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Sun Dec 30 2007
wozzle63 at internode.on.net
speedometer drive
WM20 1942 make
What is the drive ratio for the speedometer drive on the front wheel please.

Fri Dec 28 2007
keltygirl at comcast.net
gas tank 71 a65t
the right hand seam between the pitcock and the seat leaks, I've tried the best quality sealer inside the tank and it worked for a week, I'll try a 2nd coat after that another tank or what
I'd like to change tank styles if it comes to that any ideas. thanks

A Triumph tank from the same era may well fit.

Thu Dec 20 2007
jr68ioweu1 at aol(dotcom)
1962 R.G.S.S. dual port cyl. head
Looking for an alloy, big valve, dual port head for my 62 A-10, to convert to twin carbs
Seattle Wash. USA

Sun Dec 16 2007
ruth.coad at bigpond.com.au
1971 a65t thunderbolt
i would like to know what the bike should look like

There is a Thunderbolt in the BSA 1971 gallery.

Sat Dec 15 2007
klassikko at kolumbus.fi
Flywheel for Lucas magneto
BSA Dandy -58
I should need this kind of flywheel for my scooter.


Thu Dec 13 2007
mcneeskiss56 at hotmail(dotcom)
parts avalibility
1973 500 ccm single
need front axel for 1973 500 ccm bsa forks

Wed Dec 05 2007
shaboutros at hotmail(dotcom)
antique headlight
I have an antique headlight for a bsa bike.
Any idea of its value or what bike it could be off of?
Possibly some info under components. Ed.

Thu Nov 08 2007
playmasterjay at tmail(dotcom)
I needed parts for my bike
BSA 1959 A7
I think its a 1959 A7 the # on the frame is A7 but I need to know what year parts would fix it and what kind of motor I needed to get I want a 650 if u have info let me know thanks.

Wed Nov 07 2007
david-evans-74 at hotmail(dotcom)
BSA Sloper
Sloper 500 OHV Twin Port
Hi There,
I am trying to hunt down a '29-'34 500 OHV sloper for restoration. If anyone has one and has lost the enthusiasm to restore it, please contact me at david-evans-74 at hotmail.com.
Adelaide, South Australia

Fri Nov 02 2007
alel-cbb at yahoo(dotcom)
BSA M21 1938
BSA M21 1938 from Indonesia, CLASSIC BIKERS BATAVIA

BSA 1938 M21 Indonesia.jpg
BSA 1938 M21 Indonesia

Mon Oct 22 2007
cinijm at onvol.net
identification numbers
bsa m20
I just bought a bsa m20 and would like to know if the following frame and
engine numbers match, and what do the other numbers mean;
the chassies number which is on the back mudguard punched on a plate reads

23/s1048, and engine number reads wm2022565, this is punched just on the
crank case below the barrel.
Also on the toolbox i have abrass plate rivited on it and has the
following number; 14yd31. On the engine block below the engine number i
have the following numbers punched also; 2 318.
the engine barrel has mc 16373 punched and on the rear plate on the fender
next to the chassies number there is a catalouge number stamped which reads
Could you please help me understand these numbers please and if possible,

More serial number information:
BSA Frame Numbers at NSW BSA Club

Tue Oct 16 2007
jagawley at shaw.ca
paint code
1956 bsa golden flash
we are in search of a paint code or formula for the beige. can anyone help?
Calgary, Alberta

Mon Oct 15 2007
splitter91 at bigpond(dotcom)
workshop manual
1929 sloper
hi guys i`m trying to download a workshop manual for a bsa 1929 sloper would you have any idea where i might find one

Try our page of resources for Books and Manuals

Tue Oct 02 2007
kcpond at peoplepc(dotcom)
Info please
BSA Trail Bronc 1964 or 65
I would appreciate any info on the BSA Trail Bronc. I have one that is a good candidate for restoration. Thank you

Wed Sep 26 2007
alel-cbb at yahoo(dotcom)
bsa rocket
bsa roket A 8
bsa rocket custom.

BSA A10 Rocket Indonesia.jpg
BSA A10 Rocket Indonesia

Wed Sep 12 2007
csnakes at hotmail(dotcom)
bsa year- mdel?
bougth this basket case few days ago, am trying to find out the year and model of this bike... a50b-4478,LC#354150

Wed Sep 05 2007
pallimotors at yahoo(dotcom)
bsa pic
b150 1934 model
hi, can u help me sending pic of bsab150 1934 model (both sides)i have one few parts r missing

Mon Sep 03 2007
roncoleta5 at hotmail(dotcom)
Amigos eu gostaria de saber quantos modelos BSA Golden Flash foram enviadas ao Brasil entre 1951 e 1952.
Aguardo respostas.

