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Mon Dec 17 2012
Very big Konvolut, this is not a joke
BSA 500
do you have interest for a mass of BSA machines and parts from the fifties? Cause I am a friend of old cars and motorbikes I have found a storage with more than 100 machines staying in Asia at one place. I think, someone collected them for a big refurbishing project. Sure 2 or 3 container and many are in in good condition. If you want to have more information (I made a movie with my camera, but not attached with this mail, that you will not be afraid for spam) contact me.


Alexander Roehm
71067 Sindelfingen

Mon Oct 15 2012
1972 B50MX
My son is trying to restore my '72 B50MX and we've ran into a wall. For the sake of originality, we'd like to find a 3.00-20" front tire - do you know of a source. Otherwise, looks like we'll have to relace the front hub to 21"...close but no cigar!!



There is a selection of tyre resources here:
Vintage Motorcycle Tyres

Wed Oct 17 2012
sale or trade
1970 BSA 650 lightning
ground up restoration motor rebuilt not assembled as yet due to terrible health.All numbers matchmany new parts
New York

October 2012

Three months ago I was invited for Vintage Motocross event at IMOLA-ITALY where Many great MX stars from past were present: JEFF SMITH,LES ARCHER,DON & DEREK RICKMANS,ROLF TIBBLIN,BILL NILSSON,TORSTEN HALLMAN, STEN LUNDIN, GUNNAR JOHANSSON, and others.

You might be interested so I give you address to LUCIANO COSTA who was organiser of this event:

Do you know by any chance current addresses to JOHN BANKS, KEITH HICKMAN,DAVE NICOLL, VIC EASTWOOD,ARTHUR BROWNING,or other riders from period ?

Finally I send you photo of beautifull BSA 500 mx I have seen there, hoping you will like it as well as photo of British MX TEAM (Smith,Archer,Rickmans).

I hope you enjoyed it,

Look forward to hear news from you,

Best Cordial wishes

Justyn Norek

One more photo from this year ASI MX SHOW at IMOLA - ITALY showing BSA 500 MX with special frame (Cheney?)
Also in next e-mail photo of BRITISH MX TEAM at IMOLA (Don & Derek Rickmans, Jeff Smith and Les Archer)

BSA Competition Gallery

Tue Jul 17 2012
Badges and other items
BSA 1961 C15 OHV Star 250cc
Iam on the look out for Petrol tank Badges

Wed Aug 08 2012
BSA B32 Gearbox
BSA B32 350cc 1949
Hi - can anyone help me identify the year of gearbox on my 1949 BSA B32 350cc. Markings on gearbox are 66-3123, E/2 and JHL
regards John

Sat Sep 22 2012
trevor-clifton<at>bigpond dot com
bsa a7 500twin
when fitting the points mounting plate to the shaft on my magneto is the key loose or part of the plate,there is a groove on the plate but no key.
I hope someone can help, thanks,Trevor

Fri Sep 21 2012
wiring loom
please if anybody could help me i am looking to buy a wiring loom for my B22 BSA PLEASE EMAIL

Sat Jul 28 2012
gewilly6<at>yahoo dot com
BSA 1972 B50 MX 500
An excellent example of British motorcycle excellence. This is a rare BSA B50 MX 500 motorcycle. An off road THUNDERBOLT! Has a 500cc single, yellow and black pain scheme, original tires. Has not been ridden in over 20 years, and was ridden very little before that. This is a one owner bike. It was bought new by my dad in 1974. The only flaw is the missing ignition plate cover and front fender(see photo). Dad preferred to have the fender off, not sure why, and now we can't find it! Those parts are easy to replace anyway. Please give this bike a good home and enjoy the thrill of riding a real beast.


Tue Jun 19 2012
carb replacement
BSA C10 1937
need to replace my carb with 'new' original or a good 'aftermarket' alternative - suggestions?
south africa

Sun Jun 10 2012
bsa motorcycle 1943 m20 military
m20 bsa military m20 1943
recently acquired this model motorcycle. seeking any and all information available.now restoring and need parts info, history,etc. please help. thanks for any assistance you can help with. Chuck

Mon May 21 2012
correct frame number
BSA 1966 spitfire MK ii
I am interested in buying a A65 which is claimed to be a spitfire. The frame number however is A65b121 but I have been lead to understand the prefix for spittfires should be A50C for 1966.
Could you please comment is this the correct frame?


Tue Apr 24 2012
bsa slpoer 500
spart parts 1931
My name is Mircea Neagu, and i'm from Rmania, Bucharest, and i need sume spart parts for my motorcycle BSA sloper 500 1931:
-front fork

Mon Apr 09 2012
I will cam in to your britisch bikeforum,can you writt me how?

Sun Apr 08 2012
BSA 1971 Victor MX500
One owner bike, incredible condition, still has original tires, not ridden in over 25 years.
Washington State

BSA Victor MX500 1971

Sat Mar 31 2012
I have a '66 BSA and would like to find a couopke oif new places to buy parts and accessories of rit. Thank you

Mon Feb 13 2012
66-67 wasp
bsa a50
information on 500 bsawasp us version

Sat Jan 28 2012
Manual for restoration
1949 BSA 250 C11
Hello, I’m from Argentina and I have a BSA 250 C11 (1949), I’ve been trying to restore it during the last few years, but it’s really difficult as it seems that nobody has the manual(s) to assemble it. I’ve been sold some manuals which didn’t match the model I have or they were incomplete.
I’d be really grateful if you helped me getting the manual(s).

Thanks in advance!



Thu Mar 08 2012
theoriginalquail<at>gmail dot com
Serial number / YEAR ID
BSA Gold Star
Can you ID the year of my Gold Star. DBD 34 GS 4712? Please advise

Mon Jan 16 2012
BSA GT50 Falcon
1982 GT50
Need Spares Like Fork, Shockers, kicker spring,
India, Kolkata

Tue Mar 06 2012
Gas Tank
BSA 1957 DBA 34 500
Looking for a gas Tank
A small Like the one that Dick Mann had on his bike

Sun Mar 04 2012
pcarcher<at>bigpond dot com
Correct tank Color
BSA Sloper 1927
Can you please tell me the correct color that was on my bike at the time,I have currently got Brunswick Green,I have been made to understand it was much ;lighter. Thank You in anticipation of a reply,Thanks Again Peter Archer Tanilba Bay Australia

Peter's Bikes

Mon Jan 02 2012
wirring diagram
bsa 1954 a10 golden flash bsa a10
need picture of diagram
montreal qc

Thu Dec 29 2011
queiros.jose1943<at>hotmail dot com
Peças para BSA
B.S.A. G25
Necessito para esta BSA do Cubo Raios para a roda da frente, Tampa da embraiagem, gortaria se for possivel onde posso encontrar estas peças
Motor nº. G1378
Porto Portugal

BSA G25 c1925

Wed Nov 23 2011
Paint color code
1971 BSA Lighting A65L
I would like to re-store my BSA to its orginal color. I am the only owner and it only has 4,650 miles on it. So color code help would be greatly appreciated

Tue Nov 15 2011
Bsa golden flash
good day sir

i have a bsa golden flash 1951 plunger and wanted to know if the petrol tank was nikel on the side as mine is all black and would like to restore it to its original condition

Sat Oct 08 2011
sherrystreeter27<at>yahoo dot com
about selling a bsa 1955 a7
bsa 1955 a7
I am wanting to sell a bsa and it is a 1955 a7,not in the best shape,but has potiential to the right person..dont have any pictures yet.Get ahold of me at email address..

