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BSA engines have been used in numerous machines including CCM, and supplied cycle components for many manufacturers including Givaudan

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mraplumbheat at gmail.com
BSA 1928 350
parts wanted . Also possibly an engine . Thanks .
michael armstrong
selmandan74 at gmail.com
BSA Rocket 3 1969
It is my understanding that bsa produced the 68/69 Rocket 3 in a few different colors. Primarily Red, I believe. I also have seen a Royal Blue as a possible color. A friend recently purchased a 69 that is blue, that was found in a shed. Closer examination there are places where the more familiar red shows. Thinking maybe it was painted over in blue at the factory or dealer? In any case is there a paint code for the Royal blue? Any records that would link the vin number to a color? Lastly, did BSA in fact paint any of the Rocket 3's blue?
Thank you

The Rocket 3 was available in both red and blue. BSA named those colours Flamboyant Red and Flamboyant Blue, and late in the piece added Firecracker Red.
bkracker at me.com
1967 BSA Thunderbolt
I need the mixing formula for the blue color on the 67 BSA Thunderbolt
Bill Kracker
Mattawan Michigan USA

This page may help: Paint and Colour Schemes
bobbinu at hotmail.com
BSA C12 1956
Hello, I am searching for chrome rims for my 1956 BSA C12 250cc. Any ideas about suppliers please?
Robert Farrugia

Many tyre suppliers also have rims. Try this page: Vintage Motorcycle Tyres
dtjohns at mac.com
BSA A7 1948 Rigid
Hello Bill
I am having a lot of pain adjusting the 6-spring clutch and note that you have made an alloy cover plate to replace the original pressed-steel version. Just to ask if you can supply a drawing for your alloy version and what you would like as payment. I hope that you are able to do this as I would like to live a more peaceful life..!
Thank you
David Johns
London, UK
gerryh01 at bigpond.com
1959 A10 Golden Flash
Hi there, Can anyone tell me what is the difference between a standard A10 gearbox and a STD 2 gearbox please? Also, if possible, number of teeth on both layshaft and main shaft of both gearboxes. Many thanks. Kind regards. Gerry
Gerry Horn
Salisbury Park, South Australia, Australia 5109
ssmylie at orcon.net.nz
1951 Star Twin
Not sure how many of these in NZ can only find two registered in 1951 And 0ne in 1952, Bike starts and runs perfectly
Steve Smylie
New Zealand

david.onslow at btconnect.com
BSA 1963 RGS
Good Day, I have a BSA RGS with a ARRT gearbox that I would like to change to RRT2 , Is it possible you have the BSA drawing showing the internals and part numbers for this gearbox so I can cross reference with the RRT2 and see what is comparable.
Do you have a RRT2 pr any parts you would sell.
Best Regards David Onslow..
United Kingdom

bresdominique at orange.fr
A10 Road-Rocket
I am looking for the parts 67-1330 and 67-1331 (inlet manifolds) to fit 10TT9 on my bike !
Best regards.
Dominique Bres
sarah.longtin at longueuil.quebec
Bonjour je suis agente de police à Longueuil Québec, je désire authentifier une BSA Bantam 1950 mais je ne trouve pas le NIV, s'il-vous-plaît pouvez-vous m'indiquer l'endroit où se trouve le NIV Merci!
Hello I am a police officer in Longueuil Quebec, I wish to authenticate a BSA Bantam 1950 but I cannot find the VIN, please can you tell me where the VIN is located Thank you!
Sarah Longtin
Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

alex_gay at web.de
My name is Roberto. I would like to make a roller conversion to my BSA A10 crankcase. My location is Munich, Germany. I would like to ask you how much would it cost, including shipping back to Munich.
Thank you very much in advance, and best regards from Munich,
Roberto García Cuellar
Munich, Germany
Reference: https://cybermotorcycle.com/archives/bsa-a10/mybsaa10rollerconversion.htm
  • The page you refer to is an archive, and does not imply that such a service existed. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

wayne.f.mcnab at gmail.com
BSA Winged Wheel
Need to make a new crankshaft pinion gear for 1952 BSA winged wheel. It is either 17 tooth DP20 or 17 Tooth Module 1.25. From dimension taken is hard to tell whick one. Do you know what tooth form they would have used at the time. Thanks, Wayne
Pender Island, BC, Canada
owenwachla at live.com.au
Hi stumbled across your page and was after a bit more information. I have a plunger A10 that I want to fit an aluminium head to (I have a single carb ally head) and was wondering what pistons to use? and any other tricks required?