Mon Sep 03 2007
leohincas69 at hotmail(dotcom)

Sat Aug 25 2007
guyarsenault at hotmail(dotcom)
1952 bsa 350
hi there was just wondering if you could give me a ball park figure as to the value of a 1952 bsa 350,i came across this beauty at a antiques sale here in canada,i am very interested in purchasing this bike,but am clueless as to potential value.it is in good condition everything is there,paint a little rough where bird crap sat on it for years,it has only 210 original miles on it,i am not totally unfamiliar with motorcyles,in my opinion all it would need to run is an oil change,spark plug,tank would need to be cleaned and carb cleaned other then that there is still oil in it and compression seems to be good,i know this is not a lot of info and have no pics but it is in remarkably good condition.the asking price is 3500.00 canadian,any info would truely be appreciated.i think i just fell in love again hahaha,sincerly guy arsenault

Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Valuations

Thu Aug 23 2007
touchwood77 at wizzard77.fsnet.co [bad address]
Original Paint colour / code
BSA Bantam D1 1951 plunger
I am trying to restore the above Bantam to it's original colour etc. Can you tell me where i can find out the original colour /code which is green and where to putchase the paint from. Thankyou
Isle of Wight

Sun Aug 19 2007
lorenz at lakefield.net
Red Color Verification & Shade Name
1967 BSA Spitfire Mark III
I am restoring my bike and need to know the exact shade of red (does it have a specific color or shade) so that I can get an exact match. Can you please help me with this. Appreciate any help you give me on this. Thans.
Wed Aug 22 2007
nortontriumphmec at netscape.net
Concerning Color of Spitfire MkIII BSA
1967 BSA 650 Spitfire MkIII
The color of the red on the petrol tank is Cherokee Red. (Which is a deep cherry red). I have a Spitfire MkIII tank and would be willing to color match it for you.

Sat Aug 18 2007
marjk at btinternet(dotcom)
On my headstock I have a number B32 6515.Can anyone tell me what the approximate year of make this relates to

Wed Aug 08 2007
'71 BSA A65T
my tank has badges instead of decals (transfers). wrong tank or do i need another drink !!!!!!??

The badges are screwed to the tank indicating they may be original, but it's quite possibly been modified to accept them. If there is a bracket under the badges, then they're probably standard. so sorry 2 take so long to get back, the tank is all orig. my next Q. is: if i am to restor. the girl i need to get the right set of resto. decals now on ebay 1971-72 is one set - 1970-71 is another?? i have the eng.# but the frame # is not readable so i am going to paint remove until i can read it so between the 2 i can do it right. what do i look 4

If the frame number is illegible then there is a possibility that it has been stolen and modified at some stage. You will need to rub it back and examine the area closely.


Wed Aug 08 2007
jimmybeemer at yahoo.co.uk
Beagle Exhausts
BSA Beagle
I am looking to purchase a BSA Beagle (1964) exhaust.
Could you please advise me if you stock them or where I could possibly get one if not.

Mon Jul 30 2007
milicb57 at yahoo(dotcom)
1968 BSA Royal Star A50R
Here I am on my newly restored 1968 BSA Royal Star A50R, 8900 original miles; most work was done by me, or jobbed out. I have few other projects in various stages of restoration.

Sun Jul 22 2007
eranjan56 at yahoo.com.sg
BSA M20 1941
I have got a BSA M20 in s'pore it's in runing condition and the bike is off the road for more than a year, this is because I have been away from the country. I have been having this bike for a long time,past down by my Dad. what I want to do is send this bike to a place (Austrial,England etc..) where some one knows how to restor the whole bike for me and put back the original colour for this bike and work on the engine a little bit, if you want me to send you a photo please le me know.

I woud appreciate if some one could help me out on this so that I can ship the bike down. The reason why I'm doing this because in Singapore we are only allowed lay off the bike for three years and after the third year we have to send the bike for inspection to see whether it is road worthy or not,and if I don't this I have to scrap the bike.


Recommend you find someone locally as it will work out a great deal cheaper that way. Ed.

Sat Jul 21 2007
handyman at easynet.net.au
Year of motorcycle manufacture
I have a BSA M20, frame #BM20 S 383, engine #WM20 58584. Wondering if you could tell me the year of manufacture.

Try the engine & frame number page.

Wed Jul 18 2007
alel-cbb at yahoo(dotcom)

BSA Star Twin Indonesia.jpg
BSA Star Twin Indonesia

Thu Jul 12 2007
offroadsales at sbcglobal.net
Tires, Chain & Sprocket
1960 BSA A-10
I'm not finding this info on your sight, just for a 350 1961, Could you please help us. We need the Sizes of frt and rear tires, and what size sprocket and chain is suppose to go on it. This belongs to a man that is not real healthy and his family and friends want to fix it up for him, he has been working on it for 6 years. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Mon Jul 09 2007
keelerpd at rvcenterprises(dotcom)
BSA 350 question
BSA 350
Hi there,

I have a friend who has a 1966 BSA 350, apparently styled with the help of steve McQueen. The bike has 18 (yes eighteen) original miles on it with original paint on the frame. He is curious what it is worth.


Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices.

Sat Jul 07 2007
andrew.hazell1 at virgin.net
Frame number location
1940 BSA C10
Please could anyone advised where the frame number for a 1940 BSA C10 should be located?