Thu Oct 06 2011
justtom90<at>yahoo dot com
can't start 1971 BSA useing compression release why
BSA 500
Can start it without compression release but it sucks what am I doing wrong

Sat Oct 01 2011
bsa moped
bsa gt50, beaver, brigand
has any one got one of the mpoeds complete as i am looking to find onn e or information of any one available. just living my 16 yr old dream again and never had one but my mate did and thought this was a great moped. all the best

Mon Sep 19 2011
Regarding Bsa 4 cylinder
Regarding 1940s Bsa 4 cylinder
Dear Sheldon EMU
One of my relative called me up and saying that one of his know selling Bsa 4 cylinder motorcycle.I told him to take photographs of that bike.So kindly tell me is BSA models have any 4 cylinder bike.As i think BSA have not made any 4 cylinder bike.As soon as i get photographs of that bike i will send it to you

BSA made no four-cylinder motorcycles. Ariel did. Ed.

Thu Sep 15 2011
prices for a bsa 1955 trophy trail 500
bsa trophy trail 500
I am trying to find a buyer for a bsa 1955 trophy trail 500 and have title

Tue Sep 13 2011
BSA Build 1947 WM 20
Build 1947 WM 20 WM 20
I had bad luck with friends helping me to restore my BSA , as I have little capacity in doing it. Now Ihave a problem with the gear box. Do you know anybody better in Germany who can fix the gear box? Would be a great help. English or German regards Juergen Tel. 0049 615254548
Germany Darmstadtt

Fri Oct 21 2011
yyzgbh<at>hotmail dot com
BSA colour
1967 A65 BSA Thunderbolt AD04289A65
hi....I have a 1967 Thunderbolt that has a white only tank. Could you tell me if this is an origional colour. I found pictures of similar bikes but with red only (no chrome) tanks. It also has a tachometer, is this an option for this model. The rest of the bike is totaly origional. Thanks
Toronto Canada

BSA 1967 A65 Thunderbolt

Fri Sep 09 2011
BSA C10 250CC
I have a BSA C10 250CC model.
 I wonder about parts for restoration.

BSA C10 250cc Brazil

Sat Aug 27 2011
chakedis1<at>aol dot com
Purchase Front Forks For 1925 BSA
I am interested in purchasing a set of front forks for my 1925 BSA
Sacramento, California

Mon Aug 22 2011
1968 BSA 650 lightning
I am trying to get some background on this bike. I would like to know some info on how many were produced and how many sold in the US. I am told that it is a rare model in the US by the owner but would like to hear from an expert on BSA's. I prefer to talk in person if possible

The Lightning was a great motorcycle but there is nothing rare about it. Many thousands survive. Ed.

Wed Aug 03 2011
justingenoa<at>hotmail dot com
long-term bike storage
BSA 1964, 350 single
I live in Myanmar, and have just bought a restored 1964 BSA 350. I must store it for two years before bringing it home. Please describe the best procedures for long-term storage without starting the engine.
Thank you very much,
Yangon, Burma

Thu Aug 18 2011
Restauro Não sei
Gostaria de me informassem o modelo desta BSA, conforme foto que envio

Images supplied too small for publication. Ed.

Tue Aug 09 2011
for sale
bsa 1971 bsa 650 thunderbolt
sell my 1971 bsa 650 thunderbolt, starts on first kick, no smoke
pictures for serious buyer
new york

Mon Jun 27 2011
solitude1920<at>hotmail dot com
Two BSA motor cycles for sale
BSA Victor, both yellow
I have one 1970 BSA Victor and 1968 BSA Victor, both yellow. They were purchased in 1987 from Ghost Motorcycle in Port Washington NY. They have been garaged ever since. Due to the death of the owner, they are now part of an estate and need to be sold. What is fair value?
hertford, NC

Sat May 28 2011
Dating Service
I have almost completed the restoration of a 1923 BSA "S23" 500cc sv Engine No 1053 frame C909, unfortunately these numbers are not recognise by the VMCC marque specalist. Can you help please.

sy8 4lq

Fri Jun 03 2011
klunderland<at>gmail dot com
BSA Goldstar BM20S
I am wondering if the model that I gave you had a VIN number stamped on the downtube of the frame when it was manufactured. I am trying to title it. Can you help? Thanks

1929 BSA Sloper hand shift gate
by BezzaBob » 31 May 2011 07:12 pm

Good day all. I am new to this forum and excited about participating. One of my projects I am piecing together is a 1929 BSA OHV 500 Sloper.
Posted in the BSA Forum...

Sun May 22 2011
B.S.A. Motorcycle Colour Slide Collection
B.S.A. Colour Slides
Our thrift store received a collector's case containing 28 colour slides produced by A.P.I. LTD (Weston Turnville, Bucks - England) with a B.S.A. 3D viewer made by A.P.I. LTD. Would anyone know how much this is worth or does anyone know somebody we could contact to find out more information about this collection? Thanks!
Langley, BC, Canada

BSA 3D Viewer c1956

Tue May 03 2011
Identifying BSA 500 single
i have BSA 500 single. 1935-36. Engine no. D7-178. Has foot change four speed. Is it a Q-7?
London, USA

Sun May 22 2011
B.S.A. Motorcycle Colour Slide Collection
B.S.A. Colour Slides
Our thrift store received a collector's case containing 28 colour slides produced by A.P.I. LTD (Weston Turnville, Bucks - England) with a B.S.A. 3D viewer made by A.P.I. LTD. Would anyone know how much this is worth or does anyone know somebody we could contact to find out more information about this collection? Thanks!
Langley, BC, Canada

Mon May 23 2011
seeking workshop manual
BSA 1956/57 C10L
(Frame No DC10S1609). Looking for price and avalability of any manuals that will help my friend to restore his motor bike.
Western Australia

BSA 1956 C10L
BSA 1956 C10L

Wed Apr 27 2011
gkmarsh<at>gmail dot com
1968 Production quantities
BSA - what else??? Firebire Scrambler
I searched the forum for production numbers and found nothing. Can you tell me how many a65fs's were made? Thanks

Sat Apr 23 2011
BSA GT 50 1980
Any parts sources known for this model,Thanks John Wheaton New Zealand
Hamilton NZ

Sun Apr 03 2011
woodmole<at>madasafish dot com
Engine identification
BSA Unknown
I'm trying to help a friend identify a BSA engine that he has - probably from the 1950's. He thinks it's from a trials bike as it has a special magneto on it. Serial number is BB34GS1186. Any info gratefully received!