  • The archived A10 pages you refer to are the result of decades of research. Further information will be addded as it becomes available.

bernie.a.jones at gmail.com
BSA B40 Super Star 1964
I am trying to find the difference between the engines fitted to my model (B40B) Super Star and the B40SS Sports Star manufactured in the same year. Both seem to be the SS90 engines but why do they have different suffixes?
Bernie Jones

ghop at q.com
1961 BSA A10 Super Rocket
I have a painted fender 61 Super Rocket. I am trying to find out the paint options for this year for I want to restore to factory specs. I've seen the red on red . Was there pinstriping on the fenders?
Gary Hopkins
Colorado Springs
  • The 1961 Export catalogue does not indicate pinstriping. No specific red paint code for that model listed as yet..

chriscampbellau62 at gmail.com
BSA Dandy 1957
hi would you know or have in stock where i can find the metal chrome Dandy badge with the wings on it? regards Chris
chris campbell
Queensland Australia

bppyssling at gmail.com
BSA Golden Flash A10
I wonder if you woul'd make a neddle roller conv. for me? It's a small juornal do you Think it's relevant to look for a large juornal dito?
Regards CN

fratzog440 at yahoo.com
'54 GF FRAME, '57 A10SR engine
According to BSAOC, the engine I've bought (CA10R 4534 HHC), was delivered to Hap Alzina as a '57 SR in March, 1957. Thought you may appreciate the info.
Steve Sorensen
rwy100 at gmail.com
BSA DANDY 70 1957
Hi, I am looking for a kick start lever for the bsa dandy 70 scooter, New or second hand would be great as it is the only part missing on the bike. Regards Wayne
Wayne Young
Wanaka New Zealand
woodys834 at hotmail.com
bsa c12 19??
hi my dad strip his bike to restore but he has sadly passed a way I was after seeing if anyone would want to buy it and how much it worth , its all there but just needs cleaning up.
kent, maidstone
billiesilver at hotmail.com
1963 BSA Rocket Goldstar
Hi, I have an unusual rear brake drum and backing plate on my Rocket Goldstar that I am trying to I.D. It has a removable sprocket originally 57 teeth in steel but we switched that to an aluminum 47 tooth for road use. It is held on by 6 bolts.The brake drum is finned aluminum with a steel center QD hub that fits only Goldstar or Rgs!The backing plate is steel. This was originally on a Goldstar Catalina. I am trying to determine if this is a factory, aftermarket or one off item but it appears to be of professional quality.The vent holes in the drum and backing plate were not originally there.It is not an Alfin as I have one of these and it is not similar at all.It is also not a B44 or a unit BSA piece. It is also not an original Catalina item either as I believe these were steel. Any ideas or do you know of anyone that can help with this? Perhaps an old racer? So far its been a mystery to everybody i have shown it to! Thanks, Richard
Richard Silver

  • BSA-1963-Rocket-Goldstar-Hub images posted to Comments.

valerio.garzitto at hotmail.it
BSA 5.57HP SV deLuxe 1929
I'm restoring my BSA Sloper. I have a missing part which I can't find anyplace: the rear sprocket (chain wheel). Any advise?
Do you have any suggestion where to install the battery on this byke?
Udine, Italy

movinforwardllc at yahoo.com
BSA 1930
Might have uncovered a bike Teddy Palmer rode in the wall of death. It was purchased in the 60's (have the title) from a BSA southeastern rep who was told about the bike from a dealer in Tampa. The title shows the owner as Theodora Palmer from Tampa Fl. It has not been touched since and certainly looks the part of a wall of death bike. Would like to connect with Andy McWilliams who is a relative and has an article displayed on your website under women of the wall of death
Joe Welch
Atlanta Georgia