Wed Jul 04 2007
darrell.prohor at uregina.ca
kick starter
64 bsa beagle/starlyte
Looking for a complete kick starter set up. Has anyone tried jigging some thing from another model to fit. Picked up a bike that was complete except for kicker and cover. Found a cover but still no kicker. Also interested in info about bottom end roller bearings and upper oil feed for the beagle. Am looking for leg shields as seen in 65 brochure.
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Sat Jun 30 2007
kaunwin1999 at hotmail(dotcom)
i need help
motori f morini engine
hello my name is kevin unwin i would like to know if you have any information on a bike that i have its a BSA beaver with the MOTORI F MORINI 50cc geared engine in it ..any information would be great i have engine number and a rame number
engine number is FM4M - D3M - OM ..... FRAME NUMBER IS 2423 ....your faithfully
kevin unwin

Tue Jun 26 2007
johntmms at aol(dotcom)
bsa frame
i have a bsa frame, it has two frame numbers on the head stock , one is FB31 which should make it a 1958 the other number is stamped next to it but a bit fainter, is EA7 which makes it a 1957,any ideas about this. ??? i know this frame was made for many models, but why would it have two frame numbers??? could anyone shed any light on this, there is no engine .s

Mon Jun 25 2007
ann.1 at btinternet(dotcom)
BSA thunderbolt a65t american spec
I purchased this bike in a private sale around 1991 and have no paperwork with it I would like to make it road legal after restoration can you help?

Mon Jun 04 2007
pinnysminis at hotmail(dotcom)
bsa easy rider
i own what appears to be a bsa easy rider but i do not know alot about it. can anybody help?
peterborough, uk

Mon May 28 2007
Jake at narrowspacific(dotcom)
1937 bsa

trying to find a value on a 1937 BSA WM 20 500cc SV Tourer M 20 great shape all originalany help? how many were made for the war?

Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices.

Fri May 18 2007
slocke1 at roadrunner(dotcom)
bsa value
1961 catalina scrambler 500cc
Tring to deterime the value of this bike..mother in laws dead husbands bike and she wants to sell..Iam tring to help her get full value of this bike
california, usa

Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices.

BSA 1961 Catalina Scrambler 500cc.jpg
BSA 1961 Catalina Scrambler 500cc

May 15th 2007
How are you? I hope you are just fine. Here I'd like to show you my bikes, I sent you her picture couple months ago. Now she's running well, and my youngest brother has gave her some hundreds miles ride. May her picture wont hurt your sight :-)

BSA arBaston Indonesia 21.jpg
BSA arBaston Indonesia 21

Tue May 08 2007
rhianna-kona at hotmail(dotcom)
Value of bike?
'69 BSA Thunderbolt
We would love to sell this bike, it's in pristine condition, runs great! Value?

Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Valuations

Mon May 07 2007
staby2 at hotmail(dotcom)
do you want to buy a bsa ariel 2
bsa ariel 2
i am doing a bsa ariel 3 up from scrap and want to know if when done anyone would be interested in buying it

Sat Apr 21 2007
panoscy at gmail(dotcom)
User Manual
BSA, BM20 S, 500cc, 1953
I just bought this kind of bike and I was wondering if there is any way to find the user manual for this bike.

Try our page of resources for Books and Manuals

Sun Apr 08 2007
jrrobb at blueyonder.co.uk
BSA A65 Star
I need a local knowledgable person to help with problems.

This page lists numerous Classic Dealers in the UK:

BSA A65 Star.jpg
BSA A65 Star

Sat Apr 07 2007
www.bigbendcherie at yahoo(dotcom)
vin number
bsa b25 starfire
my vin # is cc14194 . it appears that the other b25,s numbers start with a b. my title says its a 1968 but the original paint was orange and it also has the large double leading front brake and a metal gas tank. frame and motor # match. can some one idetify this little bike
Alpine,Texas 79830

This page may prove useful: http://www.bsaoc.demon.co.uk/post1960.html
Also, try the engine & frame number page.

Fri Apr 06 2007
stutrang at hotmail(dotcom)
searching for.....
BSA 350 Solo 1946 model!
Hello, after my grandfather died i was given some photos of him on his new bike just after the war. I love bikes & would love to aquire this (exact)model of bike . i realise the unlikeliehood but hey! I also have the original reg & insurance stuff. (HLP 497) I will try & upload pictures soon.

Tue Apr 03 2007
su-bu( @at )inbox(dotcom)
bsa bantam, 1949 with plunger
needed is the speedometer set of the above mentioned bsa bantam 1949 plunger. if the same is available kindly give me the price including of the postage and customs if any.

BSA Bantam 1949 Speedometer

Tue Mar 27 2007
gman1263( @at )aol(dotcom)
Need Information
1972 BSA A65 Lightning
I have been trying to find out how many were made in 1972 I know it was the last year of production i am also trying to find out how many are still on the road
New York USA

Fri Mar 23 2007
joystix( @at )hotmail(dotcom)
ignition wiring
a65 lightning
i own a chopped and dropped a65 lightning 1968 i have 7 diagrams for wiring but im confused with the + and - grounds maybe u could tell me the order of parts from the alt to the rectifier,coils,condenser,diodes etc

Mon Feb 26 2007
granta( @at )intelleca.co.za
BSA Support in South Africa

Hi there !
I have a beautiful old BSA buke from the late 40's i am starting to rebuild and restore - but before going too far want to try and find people in SA who might sell after-market parts, original spares, good mechanics for engine rebuilds etc.
Do you by any chance have contacts for me in South Africa?
Many thanks for your time.

