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BSA B44 Victor

B44 Victor & Shooting Star 1966-70
441cc, OHV single, 335lb, 65mpg, 85mph

The B44 is similar to C15 but with strengthed internal components, a modern frame and a 12v electrical system. Sold initially in the USA as the Shooting Star, it was introduced in Britain as the Victor in 1966. In 1969 a twin leading shoe front brake was fitted,

1967 Victor Specification US Model

Engine: Single cylinder, air cooled, light alloy construction

Bore x stroke: 79mm x 90mm

Displacement: 441cc (26.9 cu. in.)

Compression ratio: 9.5 to 1 (11.4 to 1 with base plate removed)

Cam design: High torque

Carburetion: One 30mm Amal sports carburetor

Ignition: AC magneto

Horsepower: 34 (11.4 compression ratio)

Electrical system: Direct lighting - no battery

Exhaust system: Hi flow/sport muffler

Gearbox: 4 speed with footchange

    1st gear - 2.64
    2nd gear - 64
    3rd gear - 1.24
    4th gear - 1.00

Clutch: Multiple disc (four friction plates)

Engine x clutch ratio: 2.07 to 1

Gearbox sprocket: 16T

Rearwheel sprocket: 49T (5/8 pitch chain)

Wheelbase: 53"

Overall length: 81 ½"

Ground clearance: 8"

Seat height: 32"

Seat style: Dual racang

Weight: 288 lbs.

Side stand: Standard equipment

Engine guard: Standard equipment

Handlebar: Hi-western design

Wheels: Front - WM2 x 19 Rear - WM3 x 18

Tires: Front - 3.25 x 19 Dunlop K 70. Rear - 4.00 x 18 Dunlop K70

Brakes: Front and rear - 7" dia. x wide

Gas tank: Light aluminum alloy - 2 gallon - quick fill cap

Oil tank: Rubber mounted 2 quarts

"Lean on frills, long on performance" - we quote Bob Greene, editor of HOT ROD. Bob goes on to say. "Remember the day you bolted a V8 in that model A and nailed the throttle to the wall for the first time? Well, you've got that same thrill to look forward to when you leap aboard BSA's spankin' new 441 VICTOR."

And thrill it did ...thousands of owners who were at the head of the waiting list can only heap mountains of praise on their VICTORS - light enough for a beginner to handle, powerful enough to thrill the socks off an expert.

If you think the 1966 VICTOR was perfect, wait till you ride the 1967 version. Only by careful detail changes did we improve it.

For instance, almost everybody wanted a real neat dual seat and foot rests for his passenger. This wish is granted as you can tll from the replica of the Lightning seat and the brackets to mount the footrests on.

Another welcome feature is the quick detaching rear wheel which lets you remove the wheel assembly for a quick tire change. The complete rear brake, sprocket and wheel are identical to the ones used on the 654cc Hornet. Just a nice feature for convenience and added reliability.

"Strobe-light" timing is now an easy task with BSA's inspection cover on the primary case. With suitable marks on the alternator/rotor and a stationary pointer, you can be sure your VICTOR is always timed correctly.

A performance bonus for the '67 VICTOR is Amal's latest sport carburetor (concentric float bowl). It's the superior instrument both for simplicity and tuning, yet it develops more torque and horsepower than any other carburetor tested.

Technical details for 1967 remain almost as 1966: a single cylinder long stroke (79mm x 90mm) 441cc light alloy engine - compression ratio of 9.5 to 1 - a high torque sport camshaft - roller and ball bearing supported crankshaft assembly with the connecting rod turning on a caged roller/crankpin.

The VICTOR's rugged chassis with folding footrest, supple front and rear suspension, adapts easily to any event. The fenders are all chrome, the gas tank is aluminum alloy polished bright and trimmed in yellow. The VICTOR proves it's a winner, even in its looks.

Full fledged lights, dual seat and passenger foot rests, chrome seat rail, horn and muffler tell you the VICTOR is street safe for you and your passenger.

Make no mistake, the VICTOR was designed to do whatever you may ask - tackle the hills, win at scrambles, run cross-country all day, or just serve for good dependable everyday work, school or fun.

Your dealer has a good supply of VICTORS on hand and real pleasant news on each price tag. Hurry in today.