Wall of Death

werner1lubbinge at gmail.com
1939 b23 350 cc
enjine no is bk23.280 please give me more detakls on this bike an where i can get spares
durban south africa

  • For BSA marque specialists and parts resouces try the classic section at Bikelinks

pascoe612 at gmail.com
1960 BSA Starfire scrambler
Why was the kickstand located on the right side of the machine?
Bob Pascoe
Central, AZ USA

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1riversteward at gmail.com
1955 BSA DB32
I am looking for information regarding this BSA. It is in a local personal garage. Owner is not sure what he has. Frame: CB329955, Engine: DB32GS1732, Gearbox:RR2T AMAL M28B
How is best method of determining what year and other information/history. Thank you.
Roger Pence
West Virginia, USA

BSA-DB32-WV.jpg posted to comments, above.

valerio.garzitto at hotmail.it
1929 H29 5.57 hp De Luxe 550cc
Any link/photo/specification available to help me to reconstruct thi bike?
Tavaggnacco, Italy

  • There is a very similar restored model on this page. It is possible the restorer has information of use.

horton.davidjohn at gmail.com
1940 bsa c10
I am looking for MUDGUARDS but all I can see are 1950s+ PLUNGER ones. ANY thoughts on other comparable types from other bikes or suppliers/manufacturers. I want correct restoration but not concourse
Regards david
David horton
Melbourne, australia

Wed, 04 Apr 2018
svincent1954 at yahoo.com
I have come across this original BSA factory decal and I would like to know what year and model it was used on. Please see attached and thank you in advance for your time. Steve
Steve Vincent
Twain Harte, Ca USA

That style of BSA logo was used in the 1930s. See for instance the BSA 1934 catalogue.

BSA-1930s-Logo.jpg posted to comments, above.

Mon, 12 Feb 2018
lloyde at albanycitymotors.com.au
bsa w35-7 1935 500cc ohv

hi do you have a exhaust valve lifter spindle,to suit this bike i have one fitted from a early 250 but it does not decompress well enough please reply regards lloyd elliott
lloyd elliott
willyung Australia

Fri, 29 Dec 2017
paolooci at alice.it

good morning, can you please help me to recognize this model of motorbike? frame a15 a15 engine Thanks in advance Paul
paolo oci
siena Italy

BSA-1935c-A15-OHV-POc-01.jpg posted to Comments
Engine number is A15.171 (remainder unreadable)

Thu, 28 Dec 2017
daanaawyatt at gmail.com
BSA B29 Deluxe 1929

Wanting to know if anyone has any information or parts for this model.
Gloucestershire United Kingdom

Sat, 02 Dec 2017
britpacific at gmail.com
BSA 1967 Starfire

I would be interested in examples of other owners who have Starfire scramblers, trials or trail bikes especially those who have converted a standard street model into off-road. A general discussion of what was involved, problems encountered, tires, exhaust, etc.
James Britton
Umpqua, Oregon USA

Fri, 24 Nov 2017
briangains at outlook.com
BSA 2.49hp 1930?

Hi I have a BSA 2.49hp engine for sale on ebay and a prospective buyer is very insistant that I give him the full engine number so he can id 'engine modifications'. Sounds a bit fishy, was your 2013 stolen m/c recovered and could the engine number be used for cloning?
Brian Gains
West Sussex United Kingdom

Cannot answer those questions, sorry.