South Africa

Fri Feb 23 2007
epic-saga( @at )hotmail(dotcom)
Workshop Manual
1967 BSA B40

Im trying to obtain a workshop manual, copy or informaition or how to get one.

thanks. Ray

Tue Jan 23 2007
GMsKATE2( @at )aol(dotcom)
1968 A50R Royal Star
I have a 1968 BSA Royal Star. It is in orignal condition, and other than the decals fading.. very good condition. It ran well up until a show about 18 years ago, when I had the tank and oil drained. It has been garaged and blanketed since. I have been watching the boards and have not seen the A50's mentioned. Any idea what a complete bike would be selling for?

Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Valuations.

Wed Jan 17 2007
attev010( @at )wxs.nl
bsa /pics
1934/1.49 hp. x34-0 ohv
for more info mail me
See X34 item below

BSA 1934 X34 150cc.jpg
BSA 1934 X34 150cc

Thu Dec 28 2006
ecollen( @at )gmail(dotcom)
Engine size of this motorbike?
This motorbike was bought second-hand in Dover in England in July 1964. I'd like to know how to describe it: 250-twin or 400-twin or whatever. Because I think it is a twin cylinder, but what would the engine size would be? Any relevant information would be much appreciated. (I've got two pictures but I only seem able to attach one.)
Thanks, Errol
South Africa

Hi Russell

Many thanks for your reply. I have one other picture that may be useful. I'll attach it here, but I don't know if it will tell you much more.

I've reduced the pixels of these pictures, but that hasn't really reduced the quality much, so I doubt if the bigger (therefore more detailed) ones will provide any more information. However, if you think they might, I'll gladly send them (but note that they're 260 KB and 500 KB, compared with the 73 KB each of these two, so downloading them might be a bit of a problem).

There is a third picture, but I doubt if that would be of much use as it's only a back view of the motorbike.

By the way, one of the friends called Eustace also answered the query, and he says it could be an A10 (650 cc), which may also have been known as a "Super Rocket", because of the way it was tuned. He used to have an above-standard version of the same machine called a "Gold Star". The only other possibility, he suggests, is an A7, which was basically the same, but with a smaller engine (500 cc).

Many thanks for your assistance.


Eustace is quite right, Errol, it's almost certainly an A7 or A10, and I may be able to work out the actual model from the larger versions of the images if you could send them. Ed.

BSA A10 SFN135 1.jpg
BSA A10 SFN135 1
BSA A10 SFN135 2.jpg
BSA A10 SFN135 2
BSA A10 SFN135 3.jpg
BSA A10 SFN135 3

Fri Dec 08 2006
ramgold( @at )netactive.co.za
spares/workshop manual BSA
BSA STARFIRE 250 cc 1969
Need a complete spares manual and workshop manual. Will pay for it.Need to rebuild
South Africa Johannesburg

Tue Dec 05 2006
userw2158( @at )aol(dotcom)
pictures bsa brigand
could you possibly email me a copy of the broucher for the bsa brigand as it was my first bike at 16 thank you

Mon Nov 27 2006
andrewgrenlaw( @at )btinternet.com [bounced]
bsa gt50/beaver 50cc
any body got any info on the models and sales catalogues or magazines etc, as i am trying to rebuild one and colour schemes etc.
Any help would be much appreciated

Fri Nov 24 2006
bjorn.bellander<( @at )>telia(dotcom)
BSA Lightning 1970

I Have just finished my site about my BSA Lightning 1970. In english
It was much work (both with my site and MC). I have told everything in this site with pictures and text.
This might be intresting for your visitors.


Nice reading
Björn Bellander

Wed Nov 22 2006
bob.mcgrath( @at )westernwater(dotcom)
bsa m20 parts
1941 m20
I am in need of the following parts, central clutch ring nut, set of fiber clutch discs, clutch actuating cap, outer clutch cover gasket. please let me know if anyone can help. I am also selling this bike, it is complete and runs. asking 4,500.00 us. thanks Bob. phone # 707-337-9909

Sat Nov 18 2006
bradsax( @at )yahoo(dotcom)
Engine Oil for 1940 BSA M20
1940 BSA M20
I have a civilianized 1940 M20. When I bought it 2 years ago it had straight 50 weight oil in the oil tank (for the engine lube) and ran fine. I recently had it serviced and the new mechanic put in 20W50. It has some leakage and was wondering if I would be better of using straight 50 weight. The bike is used in Los Angeles so the weather is usually warm.

Also, what type of oil was originally used for engine lube when these were built?
Los Angeles, California

The bike would have originally used something very similar to a 20/50. Going back to a straight 50 will slow leakage a bit due to the higher viscosity, but the only way to stop it leaking is to leave the oil out. Sorry, only joking. Just run with SG 20/50 and it will be fine. Ed.

