BSA Motorcycles 1960s

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BSA 1964 Singles


A full-powerequipped 250 scrambles model, has 10 to 1 piston, racing camshaft, racing megaphone type exhaust, heavy-duty roller bearing big-end with steel flywheels. Finish: Alloy racing tank, chrome fenders, black frame, full direct lighting. Ready with winning performance for you.


Has same power equipment as Starflre Scrambler, and is equipped for the road with road muffler, road tires, and road gearing. Has full direct lighting. Can easily be changed to scrambles trim by change of sprocket. A special model for the rider who wants a many-purpose machine.

Finish: Alloy tank, chrome fenders, black frame.


Specially set up 250 c.c. engine, wide ratio gearbox for trials, enduro, cross-country. Low compression piston and trials cams make for cool running under difficult conditions. Has special extra-low gearing for off-road running. Easily converts to road riding trim by quick change of sprockets. Has full direct lighting.

Finish: Alloy tank, chrome, fenders, black frame.


1963 Jack Pine Lightweight Champion!

Designed and built to go anywhere! Special endurance run, cross-country model has 350 engine with low compression piston, trials cams, wide-ratiogearbox, full direct lighting, high ground clearance, many other features. Send for special literature.

Finish: Alloy tank, chrome fenders, black frame.

B40 350 c.c. SPORTSMAN

Fast 350. Light, easy to handle, has extremely zestful performance, and speeds to 90 m.p.h. Equipment includes high compression piston, competition- type camshaft large-bore carburetor, and new heavy-duty connecting rod with rugged new Hoffman roller bearings. Starts quickly, easily with battery ignition, cruises powerfully at any legal speed. Finished in bright metallic blue with many parts in brilliant chrome or highly polished alloy.

250 c.c. STAR

Lowest priced 250 in the BSA line, and has complete equipment, bright finish. Quick-start battery ignition, hydraulically controlled suspension front and rear, is supplied with dual seat and passenger footrests. Finished in sapphire blue with lots of chrome. A good looking, dependable motorcycle.



Light and lively 250 road sportster. Has high-powered engine with competition camshaft, high-compression piston,and like the 350 Sportsman, a new, more rugged connecting rod and roller bearing big end. Has quick-start battery ignition. Brightly finished in metallic red with lots of chrome and polished alloy. Lots of zip, lots of go in this smart lightweight!


New Trail Bronc,a stripped-down, go-anywhere trail machine. Trail Bronc is finished in blue with rust-resistant plating. (Send for special Trail Bronc literature).

BSA Super Bantam

Famous BSA Super Bantam, rugged, reliable 175 cc two stroke has been sold in hundreds of thousands all over the world; finished in blue and chrome.

N.B. The image of the C15-T is used in two versions of the 1964/65 catalogue - The C15-T Trials is unlikely to have been supplied with crash bars.