Mon, 02 Oct 2017
eddieplunkett71 at gmail.com
bsa not sure

I have found an old bsa motorcycle I think not sure I've tried to look up my numbers on bike but I can't find the numbers I have on the engine are c-15OS 08793 on the frame numbers are 108793 can you help me find what I have and what it might be worth thank you so much
eddie plunkett
Dickson tn USA

  • Images depict an extremely gruesome chopper with a parallel twin of indeterminate heritage. Whatever it is, it's not a BSA.
    The numbers on the engine are stamped in a very uneven fashion and if done at the factory it seems likely the culprit was inebriated.
    The photo of the digits on the headstock of the plunger frame hint at the existence of others - removal of paint may be revealing.
    Ralph Nader did not mention this machine in Unsafe at Any Speed.

    Photos posted in Comments

Tue, 05 Sep 2017
deanmusgrove at hotmail.com
1938 1938 bsa c10

Hi I am after some info on my grandfathers c10 bsa. it was purchased new in Melbourne Australia. I am struggling to find its original colours any help will be greatly appreciated thanks
Dean Musgrove
Melbourne Australia

Thu, 10 Aug 2017
gabrisx at gmail.com

My grandpa on BSA, what model and year? Thanks
Bir..ai Lithuania

  • It appears to be around 1929. The previous year they ran flat tanks, and acetylene was phased out early in the 30s. Footboards were fitted standard to other 1929 models, so they may have been fitted to this one as an option, or they were possibly standard on some export machines. The engine appears to be a two-stroke, the first of which BSA introduced in 1928.
  • BSA-1929c-Twostroke-Lithuania.jpg posted in Comments.

Thu, 03 Aug 2017
tromp.julie at gmail.com
Bsa Unknown

Heykes dearest, My name is Julie Tromp and I live in Belgium. My Aunt got a photograph out of a heritage and asked me If I know the bike displayed on it. Couldn't exactly identity it but true a asking on Facebook I stumbled on Bsa and your page. Would you be so kind to take a look at the picture, maybe you can tel me something about it. The picture should been taking in 1933. With best regards, Julie Tromp Meeuwen Belgium<
Julie Tromp
Meeuwen Belgium

Sorry, resolution is far too low to identify anything other than the registration number.

Thu Jul 13 2017
ratnayaketherika748 at gmail.com
spare parts
require a crank case of BSA B30-3

Thu Apr 13 2017
ratnayaketherika748 at gmail.com
spare parts
BSA B30-3
crank case of the above model
sri lanka

Mon Mar 13 2017
karl.76 at hotmail.co.uk

BSA 1929 B29 deluxe 250
I'm looking at buying this model to restore, did this model come with a flat tank
And how much could I get for a fully restored model


The 1929 B29 Standard 250cc did not have a flat tank. Engine and frame numbers would help identify it. For pricing please see the valuations page. Ed.

I did a bit of research on the number he gave me and it looked like it was changed at some point
Engine No B27651
Frame No B43000

Numbers do not appear to correspond with those on this list: http://www.bsaownersclub.co.uk/yearlist1921.html
Correspondent replied that he'd decided against buying it.

Sun Nov 20 2016
sudiastara at gmail.com
i need to buy generator for 1929 BSA S29 Standard 500cc
BSA 1929 BSA S29 Standard 500cc SV
please help me to buy generator for my 1929 BSA S29 500cc SV
Bali - Indonesia

Fri Jul 29 2016
sompster007 a tgmail.com
fuel tank for bsa
,1912 1912
I. Am looking at selling a 1912. MODEL. A,b,c,d. In great condition no sings paint work fair

Sat Aug 06 2016
oceanwild6 at gmail.com
bsa 1912 unknown
any info possible,bike is complete
Please see the page on valuations

Sun Jun 26 2016
spanner_bsa1962 at hotmail.com
spare parts
bsa 600 sloper ohv m35-11
Hi I am chasing a 5 bolt head and bolts for a 600 ohv twin port sloper. 1935 . Can you help in any way? Regards Rob
South Australia

Sun Jan 03 2016
david.broughton at tesco.net
BSA Round Tank Magneto
BSA Roundtank B
Please can you tell me what type of magneto was fitted to the BSA Round Tank model b three speed 1924/25
West Sussex

Sun Dec 27 2015
jeannekbennett at verizon.net
1946 B31 Restoration
Hi. Anyone know how I can find the original tank color for my 46 BSA B31? Thanks so much

Tue Dec 01 2015
pratik.poonacement03 at gmail.com
bsa model no?
I m the owner of the bike in the picture but i m not able to recognise the model number and more of the bike.