Mon Nov 13 2006
jershonda( @at )yahoo(dotcom)
paint code
1971 bsa 650 lightning green
paint brand used,today

Sat Oct 28 2006
snd007( @at )hotmail(dotcom)

BSA Falcon GT 50 ,1984
Dear Sir/Madam,
I owe a BSA Falcon GT 50 cc bike introduced by BSA in India in 1984.The model is same as BSA Brigand 50cc in Britan.I am need of its rear Mono shok absorber .Please give the contact address for spares in UK & India.
Dr.Sandeep Adke.

Please try the BSA section at Bikelinks: BSA Resources

Fri Oct 20 2006
mdjohn1961( @at )yahoo(dotcom)
1955 bm20 2595
i just purchased this bike and these are the numbers on the engine could you tell me what i have

Wed Sep 20 2006
june.day4( @at )virgin.net
BSA Ariel 3
Hi Im trying to locate a primary drive belt for a Ariel 3, Could you help in any way,
Thanks Terry
Hi The only sizes i have got are that it is 3/8 of an inch pitch and has 60 teeth,
Thanks Terry

Sun Sep 10 2006
attev010( @at )wxs.nl
what is this and what year
bsa approx 1930 ??
i,m looking for somebody that could tell me the year and model and some picks please
thanks for your quick response, the engine number is B150.1395

According to this page: http://www.bsaoc.demon.co.uk/1931-40.html
the engine is a 150cc 1.49 H.P. X34-0 OHV of 1934. Ed.

BSA 1934 150cc Engine.jpg
BSA 1934 150cc Engine

Sat Aug 26 2006
bigddiver( @at )msn(dotcom)
gold trowel dedication gift
what i have is not a motorcycle but a small trowel that is a collectors item - its about 6 inches long and in perfect condition and what it says on the trowel blade is---replica of gold trowel used by lord snowden to dedicate the new bsa motorcycle headquarters duarte, calif. november 9th, 1965 is it worth $$$ to anyone mike d
calif, usa

Wed Aug 23 2006
rosschris1949( @at )yahoo.ca
banjo fitting
Ariel 3 1970
Can you tell me where to find a banjo fitting for my Ariel 3 scooter?

Is the banjo part of the fuel system? If so, many classic bike dealers will be able to help, and possibly anyone who deals with old lawn mowers too. ....yes the banjo part is of the fuel system.

Sat Aug 19 2006
bca-drd( @at )bigpond.net.au
bsa Golden Flash A.10 650cc 1951
Please help me to find part

Wed Aug 16 2006
vbcustoms( @at )hotmail.com [bounced]
BSA engine ID
Hi, I am trying to find info. on what engine this is.The block is stamped-A65LA 7050Y. Ant info would be greatly appreciated. Vince Buck Muncy,Pa.

According to http://www.bsaoc.demon.co.uk/intro.htm
"Machines re-exported in 1970 were stamped with a 'Y' suffix to indicate that they were 1970 models and therefore eligible for the increased warranty."

Sat Aug 12 2006
anihar4( @at )yahoo.co.in
For spares
BSA 350. 1955 model
Hello i own a 350 model 1955 make, i am in the process of bringing the bike to its original condition, so i would like to know where would i obtain a standard piston, valves, big end bearing,sleave if possible and the scilencer muffler.Pl give me the details.

Please try the BSA section at Bikelinks: BSA Resources

Mon Aug 07 2006
Haleygirl2003( @at )msn(dotcom)
I'm Lost and Confused
I need as much info on a bike that was given to me. I think it's a BSA. It has everything but a tank ,seat,emblems. It does have a magneto in it. Some other small parts ar missing.I have found the numbers C15.2584 on the neck. I would love to know the year and model so I can fix it and ride. Thanks Brett
Phoenix Arizona

Mon Aug 07 2006
pj.travel( @at )ukonline.co.uk
1949 Star twin
Does any one know the correct carb needle position and jets to fit a Concentric carb to a 1949 BSA 500cc Star Twin

Mon Aug 14 2006
pj.travel( @at )ukonline.co.uk
1949 500cc Star Twin
Does any one have a carbureetter that I could fit to my 1949 BSA Stat Twin. I think the correct one was an Amal with a side float chamber
Cash waiting.
Paul merseyside England.
Sat Oct 07 2006
Hi All,
well I am a bit dissapointed with the response for my request,
any way I SOLVED THE PROMLEM I fitted a Amal Consentric and took a screw driver with me and messed around with the pilot and throttle screws until it all seemed to go well.
would be nicw to have a reply from one of you

Fri Aug 04 2006
donna-marie64( @at )hotmail(dotcom)
c15 starfire
bsa starfire 250 cc
please could you identify the age of this bike. frame nunber: c15.429. Engine number: c15. 468.Thankyou.

Mon Jul 31 2006
paulajwootton( @at )yahoo.co.uk
engine identification
Hello there,
an old BSA engine has been found when demolishing a shed, Could you please help identify it and if it would be of interest to anyone
LHS "YM21 1472",
on the magneto(?) housing "M01440118" & "AC20446",
RHS underneath the 3 rifles symbol "G"

many thanks


Sat Jul 29 2006
jimdainty( @at )hotmail(dotcom)
bsa wot year???
can you tell wot year this is? Thanks
Orangeville Ontario Canada

It appears to be a 1969 model. Ed.