Fri Mar 25 2011
Identification year of manufacture
BSA 500cc Slopper
I am starting the restoration of above motorcycle with engine number Y10-151. Could anyone advise me of the year of manufacture for this bike
Melbourne Australia

Fri Mar 18 2011
gaidzik<at>netzero dot com
pleases help!!
not sure """
Hi i just picked up an old bsa motor for free and i was wondering how to identify it the numbers on the side are A50r7020. please if you can help E-mail me back at gaidzik@netzero.com .thanks very much
ca. USA

The engine is a BSA A50 500cc twin. Ed.

Fri Mar 18 2011
rzsrod<at>gmail dot com
Info please on this BSA carcass. Attaching a pic of the id plate. Numbers are: 1st line K2? 42248F, 2nd line AC53 1051 Thanks in advance for your time.

BSA A7, probably

Mon Mar 14 2011
BSA Motor Wheel
BSA Motor Wheel
I have had a BSA Motor Wheel for over 40 years. Also an original 1918 Cleveland. I have now decided to sell both. Do you have any idea as to the value of these two cycles, especially the BSA.
Virginia, USA

Sat Mar 05 2011
a70bsa<at>aol dot com
for sale
a70 bsa a70 bsa
Hi i got a a70 bsa i wat to sell ..can you tell me what i can get for it?i bought it of a flat track racers nephew. the racer turned it into a bobber in n1971.I had rabers in san jose rebuilt the motor for 3,500..i would like to know what i can nget for it..Thanks Jesse

Wed Feb 23 2011
BSA ZB 32 cylinderhead
BSA ZB early Goldstar
Wanted ZB 32 cylinderhead
any condition.
Ton van Dongen

Sun Feb 20 2011
have engine NO;YC10.1337. side valve,and Frame NO:YC10T 4629, resoration project, can anyone help with more info, year, model,appreciate anything

Fri Feb 18 2011
aaloksheth73<at>yahoo dot com
regarding bsa m 20
bsa m 20
sir i m unable to trace at what year my model has been manufactured. my frame no is XM20 3795 and engine no is wm20 2143 can u guide me wht year it would be.
gujarat, india

Fri Feb 18 2011
Zdenek Dobrovolny
B.S.A. Blue star
New foto for archiv Sheldons Emu.
Brno Czech Rep.
Reg# 3.365-M Twin-Port Sidevalve c1932

BSA 1932-6 W32 Blue Star

(May not be '32, but close).

Sat Feb 12 2011
Identification number
1956 BSA Road Rocket
When I was 18 I had a BSA Road Rocket that I turned into a hillclimber I am now 69 and have got the bike back. My problem is the title is still in my name but I have no idea where to look for the ID number so that I can track down a way to get a duplicate title. My son, who is 47, want to make a street machine out of it so he can keep the dream alive. Do you have any suggestions as to where to look for it?
Woody in Florida
W. Palm Beach, Fl. USA

BSA 1956 Road Rocket

Thu Feb 10 2011
head for c10 bsa
bsa c10 deluxe
looking for a head for my c10 abd a toolbox and speepo
tauranga new zealand

Thu Feb 10 2011
bedfordbeau<at>gmail dot com
How many BSA Goldstar's were made etween 1938-1963
BSA Goldstar
Have a 1 original mile Goldstar and was wondering how many TOTAL Goldstar's were made between 1938-1963

Wed Feb 09 2011
saikiran22<at>yahoo dot com
spares enquire
1962 BSA 350cc
Hi there i want timing chain cover and clutch plate assembly or clutch corck which r inserted in the clutch plates,if u have please cantact me , i'm attatching the photo of it , one of my friend is in london i'll ask him to collect it or u can send it to me , i'll bare the charges.
thanks with regards
karnataka, india

BSA 1962 B31 India

Mon Feb 07 2011
gerickephilip<at>gmail dot com
BSA club South Africa
Hi please can you help me with particulars of a BSA club in South Africa.

Thank you
South Africa

Try this page:

Wed Jan 26 2011
danamariamc<at>yahoo dot com
Dont know how to read my vin#
A65L 650?
I have the # A65L DE06898
 I am a 26 yr old girl and my dad died, and I have his bike with no title or any info. This number is on engine and frame. I also found number 71 1033....I dont know what that is, may you please please help.
Wisconsin USA

The bike is most likely an A65 Lightning made in April 1971. I rode one of these for some years. Ed.

Wed Jan 26 2011
manual service
bsa blu star
Hi, I need help, I have BSA blu star year 1935 500cc and I need to found manual service, you can help me? I'm italian. Thank you very much.
Italy - Milano

Sat Jan 08 2011
lambodrew<at>gmail dot com
bsa b50mx cam
bsa b50
i am searching for a bsa b50 mx cam if you have one or know where i can get one please call me 408-497-7229 thsnk you or email me lambodrew<at>gmail.com

Tue Jan 04 2011
pmcc53<at>hotmail dot com

Paint code for Manderine Red
Melb Australia

Wed Dec 29 2010
gavin.mitchell<at>hotmail dot com
all we have is a frame number bs7 5282 can you please tell me make and model thank you

Wed Dec 29 2010
cerchio moto bsa
BSA h2 1921
Sono alla ricerca di un cerchio con freni a cerchietto per moto BSA del 1921 per ruota anteriore. Potete aiutarrmi a trovarlo ?
Grazie distinti saluti

BSA 1921 H2 Italy

Fri Dec 03 2010
awaynemrtn1<at>gmail dot com
BSA starfire
1970 BSA 1970 B25s 250 starefire USA
I inherited a this motorcycle from my grand father. i have found 1 picture of this bike on google search. I have been able to buy parts online. Seems to be a rare bike. I want to know how many were made and the value of it.I have attached a photo.
Arkansas, USA

Wed Dec 01 2010
apereiralarrosa<at>hotmail dot com

Mon Nov 01 2010
Bikes For sale
Hi, We have our lovely BSA M22 1937 500cc up for sale at £6795 o.v.n.o! Picture attached.Is there any where on your web for advertisements please? Many thanks,


BSA 1937 M22 500cc
BSA M22 500cc 1937

Thu Oct 21 2010
dennis<at>cssaustralia dot com
BSA 1949 B31 Plunger
G'day there after a gearbox for the above mentioned bike. If anyone is selling one please contact me
Melbourne, Australia

Tue Oct 05 2010
UK model or export model
BSA 1969 A65L Lightning
Trying to determine if this bike is an export or UK model.
s/n BC 18227 A65L
thanks, Les Cottam
Burlington, Ontario. Canada

Sat Sep 18 2010
bsa thunderbolt 650 sidecar
hi,my name is jorge, i have a bsa 650 with sidecar from 1965, were can i get pic and a manual for it,as i would like to rebuild it.
kind regards jorge lopes
South Africa

Mon Sep 13 2010
bs apre unit gear box
bsa ?
can you tell me please how to identfy a bsa pre unit gear box what do i look for.