The bike may be a 125cc. The capacity can most likely be determined from the engine number.

Wed Nov 25 2015
thehixter at embarqmail.com
look for a 1946 c11 transmission
1946 bsa c11 c11
I'm looking for a 1946 c11/c12 transmission for a restoration
United States

Wed Nov 04 2015
erniegavey at suremail.gg
Fitting amal type 276 carb.
BSA 1923 S 23
I have recently completed the 1923 Model S shown here. Here in Guernsey it is almost impossible to ride with the amac carb due to traffic and slow speeds. I saw photos on your site of a 1928 Model S with Amal carb sent in bt Robert c Sweden. Is it possible to get the details of the amal from him? as I would like to fit one on mine.
Guernsey Channel Isles.

Sat Aug 22 2015
ale.carfast at gmail.com
request approximate value and infos
bsa b35-1 250 1934
Hi, I just bought a BSA b35-1 , and I will soon start the restoring. I would like to know what will be approximately the value once fully restored, and where can I find the colours codes and maybe some spare parts. Thank you

Fri Mar 27 2015
bjohnstone at cleanair.co.za
How do i identify the year of my bsa sloper
BSA sloper side valve
need to find out year of my BSA sloper
south africa

Please send clear images of the engine and frame numbers, along with a profile image of the bike. Ed.

BSA 1959 Super-Rocket A10 650cc Twin
BSA 1959 Super-Rocket A10 650cc Twin

Sat Mar 28 2015
the_mordor9 at hotmail.com
BSA gallery
BSA 1959 A10 Super Rocket
I have attached a few photos of my 1959 BSA Super Rocket (East coast import model). My father purchased this bike new in 1959 and it is completely correct. I restored it two years ago. It's a perfect match to the 1959 BSA brochure that you have listed.

Fri Jan 16 2015
malcolmdbryant at hotmail.com
BSA B18 light deluxe
I am trying to replace the gearbox cover as the kick start bearing pocket is damaged and unrepairable. This is a four speed hand shift gear box.
north carolina USA

Tue Sep 16 2014
andrewscott1942 at talktalk.net
BSA photo
BSA B30/3
Would you like this photo for your pictures
Girvan Scotland

Many thanks! BSA 1930 B30/3 image: 1930 gallery

Mon Jun 16 2014
tsrsbs3 at hotmail.com
Model of bike and year
BSA Not sure
Serial# on transmission
Serial # back of Head 68-44 and 650 under numbers
United States

Sat May 24 2014
jasminegriffin19 at telkomsa.net
bsa motorcycle year of manufacture
bsa 250cc o'head valve model c11 engine no kc11926
could you please tell me the year of manufacture
heidelberg western cape south africa

Wed Mar 12 2014
Jr68ioweu1 at aol.com
1962 bsa gss for sale
62 Rocket Gold Star Scrambler approx. 10K original

Tue Mar 11 2014
greg.ames at sbcglobal.net
model identification
BSA A50?
looking to aquire a 1961 BSA. Dont know what model it is. Frame #A508771 Motor #A50.A.792

Sat Feb 08 2014
dbeadsmoore at yahoo.com.au BSA ?

Could anyone help to identify this BSA ?. Also any ideas if it worth anything as is or to renovate ? penrith australia English

More info in the BSA forum...

Wed Nov 20 2013
subnobile at gmail.com
richiesta scheda tecnica bsa h 20 del 47
BSA H 20 FURG del 1947
Richiedo se e' possibile inviarmi scheda tecnica della moto bsa h 20 del 1947.Vi ringrazio in anticipo.

