BSA Motorcycles

BSA Motorcycles 1930

Solos and Combinations from Birmingham Small Arms

For 1930, BSA offered the following models:

    A30 150cc 1.74 hp 2/3 Speed 2 Stroke

    B30-3 250cc 2.49 hp

    B30-4 250cc 2.49 hp OHV

    L30-5 350cc 3.49 hp

    L30-6 350cc 3.49 hp Commercial

    L30-11 350cc 3.49 hp OHV Deluxe

    S30-7 500cc 4.93 hp

    S30-9 500cc De Luxe 4.93 hp

    S30-12 500cc 4.93 hp OHV

    S30-13 500cc 4.93 hp OHV De Luxe

    S30-18 500cc 4.93 hp Light

    S30-19 500cc 4.93 hp OHV Light

    H30-8 550cc 5.57 hp

    H30-10 550cc De Luxe 5.57 hp

    E30-14 750cc V-Twin 7.70 hp

    G30-15 1000cc V-Twin 9.86 hp

    G30-16 1000cc V-Twin World Tour 9.86 hp

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