Sat Sep 11 2010
razaqazi84 AT live.com
selling my BSA
BSA 1957
dear BSA,i own a 1957 model.im in the military svc & of late ive not been able to lay my hands on someone who can look after and restore it. lend a ahelp in selling it. thank u

Sat Sep 11 2010
what engine do i have
BSA engine #A65LAE00998
Can you help me to identify this engine my e-mail is lmarko AT cox.net my cell # 757-450-7584
norfolk, virginia USA

The engine number indicates that the engine is from an A65 Lightning. Ed.

Sat Sep 04 2010
INFO on a BSA Motorcycle
I have attached 2 photos and was needing as much info on this bike as possible. It is my father's bike and I'm trying to get information on it and possbily find someone to restore it. It has either G8 or 68-44 on the block of the motor and thats all the markings I could find on it.. Any help would be great..Thanks

    I'm afraid the photos you sent are too small and fuzzy to be of much use. However, it's most likely that the bike is an A50 or A65. Ed.

Thu Aug 19 2010
knowing bsa byke modle
bsa dont know
dear bsa i have an old bsa motorcycle. i parchased that byke from some one that person expired by road accident so i didnt got that papers from him so plz i want to know the byke make il give u breafe details the byke having spring driver seat and single back seat,raumd head light, speedometer over the petrol tank beside petrol knob teliscopic front forks, three gears half covered chain cover these are the details so plz help me out
It sounds somewhat like an M22. Can you send photos?

Sun Aug 15 2010
1967 BSA Lightening 650cc
BSA 1967 BSA 650cc lightening
Have NEW 1967 lightening in a crate never assembled packed with all overseas shipping inhibitors. Would like to sell. Will entertain offers. Located in British Columbia, Canada
Kaslo, BC, Canada

Mon Aug 09 2010
BSA Motorwheel
BSA Motorwheel motorwheel
Yes, I have in storage for probably 30 years or more a BSA Motorwheel. It looks like a bicycle with a motor attached to rear wheel. I guess it to be in the 1920's. Where can I find information on these bikes? Value? THANKS !

Sun Aug 08 2010
ironhorserestoration<at>gmail dot com
bsa whats it stand for
don't know any
having a discussion could you verify what bsa stands for?

    Bastard Stopped Again!

Sat Jul 31 2010
robert-c<at>hotmail dot com
BSA M22 1938

Sun Jul 11 2010
sell ?
BSA Rocket III
I own a 1969 BSA Rocket III 750. I'm thinking about selling or restoring. The engine is mint with few miles.

BSA Rocket III Chopper

Tue Jun 22 2010
arturs.briedis<at>gmail dot com
Hi everybody! I want to sale a BSA gearbox in good technical condition. If anybody interested, let me know. Please contact me through the e-mail.

Thu Jun 10 2010
KassTanShady<at>aol dot com
a 1970? BSA Royal Star 500
BSA Royal Star 500 (Royal Blue in Color)
Can't find 1970, 0nly 1968. Was running when I put it up 34 years ago. Needs alot of work BUT.....
Michigan, USA

Thu Jun 03 2010
the-mahaney-man<at>hotmail dot com
need parts
bsa 650 thunderbolt
i need new old parts for my 1968 650 thunderbolt can anyone point me the right directions
Canada Ontario

Try the directory of Classic Motorcycle Dealers

Mon May 24 2010
gregory.mullen<at>bigpond dot com
Tool box transfers
BSA 1971 B25T
Im after the 'Victor 250' side transfers. Does anyone know where I can get a set from. Greg.

Fri May 21 2010
ricks41bn<at>aol dot com
1931 BSA
Deluxe not sure
Looking to sell 1931 BSA Deluxe. Needs some engine parts. The rest is original. Bike is mostly apart
New Hampshire USA

Wed May 19 2010
ls6nick<at>hotmail dot com
bsa bike
bsa chopper
I purchased a BSA Chopper bicycle,which is similar to the Raleigh Chopper bicycle.It has the BSA logo with the crossed firearms on the front placque and it has the chopper lettering which is different than any other I've seen.It is a five speed dated 1969.I have not been able to find any information on this bike and was wondering if you may possibly help.I know it's not a motorcycle, but I am lost as to who to ask anymore.Thank you.Nick

Fri May 07 2010
BSA Spark Plugs
BSA S30-13

Does anyone have a BSA factory listing of which Spark Plug is used for the standard compression ratio S30-13 BSA Sloper for 1930? Also for the High compression model? If it means anything to someone, the BSA part numbers are 15-1300 std, and 24-1025 High comp.



Mon Apr 26 2010
BSA thunderbolt

A friend of mine has bought a BSA Thunderbolt (original registration date: 1964).
Unfortunately the official registration form mentions very little technical information.
The only information: 649 cm3 (=ccm?) - but nothing about the HP - kW or kW/weight. Our ministry of transport hasn't been able to help this man.

I suppose this motorbike has a power of more than 25 kW (or more than 0,16 kW/kg) ? This would mean that in Belgium, his son has to be 21 years old to ride this kind of bike (18 years only for bikes lower than 25 kW / 0.16 kW/kg).

I thank you very much for your help,

best regards,


    BSA 650 Twins produced in that era produced over 50 horsepower, far more than 25kw. Ed.

Wed Apr 21 2010
Original Instruction Manual
BSA A Models Twin,Shooting Star,Golden Flash, Road Rocket
For Sale --Owners instruction Manual in excelent condition. Covers all 4 bikes. Printed in English in
Feb 1957
British Columbia, Canada

Wed Mar 31 2010
Paint colour
BSA M21 1950
We have a customer who has provided us with his tank for a restoration that he is completing, we are trying to obtain the colour that is required for the unchromed area of the tank, all we know is that it is a light green/grey colour but are trying to explore all avenues to find out as much detail as possible to supply to the painters for it to be painted. Do you know any way that I can find out the colours that were available for sale for this model and year? or maybe even what colour it may be? Your help and assistance is greatly appreciated, regards, Mandy.

Sat Mar 20 2010
hugh.veitch<at>googlemail dot com
BSA A 65
Dear Sir, when did BSA stop making the A65 Lightning

    The last Lightnings were produced in 1972. Ed.