Wed Nov 06 2013
themaccas2011 at hotmail.co.uk
1959 motorcycle
Can you please supply me with your original distributors logos for the mudguards? Just refurbished this motorcycle and after enquiries you were the original distributors for this machine.
West Yorkshire

Sorry, we don't sell decals.

Thu Oct 17 2013
bsa 500cc bsaSloper
hello that such I am looking for the manual bsaSloper exploded, and is 500 cc paradsecargar have some file that I have a noce desarmaday completamenete as aj from and thanks go
buenos aires

1930 BSA Sloper 500 Single - YouTube

Mon Oct 07 2013
Lubrication questions
BSA Sloper 500 single
I am trying to resurrect my 1930 BSA sloper 500 single, which I have not ridden in over a decade. When I dragged it out to fire it up again this year, I had some concerns about the oil levels in the engine and the transmission. As a result, I have a number of questions before I start to ride this old bike again.

1) The engine has a dip stick adjacent to the fill spout on the right hand side of the engine. It is a very long stick marked with a 1 and a 2. There is not a clear indication of the full mark, and I am trying to recall whether the 2 means 2 pints low, and the 1 means 1 pint low, or whether 2 is low and 1 is full. Can you please confirm the markings on the dip stick, and where the full mark is?

2) Also, there is a plug with a fibre washer on the left side of the engine casing beneath the crank. I suspected that this is a drain plug for the crankcase, but when I opened it, only a small amount of oil ran out of it, despite the fact that the dip stick is still over the 1 mark, so I now suspect that this drain plug is either clogged (I did fish a wire through there) or that it does not communicate with the reservoir supported by the filler spout and dip stick on the right side of the engine. So, now I am confused. Exactly what did I drain out of this drain plug, and how and where do I replace this lubricant, and how much do I add (is there a level plug somewhere)?

3) There is a very small tube inlet that angles back towards the rear, on the left side of the engine, high above the crank that appears to have had a metal tab to lock a knurled wheel or knob (although my knob is missing). I suspect that this is a device for oiling the primary chain, but I am not certain what this is for.

4) Could you please provide a complete primer on all lubrication resevoirs and fill, level, and drain plugs and locations of each, for the engine and transmission on a 1930 BSA Sloper 500 single.

5) I would also appreciate a recommendation for all appropriate fluids to use in each location.

6) Finally, there is a dial indicator on a knurled knob on the right side of the engine, close to the dip stick tube. I suspect that this adjusts the amount of oil distributed to the crank bearings, but I would also appreciate a primer on how to set and adjust this meter as well.

7) Do you have any technical manuals, or workshop manuals for this bike that you could share with me, or a source for me to acquire these manuals? I would be happy to reimburse any costs associated with reproducing them if you (or anyone else ) can assist.

I am really excited to ride this old bike, so any and all advice that can be sent promptly is genuinely appreciated.
Thank you so much.
Boston, MA, USA

Here's a video clip of the bike. Please excuse the gear crunching as I had not yet adjusted the clutch!


Thank you so much for your prompt response, as I am so excited to finally ride this bike.
I will try to take a photo or two to send you when I am next out to my warehouse, but I do not have one yet. I have sent you the maiden voyage video in the meantime!
I have made some progress since I wrote these questions.
Consequently, my inquiry has changed somewhat as well.
I have learned the following since writing my original questions.

1) The dipstick appears to be marked 0, 1 & 2, so I suspect that this references the number of pints that the crankcase is in need of. Also, I found a "full" mark on the filler port, which appears to coincide with the 0 mark on the dipstick, so I believe that I have solved that issue.

2) The plug on the left side of the engine case is still confusing me. Apparently there are two plugs with fibre washers beneath the crankshaft level, so I now suspect that the lower one is a drain plug and the upper one is a level plug. However, I am confused as to what is lubricated by these plugs as it seems to be separate from the fill reservoir on the right side of the engine for two reasons. a) The level plug appears to be considerably lower on the case than the fill line and dipstick full level, and b) why would you need a level plug on an engine with a dipstick? In either case, what does this area lubricate, and how do I fill it (through the level plug?)

