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BSA 1961 C15 Scrambles Star

The 250 Scrambles Star has already scored many successes - Cotswold Scramble 250 Cup, European Moto Cross Championship 2nd, Lancs. Grand National 250 2nd, etc.

BSA 1961 C15 Scrambles Tank

The petrol tank is 100% rubber-mounted for protection against vibration and noise. The single bolt fixing makes access to the engine easy. This is a feature of the 650 twins, 500 twins, 350 and 250 models.

BSA 1961 C15 Scrambles Airbox

The battery and air cleaner are contained in a neat housing below the dual seat on the 250 Star and 350 Star. They are readily accessible when attention is required, and a single clasp retains the battery.

On the bank of the River Avon at Bidford, Warwickshire.


B.S.A. 250 STAR Scrambles model C15S £180. 0s. 8d.
including £30. 15s. 8d. purchase tax.
Extra for horn and speedometer £5. 14s. 8d. including purchase tax.

B.S.A. 250 STAR Trials model C15T £184. 17s. 2d.
including £31. 12s. 2d. purchase tax.
Horn and speedometer included.

Direct lighting £5. 1s. 4d. extra including purchase tax.
Chromium plated mudguards on both models £3. 16s. extra including purchase tax.

Suspension. B.S.A. hydraulically damped telescopic front forks. Hydraulically damped swinging-arm rear suspension.

Frame. Cradle type, of brazed construction with duplex tubes for engine mounting. Rigid rear mudguard without stays. Spring-up
central stand; B.S.A. dual seat and pillion footrests. Special lug on steering head for fitting padlock.

Finish. Fuchsia red or Almond green, black frame and forks; styled petrol tank with chrome strips; hubs and brake cover plates
silver sheen; chrome wheel rims; polished primary chain cover, timing cover and rims on brake cover plates. Bright parts chromed.
Attractive plastic tank badges.

General Dimensions. Wheelbase 51 1/4"; ground clearance 5"; overall length 78"; dry weight 280 lb.
Extra Fittings. (Prices include P.T.).
Legshields £3. 16s. Safety bars £3. 18s. 5d.
Prop stand £1. 0s. 6d. Whitewall tyres £1. 10s. 6d.

Scrambles Model
H.C. piston (10.0), scrambles camshaft, large bore carburettor, plain upswept exhaust pipe, Dunlop Sports tyres front 3.00 — 20,
rear 3.50 — 19, handlebar levers with ball ends, lighting set not supplied, gear ratios 7.32 — 9.52 — 13.12 — 16.73, clearance 6 1/2", weight 265 lb.

Trials Model
L.C. piston (6.4), trials camshaft, upswept pipe with silencer, Dunlop Trials Universal tyres front 3.00—20, rear 4.00—18, lighting set extra, gear ratios 8.5—13.8—20.8-—26.8, clearance 6 1/2", weight 275 lb.