Mon Mar 15 2010
gjc1<at>roadrunner dot com
1972 lightning
1972 650 lightning
I have a 1972 650 lightning ,,
it has been in a heated back office since 72,,, in perfect condition ,,, 3,200 miles ,,, all stock ,,, any idea how I can find out what it's worth

Mon Mar 15 2010
edwins0308<at>hotmail dot com
Edwin echeverri
firebird scramble 650cc 1969
Hello, I have a moto bsa firebird model scramble 69 and I need to make a budget in Colombian pesos on some reserves that he/she needs the moto. the reserves are: Zender diode, rectifier with nut, contact breaker unit, ammeter. I thank if they can respond me this in the following week, since I need the urgent reserves. thank you.

Thu Feb 25 2010
hlcottle83 at hotmail dot com
decal location
bsa bantam
please could you help us to find out where on a 1958 bantam, the "made in england" decals are meant to be placed? many thanks

Wed Feb 17 2010
derekgclark at hotmail dot com
1954 BSA Model Number
Road Rocket? ???
I recently acquired a 1954 BSA motorcycle. The engine number is CA10R-148. I want to order an instruction manual and parts list but I am not sure of the exact make and model I have. I have research BSA engine numbers and have yet to find a match. Does anyone happen to know the make and model of my bike?
Los Angeles

CA10R-148 is indeed a 1954 Road Rocket, according to the serial number tables. Ed.

Fri Feb 19 2010
adampowell2 at bigpond dot com
what model/year
bsa s27 i think
I have a bsa i think it is a s27, i am restoring it, on the frame it has a U8801 and the engine is a M15976..is it a 500cc, and is it an s27 or s26, either 1927 or 1927 we think.??
albany western australia

Mon Feb 08 2010
christine.gillam at sky dot com
BSA 1933 model X350
BSA X350
Picture and workshop manual

Sun Feb 07 2010
mikeman-101 at hotmail dot com
Necesito refacciones
BSA Rocket III 1970
We especially my best wishes, meant to send this message is to communicate that need to get the inquiries of cylinders and pistons and rings for a BSA Rocket III Motorcycle 750 cc. 1970, my country of residence is Mexico, I hope and can help me because it is too important for me to rescue my bike because it is all I have.

Thank you very much and hope you can help me, my name is Miguel Angel Ayala Rodriguez and my email is mikeman-101 at hotmail.com, maayala-rod at yahoo.com.mx


BSA Rocket III 1970

Sat Feb 06 2010
abazley at tadaust.org.com.au
BSA 1926 350cc OHV
Hi,Iam trying to locate a crank pin to suite 1926 350cc OHV BSA. Needed to finish restoration. Hopeing you can help.
Cheers Allan

Sat Feb 06 2010
leader.leonardo at libero.it
BSA 500
I want know a model of my motorcicle BSA, for restauration:
models B13 243
motors B13 243

Wed Jan 06 2010
lagriffin822 at yahoo dot com
what year is my frame
BSA Lightning
I have an old BSA frame that I intend to build a motorcycle from I need A motor but dont know what year. I would like to keep frame & engine at least close to the same year.numbers on frame are (A65L7231) can anyone help?
Indiana U.S.A.

Mon Dec 28 2009
umeshjangid50 at yahoo.in
vintage bike
old modles 1954
Hi i am umesh from india (jaipur) i have a BSA 1954 modle bike. i m intrested in its maintinance. I am able to install 250,350,500,750,650cc bikes if any one want to help me just contact me.

Mon Dec 21 2009
bikerlifeetc at hotmail dot com
1962? bsa hc engine
bsa 1962
I purchased an almost complete, but in need of restoration 1962 (i beleive) star twin, with the following motor number, a65.3304 with the designation HC. under the a65 designation. As far as i have found out, this stands for "high compression", if so, what pistons do i have to buy for rebuild purposes, as the motor is locked up. Please call 1-(270) 231-0419, thanx.

    Recommend you dismantle engine before ordering parts. Ed.

Wed Dec 09 2009
fwsf at shawbiz.ca
We have a wooden box with BSA 3 D viewer and 28 metal mounted slides

    Are the slides of motorcycles?
Yes most of them are

Wed Dec 09 2009
ebiker at live.ca
no serie
J'ai un BSA D1, mais je ne trouve pas le no. de serie sur le cadre. pouvez vous me dire où est inscrit ce no. sur le cadre? Merci beaucoup!

Wed 2 Dec 2009
subject: bsa A50 Daytona racer
m.wallbank at tiscali.co.uk
message: Hi I am restoring a A50 raced at Daytona in 1967.It had a energy transfer ignition system .Do you know of suitable ignitioncoils.which would be suitable.Regards Len Wallbank.

BSA 1967 A50 Daytona Racer

Sat Nov 21 2009
kawasakikdx125 at hotmail.co.uk
bsa dandy 70
hi there just got myself a bsa dandy 70 but the wiring isnot in the best state of repair jst wondered if any one has the pics and instructions many thanks dan

Sun Oct 18 2009
awminto2 at gmail dot com
BSA Valuations
I have just imported two BSA's into Australia (Perth)from the US and my shipper wants Australian valuations so that I can pay customs duties...(not just the US valuation). RedBook does not list them! Any ideas where I can get a reasonable valuation?
Best regards, Andrew
Perth, WA

Mon Oct 05 2009
barbaratravis1 at adsl.virgin.net
m20 tuning for the road
bsa m20
they are certain things you can do to get alot more out off a m20,to get a possible 80 to90 mph 1:CHANGE THE FRONT SPROCKET TO A GOLDIE SPROCKET 23T 2:A10 DOUBLE VALVE SPINGS (YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE THE CUPS YOUSELF) this will cure the valve bounce 3:take up the carb from a 26ml to a 30ml carb what you need to do is make a manifold tract grading down from a 26ml to a 30ml I found the best results where to have a 4 inch tract 1inch of manifold to 1ml off carb 4: you can,t use a compasit head gasket it will just blow through you need to make a solid copper gasket this is best witha ally head.By just doing these few things you will have a M20 what you will have hours of fun with ,or before I forget a small mega go,s down well with it but alas not with the police.....trav....
leeds yorkshire

Sun Oct 04 2009
stephen96007 at aol dot com
seat stencil
BSA lightning
Hi I sell the stencils that make the logo on the back of the motor cycle seats. I have all bikes from Honda to Yamaha BSA to Norton and Triumph. let me know if you have faded logos and what kind you need I will make you a deal on the ones you need. Thank-you

Tue Sep 15 2009
andwat23 at hotmail dot com
My Dad's BSA
BSA YUW 987 A10 or A7
A couple of years ago I posted a message asking if anyone knew the whereabout of a motorcycle my dad used to own which was sold on after he passed away I included a picture and the reg No. which I now know to be wrong so I am sending an update... the correct registration should be YUV 987 not yuw 987 as in the photo

Many Thanks

Andy Davies

Fri Mar 25 2011
Update regarding yuw 987
I have since discovered that the reg number I put in my original post was wrong the correct registration should be YUV 967

Thu Sep 03 2009
espejojc at hotmail dot com
bsa brigand sales brochure 50cc 1981
hola soy juan carlos, from Cordoba Argentina, I want to know if anyone has the manual and a cylinder with piston and rings new to sell a sales brochure brigand bsa 50cc model 1981, I expect answers jc

BSA Brigande 1981

Mon Sep 07 2009
h.l.orchard at derby.ac
Just wondering what todays value should be on a M22, runs well, new exhaust, smart looking etc?