3) I believe that the tube (which is actually cast into the engine case) and angled back on the left side of the engine is a device to adjust the amount of oil that is distributed to the primary chain case, but I appear to me be missing the adjuster device as there is no knob to turn, just the hole and a spring steel locking tab, which I suspect is intended to rest against the knurled adjuster knob.

4) I would still appreciate a primer on all lubrication cavities, fill, level and drain locations, and recommendations of proper lubricants for each cavity, especially the primary chain, as I suspect that the clutches are supposed to be wet, and I know that non-hypoid is preferred for wet clutches, but I doubt that these were available in 1930. I have been told that a straight non detergent 30 weight is suitable for this area? The primary chain case does not appear to be leakproof, so I am now wondering if it is intended to be dry with only periodic lubrication form the oiler described above, as opposed to being submerged in an oil bath like more modern bikes.

5) I am now reasonably certian that the dial indicator on the right side behind the dipstick, is an oil pump adjuster for lubrication of the main bearings, but once again, I would like to confirm this fact, and how to properly adjust it, so that I do not damage the engine or bearings.

6) There is also a plunger type piston on the right side of the engine which "pops" out when the engine is running. I suspect that this is an indicator for the rider to confirm that there is adequate oil pressure. Please confirm how this is used and how it is read. Does the rider reset it during riding, or would low oil pressure allow it to collapse on its own?

7) I would be extremely grateful if you could reproduce and send the manual to me.

8) proper clutch adjustment to avoid gearbox grinding when accessing first or second from neutral.

Thank you so much for your offer to help.
I also sent a separate request this morning with regard to the serial number sequence on a 1921 Monet & Goyon Three Wheeled motorcycle. I cannot properly read the first digit, and although thye bike was transferred to me with a "6" as the first digit, it appears to be a "g" or some other letter or dgit. Do you know what letter or digit these bikes typically had as the first digit on the serial number?
Thank you so much for all of your help and advice. I really appreciate it.
Kind regards,

Matchbox Motors Microcar, Minicar & Motorcycle Museum<
c/o Charles Gould
163 Country Club Road
Newton, Massachusetts 02459
(617) 965-4848
(617) 721-9400

Sorry, cannot find a manual for this one. Try here: Books and Manuals

Wed Oct 02 2013
mecmalicious<at> yahoo.com.au
not sure of the year of my bsa bantam<
bsa super bantam 176cc
does anyone know what year my bantam is? and how many where made that year? chassis no. is d76909 engine no. is ed71131 thank you mark
brisbane australia

Tue Apr 09 2013
1972 b50ss
bsa b50ss
any info on the b50ss models or where to find info

Wed Mar 20 2013
How to identify year of my BSA
BSA ZB31 12934 ( frame numbers)
I have a BSA single cylinder,rigid frame and was wondering how to identify the year. Also the engine numbers are ZB33.12588

Fri May 03 2013
Head gasket for 4Cyl 1930 BSA
BSA 1930 three-wheeler
I have a 4-cyl flathead 1930 BSA three-wheeler, and before I take off the head, would like to have a head gasket available.

Tue Feb 26 2013
need info on 1936 bsa
bsa 500cc
Hi, I'm trying to sell 1936 bsa inhereted from father. I have no idea how much its worth, and would like to find out some info so I know what I'm talking about when I do sell it. So it hasn't been started in a long time. Also I see there's different models, I know its a 500cc but I don't know if there's and variations on the 500cc. Any feedback at all would be great. Thank you.
las vegas, nevada

Sun Jan 20 2013
1965 Photo
BSA 650
I am looking for a high resolution photo of a 1965 BSA 650

If you have a query about BSA motorcycles or have information about these classic British machines, please contact us