Fri Jul 21 2006
nodineman( @at )yahoo(dotcom)
asking about bsa
I would like to know if you could tell me what model my is. The engine nummer is A65/DE06718 thanks for the help
pleace contact me at nodineman( @at )yahoo(dotcom)

This page indicates yours is an April 1971 model engine. The heritage of the remainder is rather more difficult to determine.

Thu Jul 20 2006
motorcyclev( @at )hotmail(dotcom)
Mikuni carbs on a 1966 BSA Spitfire
1966 BSA Spitfire
Just purchased T140 Mikuni carbs. Cannot fit dispite shortining flanges that came with it. Can these be made to fit or do I have to go back to Amals? If so, how? Thank You.
Ontario Canada

Wed Jul 19 2006
crash( @at )wctc.net
650 bsa lightning
I`m looking for a motor or piston & rings for a 650 bsa 1965, also a generator.is there any around?
thanks in advance.
nekoosa. wisconsin usa.

Sun Jul 16 2006
tim.harris23( @at )ntlworld(dotcom)
Wiring Diagram wanted
BSA C11G 1955
Help does anyone have a wiring diagram,with numbers on for the light switch not letters any help gratefully appreciated
Northampton England

Wed Jul 12 2006
greg( @at )gpwcew(dotcom)
1958 Golden Flash and 1963 Super Rocket
I have owned these bikes for many years and have restored them. Would you be so kind as to look at and possibly link to my website www.gpwcew.com/bikes. I have linked to yours.
new jersey, USA

Tue May 30 2006
stevehilfers( @at )msn(dotcom)
1960 BSA
650cc BSA twin 1 Carb
I have an original 1960 BSA 650. Bought in 1965 and still runs although it leaks big time. What is it worth or where can I access a site that might buy and sell these machines?



Try the valuations page for pricing. Try the classifieds directory at Bikelinks for sales.

Fri May 26 2006
c-aRN( @at )HOTMAIL(dotcom)
Started rebirth of familly 1957 scooter, looking for anything relavent

Wed May 24 2006
bryanspence2( @at )btinternet(dotcom)
bsa engine a10
I have a BSA engine with the number BA 10 R then the engine number.It has a cast iron head and barrel can you tell me what model it came from
cheers wullie

Sun May 21 2006
CHRSTOWL( @at )AOL(dotcom)

Thu May 18 2006
62409( @at )dslextreme(dotcom)
BSA Starlight or Beagle
Hi: I had a Starlight in the middle 60's and am looking for a decent original if any are still around. Western U.S. preferred. Thanks Greg. 62409( @at )dslextreme.com

Tue May 02 2006
paulrr( @at )charter.net
bsa (65) a-65
I have twin monoblocs and the cables are confusing-.Two cables from the throttle ---two cables from the carburators. Do I need two junction fittings to connect the two ends of the cables. I want it done the correct way and none of my documentation shows the cable hook up.
 Thanks Paul

Thu Apr 27 2006
rayiva( @at )adelphia.net
bsa 350 single 1964 or 1965
i had a bsa 350 single back in 1965. i don't know the name of it but it was chrome and blue. does anyone rember the name of the bsa and where can i get info on one to buy??

The bike was probably a B40 Star. Ed.

Thu Apr 27 2006
dave-nemec( @at )utulsa.edu
Im looking for a BSA to buy
1930's-1940 M20
Looking for a 1930's-1940's BSA for under two thousand US dollars. The condition; It doesn't have to run but I would like to have the majority of the parts in good shape and accompanying the frame. If there are any leads please email me at dave-nemec( @at )utulsa.edu

Wed Apr 26 2006
michkeuh-x-( @at )hotmail(dotcom)
bsa 50cc
Does there exist a bsa wich only has 50cc because I really like them but I'm only 16 so I wondered if already could find one or have to wait until I'm old enough for the bigger motorcycles...thx and if it exists could you give me a name or maybe picture of the model? thanks a lot
michel lavaerts

The BSA Ariel 3 has a 49cc Anker engine from the Netherlands. There is also a 50cc BSA Brigand. Ed.

Sun Apr 16 2006
elliottpatrick( @at )sbcglobal.net
68 ThunderBolt
Does any one know of a good shop to have work done on a 68 BSA ThunderBolt in the Cleveland Ohio Area ?

Try the classic dealers section in Bikelinks. Ed.

Mon Apr 17 2006
jamesimiller( @at )btinternet(dotcom)
model and cc
bsa bantam
reg no OYC246 can anyone tell me engine size and if possible will i get registration documents

Wed Apr 12 2006
dday220( @at )adelphia.net

1969 BSA Lightning
hello. i am a new BSA owner and am having a small problem getting it road ready. the engine was rebuilt and since only has 100 miles on it. it was stored for a while so i removed the dual mikuni carbs and throughly cleaned them. i also replaced the throttle cables and assembly. the bike starts fine but at idle if i rock side to side (espically to the right) it will stall. once on the road, it does the same on turns. im working on the bike with a friend and we seem to think its something to do with the floats in the carb(s). they appear to be clean and slide without obstruction. just hoping someone with more BSA experience can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Sat Mar 25 2006
ccm( @at )campestremty(dotcom)
Finding the originality of a model
1969 & 68 BSA Firebird Scramble A 65
Does enybody have a clear picture of these motorcycles as they came out of the production line. I have had all kinds of descriptions of what the original gas tank and pipes and mufflers look like, only one problem; they all contradict. DOES ANY BODY POSES THE TRUTH?
Thanks in advance for any cooperation.