Wed Jul 29 2009
walter.venner at bigpond dot com
BSA D7'178
I have a BSA that is completly in pieces possible some parts missing .need a manual and model description can you help. Frame no 15-5785 BSA.
Regards Wally
Adelaide South Aust.
Unfortunately BSA is completely in pieces ,I have found extra no's that under the seat on the frame .
D6.782 on one side No329046 on other side.
Regards Wally.

Thu Jul 09 2009
rhdmgman at hotmail dot com
1937 BSA WM 20
Picture of 1937 BSA WM 20 I took in Rothenburg ODT in September 2003, if interested for gallery.

BSA 1937 WM20

Sat Jun 20 2009
steveurmie at hotmail.co.uk
paint colour for 1968 d10 bantam
bsa bantam
is colour scheme of cream and black right for a68 d10
bolton lancs

    Information on motorcycle paint here

Wed Jun 17 2009
mackenziedavid at rocketmail dot com
BSA ???
I've done up an old BSA moped and need some parts. I found out that I need a new piston and cylinder head. I'm not sure about the model it must be rare. The fuel tank is the acctual frame. I've been looking for parts every where. It's probably around 1960. Thanks,
David Mackenzie

Fri Jun 12 2009
ourdeserttown at hotmail.com
Need Some Help
A 65 LB ####
I looked on the engine and the frame. I have been looking on the internet to figure out what the LB stands for or how many were made. I did find A65LB-101 under 1968 on page 7 of the attached file. I can't find any information on the A65 LB. Is this a rare bike? It was the bike my father raced back then. Help!
Arizona, USA

Mon May 18 2009
gtx467 at yahoo dot com
1969 BSA serial number
BSA Royal Star A50R
If I have a BSA Royal Star 500 with the serial number,A50RA10...y, what year is it? They say its a 1969, and looks like a 1969, but the engine number is A50RA10...y, Help.

Tue Apr 28 2009
radicali at sbcglobal.net
cylinder configuration
bsa 441 victor
good day: what is the difference between the round and square barrel?
Thanks. Ron

Mon Apr 27 2009
bellset at wbs.co.za
1938 BSA C10 250cc
BSA C10 1938
I am contacting you on behalf of a friend who has one of these and is looking for any information that will assist him in restoring this bike. Any help will be appreciated. many thanx.
Cape Town

Wed Apr 15 2009
jr68ioweu1 at aol dot com
BSA Rocket Gold Star 650cc
Can I safely run SAE 50 wt Kendall oil in my 62 650cc Rocket Gold Star. Riding temps in my area are 65 to 75*- I have run Ken-40 wt, for 37 years, now they are reducing the Zinc ( anti scuff, cam & lifters ) from 1.6 ppm to .96 ppm. THANKS BILL SEATTLE WASHINGTON

Sat Mar 28 2009
hjoshee at eth.net
BSA Brigand
Can you please guide me where I can get Head/Block, carb/air filter, clutch plates and exhaust (pipe and silencer). My bike is lying in need of these.
Pune, India

Thu Mar 12 2009
dhpatna at yahoo dot com
parts required
1956 c10L side valve
required bsa 2.5hp block & head

Mon Mar 16 2009
ivan.guada at tiscali.it
What BSA is this?
BSA ??
Good morning my name is Ivan and I'm italian from Milan, please I want to know what BSA model is this, year and the possible valutation. I hope that you will be able to help me. Best regards. Ivan
Milan Italy

BSA Twostroke c1935

Sat Mar 07 2009
knappen-ryan at hotmail dot com
bike value
BSA Starfire 250cc
what is the retail value of a 1969 bsa starfire 250cc? also, where is there listings of classic bike values, as kelley's blue book online only goes back to 1989?
Wyoming, Michigan, USA

Sun Feb 08 2009
bsaocmembsec at waitrose dot com
new website address
bsa bsa
Just to inform you that the British BSA Owners Club has changed its website address. We can now be found at www.bsaownersclub.co.uk please update any links you may have to our site and let your members know Thanks

Feb 7th 2009

Lot 190 1951 BSA MOTORCYCLE ONCE OWNED BY STEVE MCQUEEN, 250cc C11 model, restored condition. British racing green, chrome tank with green and gold accents, Avon "speedmaster" tires on chrome wheels with green spokes, drum brakes, fender license "tag" mount, classic spring seat. Signed off title currently in Barbara McQueen's name. PROVENANCE, Owned by Steve McQueen during the filming of the 1963 movie "The Great Escape," where he purportedly drove this BSA on the "set" for personal transportation. The bike remained in a airplane hanger (with others) until it was sold to sheriff John Gillespie (a friend of Steve's). It was then sold to a local gentleman who has consigned it to O'Gallerie. Estimated selling price: (40000 - 60000)

To be sold by O'Gallerie, 228 NE 7th Ave., Portland, OR, 97232. (888) 238-0202. Auction will be held on Monday, February 23, 2009 at 7 PM, PST. Preview will be Friday, Feb. 20 from 6-9 PM, and Saturday & Sunday, Feb. 21 & 22, from noon to 5 PM. Questions and bidding information is available at www.ogallerie.com, or by emailing info AT ogallerie.com.

Sun Feb 01 2009
karki-saroj29 at hotmail dot com
spare parts
piston ring B.S.A. C.15
i need some spare parts of bsa c15 ASAP

Wed Jan 21 2009
nikos.mamoudis at gmail dot com
BSA Sloper
1929 Sloper
in my possession is a BSA 'Sloper' 1929 as a was told from my Grandfather who gave it to me, I am trying to restore it , but several parts are missing, could I have some suggestions of where to find its manual and spare parts ?????
Athens Hellas

Mon Jan 05 2009
goldenstream at yahoo dot com
Need to know year and model
BSA either C15F1166 or C15.46991
Those are the only numbers I can find on the bike. Can you tell me what year and model or any info on it?
Belize, Central America

    I cannot identify your bike from those numbers. This page has information on BSA engine & frame numbers:
    serial number information

Mon Jan 05 2009
www.baggyeyes at yahoo dot com
bsa 71 lightning
Why are 71 lightnings so hard to find? Does anyone that has one wants to keep it,or are they junk? I own one with 13k miles,no complaints! please help me out with any info. Thanks.

