous other features identify the 650 Star as a model of outstanding interest, value and quality.

12 volt electrical system is available as an optional extra.

650 Rocket

Model A65R

The Rocket offers just that "extra" in performance which is demanded by the enthusiast whose joy is to ride fast and far. Exhilarating performance is coupled with first class steering, suspension and handling. Many chromium plated parts are fitted and the flamboyant red finish completes the specification of a really outstanding high performance sporting motorcycle.

* 650 Rocket-Features

High compression pistons - special sports camshaft- high duty valve springs - siamesed exhaust pipes flexible bellow seals on front forks - chromium plated guards - large diameter separately mounted headlamp.


BSA 650 "Rockets" were selected for marshalling duties on the IOM TT Course for both the 1964 June and September races and earned the highest possible praise from their riders.


"The A50 . . handles beautifully, is undeniably a good-looker and is tar more economical than you might expect. In other words it is as fine an argument lor choosing a five-hundred as you are ever likely to find." MOTOR CYCLE

Model A50 500 Star

A fast smooth running 500 provides all the performance most riders need, which explains the popularity of the 500 Star. Its specification is virtually identical with the bigger engined 650s and it shares with them the top class steering, suspension and braking for which all BSAs are justly acclaimed

* 500 Star-Features

Light alloy connecting rods - enclosed air cleaner - dry sump lubrication - centrifugal oil filter - twin large capacity silencers - 4-speed unit construction gearbox - triple row primary chain - emergency start switch - key operated steering headlock - valanced front and rear guards - detachable rear wheel.

350 Star

Designed to the same general specification as the popular C15 model, the B40 with its 350 cc engine gives that additional performance so useful with a passenger or under adverse conditions.

The robust engine-gearbox unit is smooth, quiet and economical.

* 350 Star - Features

Enclosed air cleaner - roller bearing big-end - 4-speed unit construction gearbox - new rack and pinion clutch operation - folding starter pedal - new contact breaker drive in timing case - valanced guards front and rear.

350 Sport Star

The high performance sports version of the B40 - with many special features to give some real "edge" to its performance. This is a 350 which will more than hold its own in the company of bigger capacity models. Beautifully finished with many chromium plated parts.

350 Sport Star-Features

Special high duty valve springs - large diameter inlet valve - large bore carburetter - sports type handlebars - flamboyant red finish - chromium plated guards and tank panels