Mon Mar 20 2006
dingodogs( @at )hotmail(dotcom)
bsa empire star 1938
i am in need of a schematic of the clutch assembly as most of the clutch on my bike is missing, can you help
cornwall england

Sat Mar 04 2006
brentaubrey420( @at )hotmail(dotcom)
1966 bsa lightning
Hi! I just recently purchased a 1966 BSA 650 lightning and was wondering where I could pick up specs on this bike. I'm looking to find out what the compression specs on this engine should be in particular. Thanks! - Brent
Toronto, Canada

Sat Feb 25 2006
Lizard09( @at )fuse.net
1971 BSA Lightning
I would like to know the location/placement of all the factory decals. Please help

Sat Feb 04 2006
gerryh01( @at )optusnet.com.au
Hi there, I am looking for any pictures, posters or photos of a 1965 BSA C15FT Trials Pastoral which I bought as a basket case for restoration. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Email me at gerryh01 at optusnet.com.au Many thanks. Gerry
Adelaide Australia

BSA C15FT Trials Pastoral.jpg
BSA C15FT Trials Pastoral

Tue Jan 17 2006
valeriesurgenor88( @at )hotmail(dotcom)
1960 bsa a7
Can anyone give me the correct paint code for the metalic green on my 1960 BSA A7.
The bike has had a total rebuild and all i need to finish it is to paint the two guards,tank tool box and oiltank which are all in primer at the moment.I have photos of the bike when i bought it and will take more when i finish it and will let you see the before and after. Regards Geoff Surgenor.

Jan 11th 2006
subject: bsa bike
Email: asavahiro( @at )hotmail.co.jp
message: Dear Sirs,

A Happy New Year.
There are four motorcycles of classic BSA,TRIUMPH of 1950's in our family.
WE have you assess them and want to sell them.
Cars were before 50 years, but, until the time before two or three months, moved.
We need some adjustments.
Model name does not understand , because these are antiques.
We are ready to send pictures, if you need them.
 thank you,

BSA Bantams Japan 2.jpg
BSA Bantams Japan

Mon Dec 19 2005
Batjgc( @at )terra.com.br
BSA parts
I´m restoring a BSA, i dont know even what model she is... but when i open the engine discover a "car" piston inside... i'm looking for engine specifications to make the parts or find exactly the way it was. I'm from Brasil. thanks.

BSA Springer Custom.jpg
BSA Springer Custom

Sun Dec 18 2005
ianrome( @at )rogers(dotcom)
1958 BSA ????
A friend in Cuba has what he thinks ia a 1958 BSA , MODEL ???
Iwill include some pictures , i am trying to find him some parts that i can bring to him on my next trip down to Cuba , so any info is welcome .. Thank you Ian Rome

If you can supply engine and frame numbers, I can probably identify it. Alternatively you can check the relevant BSAOC page here.

BSA 250cc Single Cuba.jpg
BSA 250cc Single Cuba

Fri Dec 16 2005
chandan56mallik( @at )yahoo(dotcom)
BSA C11 1949-50
Can anyone recommend me where I can find a pair of tank pads and a Smiths speedometer

Chandan Mallik/Dubai

Fri Dec 16 2005
chandan56mallik( @at )yahoo(dotcom)
BSA A7 1949-50 Plunger Type
Can anyone recommend me where I can find a frame for this machine
Chandan Mallik/Dubai

Fri Nov 25 2005
rex.webb( @at )ukonline.co.uk
b s a Dandy,s
Any thing on the Dandy
i would like to hear it.
Thanks rex,Dandy,s in the BSA CLUB.

Quoting from Big Daves Cafe,
"...It was a 70cc step-thru, and arguably the worst thing BSA ever produced. It had 2 speeds, slow and very slow, and a very dodgy lighting system..."

Sun Nov 06 2005
tony( @at )booth4.wanadoo.co.uk
Ariel 3
Whilst buying another bike, I saw this thrown in a corner, found out it had been there about 15 years, made a bid and took it away. Not quite a basket case but needs TLC. Anyway, I have now scrubbed it up and got it running but it needs a fuel tank as this one is completely done for. Any ideas where I may find one please. Thank you. Tony Booth (Halifax, West Yorks)

Tue Nov 01 2005
jmarkdill( @at )yahoo(dotcom)
1968 Firebird Scrambler
I have found a 1968 Firebird Scrambler 650. It is all original and still in good running condition. It has no real visible flaws in paint or decals crome ect. It has 9000 original miles. I have no idea what it might be worth. Any guidelines would be helpful.

Fri Oct 28 2005
orlin( @at )oscdigital(dotcom)
BSA / Triumph Shop Wanted In Los Angeles Area!
Hello, I am looking for a reputable BSA / Triumph Shop or Mechanic to help rebuild motors. If anyone has any knowledge please email orlin( @at )oscdigital(dotcom). Your help is greatly appreciated. Phone: 909-517-1100.