    By 1971, sales of British machines were in decline due to the Japanese onslaught. In that year (or perhaps the following year), I was overtaken by two Honda Fours whilst riding in rural Tasmania on my BSA Lightning. I had absolutely no hope of catching them, I was totally outclassed. Furthermore, if you were going to buy a British twin, you'd probably opt for the more reliable and better looking Triumph. Ed.

Thu Jan 01 2009
pjj at lobo.net
Parts catalogue
1930 BSA Sloper S30-13
Does a Parts catalogue with the parts pictured exist for the Sloper ?

BSA parts manuals here: Books and Manuals

BSA S30-13 1930 Sloper

Tue Dec 09 2008
ivesandy at hotmail dot com
BSA Dandy circa 1958
I have a 1958 BSA Dandy, does anyone know the approx value restored or unrestored?
Also where the best contacts are for spares.

Wed Dec 03 2008
kencody at gmail dot com
rear suspension
BSA C11G 1955
I need the plunger columns,part no: 90-4117 or 90-4121.
Can anyone help?

Sat Nov 29 2008
pauloleal1 at hotmail dot com
escape e uma tampa
bsa 175.bartam super model D7
precisava de asber o preço do escape,tampa do lado direito quem esta de frente para a moto,e platinados.obrigado.


Sat Nov 15 2008
bobandpeg at centurytel.net
Idenify Year by Frame & Motor Number
BSA Gold Star
i am trying to learn year of my bsa gold star the frame number is CB32.8807 Motor number is DBD-34GS-4254. I would appreicate any help anyone could give me.
Thank you. Bob Russell

This page has information on BSA engine & frame numbers:
serial number information ........
Thank you for responding, I will attempt to send a picture of the bike. I am also in need of parts for this bike, they are as follows, if you have any ideas please let me know:
Front Forks both right and left part number 67-5009 I believe
Rear Fender complete with all brackets part number for complete set is 42-6845 but I am not sure
Any help you can give will be highly appreciated.
Thank you
Bob Russell


Mon Nov 10 2008
gargoylethecat at yahoo dot com
Classic BSA
BSA Star Scrambler
I have a BSA C15S. I'm trying to find what year it is by the serial number. The link for after 1960 is not working. The # is C15S4419. Can anyone help? I need to know the year for sales reasons.
Port Charlotte, FL

Thu Nov 06 2008
k-king at nf.sympatico.ca
rear fender
bsa c11g
looking for rear fender to fit a 1954 bsa c11g part 29-6817

Mon Nov 03 2008
gaumassi at fastwebnet.it
bsa zb32 1951
I have a goldstar B32 1951
Chassis No. zb32 * s * 3551
Engine No. zb32 gs * 3551 *
in good condition
How can I sell?
I also have an engine of a BSA C11
and as' its value?
Thanks if you can help

Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Valuations.

BSA Goldstar ZB32 1951

Wed Oct 22 2008
gidiperry at gmil dot com
BSA B33 SPECIAL [poorman's goldstar
i have grafted a4valve pushrod weslake head and a home made alum cylinder,using an 86mm ducati piston, onto my b33 engine.the only problem is i'm getting oil seeping into my combustion chambr.draninidge arangement from the head seems insuficient.sugestions??
Clill Israel

Tue Oct 14 2008
dimkon at sympatico.ca
what year is this bsa
B.S.A. 650 Lightning
I recently acquired a 650 Lightning without an ownership and I am trying to determine what year it is. The frame # is DE04537A65 and the motor # is PE020537A65

This page has information on BSA engine & frame numbers:
serial number information

Wed Oct 08 2008
kenowski at charter.net
help me fix my bsa!!!!
1968 bsa 865lightening
hello I have a 1968 BSA A65L with no spark. I replaced the ignition with a boyer bransden MKIII, PODtronics power unit. new plugs and battery and still have no spark do you know why it will not start??Thanks.

Suggest you start by going back to points ignition and work from there. Alternatively, take it to a knowledgeable mechanic. Ed.

Mon Sep 22 2008
proshine-chris at bellsouth.net
what is my bsa worth?
BSA A500

Fri Sep 12 2008
adrian at dunn6075.freeserve.co.uk
handbook or manuel
1980 bsa gt 50
any thing to do with itilian bsa motorcycle

Mon Sep 08 2008
kevincantle at hotmail dot com
Gearbox oil
Can anyone tell me what oil to use in my C11G gearbox

Sat Aug 30 2008
ericstockley at yahoo dot com
BSA engine model and year numbers
BSA chopper
I just got a BSA chopper thats been in a shed for 20yrs.The engine model numbers say A65RC can anyone tell me what this stands for,thank you

Wed Aug 27 2008
mwilson77 at att.net
1964 BSA Lightning Rocket
BSA Lightning Rocket
It's a beautiful bike I've ridden since college. Rebuilt the motor to standard cyclinders. What should I sell it for.
Burbank Ca.

Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices.

Tue Aug 19 2008
alaneast60 at yahoo dot com
BSA Star Twin????
Inherited what appears to be a 60's era BSA in boxes. Engine has number A50.284 and H.C. is stamped on. No frame numbers found. Does anyone know what the engine may have come from origionally?

Mon Aug 11 2008
georgetilem at YAHOO.GR
1954 BM 20s
i like to know anything about this moto.the numbers of this moto is BM20s-2112 and BM 21-2963

Thu Aug 07 2008
alexs at aceblacktop.com
Bike ID
BSA Lightning and ???
Recently acquired two BSA's. Is there a site that shows original description of how they left the factory? Eng A65LA 15079-Y Frame A65LA 15079/Eng A50B225 Frame A50B 976. What is the A50B?
MinnesotaThe galleries should give you a pretty good idea of their original appearance: /gallery/bsa/index.htm
This page has information on BSA engine & frame numbers:
serial number information

Tue Aug 12 2008
albertinvnsilk at gmail dot com
BSA 350 cc plunger shocker
Engine No.BB319733 and Chasis No.BB3159115 Model required for the above.
Today morning I sent you one message giving only engine no. Now I have given you both engine & chasis no. can you let me know the year of manufacturing and the model. I am attaching two photos for your observation.

Albert Ebenezar.
Varanasi,Uttar Pradesh,India.

The bike appears to be a mid-50s B31. There may be some useful information here: serial number information.

BSA B31 Single circa 1955

Mon Aug 04 2008
nik.wallis at excelsiorbikes.co.uk
BSA Brigand
Hi, I see you have a copy of the BSA Brigand brochure, I am currently restoring one and could do with some good pictures, is it possible to email me some scans ?
Sorry, no, I don't have a copy at present.

Thu Apr 17 2008
gene.berghoff at gmail dot com
BSA Spitfire Gas Tank
Do you know anyone that makes a gas tank for a BSA Spitfire that looks like the original and that won't leak - maybe out of metal.
Minnesota USA
Moto Tumbi do one in fibreglass:

Wed Apr 16 2008
yyt at wanadoo.fr
parts for BSA Brigand
BSA Brigand
I am looking for blinking lights for a BSA Brigand
Corsica France

Wed Apr 16 2008
chantally95 at yahoo.co.in
BSA sticker on the tank
i have a BSA B40 and i am looking for the BSA sticker on the tank please tell where i can get that with itz price including custom and duty.

Thu Apr 10 2008
zrxpilot4 at gmail dot com
1937 BSA 500
BSA M22 ?
I want to get this special motorcycle running ! I have NO manuals. Can You help? Will need Parts,especially wheels/spokes,
thank you, Jonathan ( in Iraq)

BSA 1937 500cc Sidevalve

Sun Apr 06 2008
paul.banks at ausawd dot com
Engine and Frame numbers
G'day from down under, I have aquired aBSA C11 from a family member, unfortunatley the bike in in bits, may I enquire concerning the identity of the bike. The engine number is ZC11 20428 and Frame number 9-4052. (I think the stated frame number maybe a part number) Thank you for your assistance.

There may be some useful information here: serial number information.

Tue Apr 01 2008
jgo at manx.net
toolbox wanted

Wed Mar 26 2008
vancenkara at sbcglobal.net
1965 bsa 175 Trail Bronc
I have looked all over and not found much info on this bike. I wanted to know how rare this bike is and where I could see any info on any that have sold in the past. Any info would be great!!!!!
U.S. , Ohio

Sat Mar 15 2008
VEGAS50247 at EXCITE dot com

Mon Mar 17 2008
ronald-williams at comcast.net
BSA Lightning or Thunderbolt
I bought my first bike (it was a BSA) when I was 18 in 1962. I'm 63 and I've been riding for over 45 years. I own an 06 Harly V-Rod with a Porsche-designed engine that has 120hp and does an 11 sec quarter-mile. It's just not the "real me". I always loved my BSA. I want about a 1966 to 1970 Lightning (or possibly a Thunderbolt) in excellent condition. I'm not one of those "investors" who run the prices up for the rest of us, I'm just an old beezer lover who wants one to ride every day. Anyone interested in my V-Rod? It's advertised in CycleTrader.com and HDTrader.com (check it out) and priced very competitively at $12,995. I'd love to accept a 1966 to 1970 BSA Lightning or Thunderbolt in excellent condition as a trade-in plus the difference. Call (954) 306-2047 and leave a message. Best way to reach me is via e-mail
Ron Williams
Davie (Ft. Lauderdale) Florida

Mon Feb 25 2008
blkohlhoff at smartchat.net.au
Identify year and model
Can you tell me the year and model of this 500cc and whether it was for the UK home market or export?? Thanks Bryan
Would need full engine & frame numbers to have any chance, photos will certainly help too.
Does Engine No A508160 help at all, the bike is expected this coming week when I'll be able to check out the frame details??
Regards, Bryan
More serial number information:
BSA Frame Numbers at NSW BSA Club

Thu Feb 28 2008
deborahames at allegiance.tv
1972 BSA A65H
I am trying to locate info about a 1972 BSA cafe racer I purchased. It has a fiberglass tank & is literally a "cafe racer" style m/c. I will borrow a camera & send pics if needed. But can you help?
Shawnee, Oklahoma USA
A65H sounds like a Hornet, but without images and both engine and frame numbers impossible to say more. Ed.

Wed Feb 20 2008
croess at hotmail dot com
bsa sloper
bsa s30-13 sloper
i am searching for a original handlebar for a sloper 1930.
can anyone help me?
an drawing will also be ok.

BSA 1930 S30-13-Sloper.jpg

Tue Feb 19 2008
john.grant at btinternet dot com
BSA Trails bike
I have the frame for a BSA trails bike - believed to be 1958 duplex frame and solid rear end. I was told it was one of only 40 made. Can anyone help me identify it.
PS no frame number evident
East Anglia
At the moment it is frame and forks only ( I think the forks are from a roadgoing B31). I was told it was for a BSA "trails" bike ( but that might also mean a "scrambler").
It is a duplex frame so takes later "swinging arm" engines.It has a solid rear end - so it does not have either the plunger or swinging arm suspension associated with the @1958 years.
I cannot find any frame number - certainly not on the headstock.
A rebuild will be a long term project -reliant on finding odd bits a autojumbles. I just wanted to know a more positive identification for the frame.

Tue Feb 19 2008
andyking3 at btinternet dot com
Paint colour codes
BSA 1959 Bantam
Hi i am looking for the colour codes, reference for the red. The mudguards & side panels are red, the tank is red with white panel.
Hope you can help.

    Fledgling page on motorcycle paint here


Tue Feb 05 2008
david.broughton at tesco.net
BSA Almond Green paint
BSA C15 250CC
Anyone know where I can purchase in England some almond green paint for my BSA C15?


Fledgling page on motorcycle paint here

Wed Jan 30 2008
steve.borlace at tiscali.co.uk
can any one help
bsa m21 1953
Hi can any body help i was riding my bike all was well until the headlamp fell out i stopped and replaced lamp but when i restarted my bike it had no power and started to overheat i know that it pulled the choke cable and also some wires but as i have reffited these i am wondering if it could have pulled the advance and retard so hard that it my have damaged the magneto has any one heard of this happening or any help would be greatly apreciated

thasnks for your help

Stvie B
Durham England

Mon Jan 28 2008
espejosjc at hotmail dot com
BSA Brigand 50 cc trial 1981
Hola soy juan carlos de cordoba argentina tengo una bsa brigan 50cc y quisiera contactarme con alguien por el tema de repuestos y charlar sobre el tema ya que no puedo dar con nadie que tenga una de estas,les agradecere respuestas y aqui le mando fotos...

Jan 24 2008
subject: bsa c11g 1954
 r.r6 at bigpond dot com
message: Clutch problem, New corks, flat plates, Initial disingage OK after gear selected violent engagement on release of clutch, on re engagement of clutch lever -cluth will not disingage can you offer any suggestions?

Sun Jan 13 2008
mark at libertasbodyworks2.co.za
dating a bsa motor cycle
bsa zc1023640
i live in south africa and have just found above bike i would like to date it for restoration purposes eng no zc107575 thanks
paarl south africa
More serial number information:
BSA Frame Numbers at NSW BSA Club

Tue Jan 08 2008
v.dispec at gmail dot com
Hi i have a bsa motobike but i dont nfind the manuals of dtge engine .
And I tri to fix it
So I find this numbers un the frame xb31 6385 and in the engine
Xb31 .5599
It's a 250cc
With suspencion in the tail.
Pleace help me to find the manuals or the motheol or some thing to help me to fix it
Vasco avila
Thenks for all
The bike is a B31 350cc, probably mid 1950s. Ed.

BSA Messages pre 2008