Sat Oct 22 2005
BSA Ariel 3.
Anyone help with a throttle cable and tyres for my 1971 Ariel 3...
See the BSA Forum

17th October 2005
<yambu( @at )mail.com.np>
The photo shows Karuna Ratna Tuladhar, a Nepalese merchant from Kathmandu, on a BSA Bantam in Lhasa, Tibet in 1950. Tuladhar owned a business house in
Lhasa's Barkhor street. He was the first to import motorcycles into Tibet in 1940. The machines were taken apart and carried by pack mules over the Himalaya from Kalimpong in India to Lhasa. The pillion rider is his nephew.
Note the absence of license plates, which were not required in Tibet in those days. Photo (c) copyright Kamal Tuladhar.

Kamal Tuladhar
Kathmandu, Nepal

BSA Bantam in Lhasa.jpg
BSA Bantam in Lhasa

Thu Oct 13 2005
rwtripp55( @at )yahoo(dotcom)
69 bsa firebird 650 oil breather
after a rebuild of the motor by a very reputible restorer, with extra care taken to ensure the breather was carefully inspected and installed, the motor continues to loose considrable oil out of the breather, leaving the rear tyre completely covered and a puddle of oil under the bike after a ride of only a few miles. any solutions without opening the motor again?

Sat Oct 08 2005
jerry( @at )watts3380.fsnet.co.uk
ohv 500 bsa sloper
help|i am desperate for a tool box and battery carrier for s30-13 bsa can anybody help? drawings with dimensions would do.

Attached is a piccie of 1930 sloper the same year as mine, the tool box is visible, my bike is currently a pile of parts undergoing restoration, thanks for email

Tue Oct 04 2005
jfuller( @at )webminutes.ca
Bike I rode in the late 50's early 60's
The bike was a BSA 500cc twin, I think it was a "STAR TWIN", if so would it have been an A7? It had a "Plunger" type sprung frame, (not swing arm) in which years was this model manufactured.
Thanks in advance,
Jack Fuller, Collingwood,
Ontario, Canada.

Thanks for your reply, since talking to my brother in England about this I think it probably was about a 1953, anyway I'll never know for sure.

Wed Sep 21 2005
argus( @at )tiscali.cz
BSA club
rally 2006 www.bsa.zde.cz

Wed Sep 21 2005
gary( @at )paristexas(dotcom)
1969 BSA Thunderbolt
What is it worth, ball park range?

Mon Sep 19 2005
ANDWAT23( @at )HOTMAIL(dotcom)
yuw 987
my dad used to own a bsa not sure what type but the reg no. was YUW 987. If anyone could help me track this bike down i would be most grateful just wantto know where it is if it is in good condition still, as it was a restoration project.

the correct registration should be YUV 987

BSA A10 YUW987.jpg
BSA A10 YUW987

Sat Sep 17 2005
sandy.slater( @at )tiscali.co.uk
BSA C12 1958
I am trying to find a workshop manual for this bike. Any ideas?

Sunday Sept 11th 2005
subject: 65 BSA hornet
Email: demaiot( @at )wpunj.edu
message: I own this bike and I would like to restore it.
I would like any info I can get. My understanding is it's pretty rare.

Fri Aug 26 2005
bdrinc11( @at )yahoo(dotcom)
bsa motor
I have a single bsa with numbers on the motor p1349 5322 it is a side valve does any one know what it is

Fri Aug 19 2005
BSA C11 1948 Frame Number
See the BSA Forum

Sun Jul 10 2005
caro-77ciro( @at )hotmail(dotcom)
BSA A7 1947

Thu Jul 07 2005
ajwsbw ( @at )aol(dotcom)
l970 BSA 250
I would like a picture of the subject. I am restoring a basket case.

Sun Jun 26 2005
fasimmons( @at )msn(dotcom)
new engine
i have a newly-rebuilt engine for my 1954 bsa 250. what type of oil should i start with.Terry in california.

Run it in for a few hours with a conventional 20/50, or if you're really fussy run it for just 15 mins with el cheapo supermarket oil before changing to multigrade for the run in. Then change to synthetic or high quality mineral. Ed.

Sat Jun 25 2005
replic BSA
Hi. I'm Mario from Brazil.
I intend to build a replic of BSA 650, to use a honda 400 cc engine...
See the BSA Forum

Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005
subject: bsa 1952 GOLD FLASH ...
See the BSA Forum

February 21st 2005
Dick Mann's exotic BSA A65 engined flat tracker sold for an undisclosed figure by the Allen Museum.

BSA Dick Mann Flat Tracker.jpg
BSA Dick Mann Flat Tracker

January 30, 2002
Hello, I've run a 1948 M33 for over 10 years...
See the BSA Forum

January 29, 2002
Hi To you all
If anyone can help I would like to know who is the present owner of the BSA company name...
See the BSA Forum

September 8, 2001
I had a C11G many years ago and got ALL my spares from...
See the BSA Forum

BSA Logo August 25, 2001
Hi. Just a short note to let you know that ---
“1940 - 1952 BSA Replacement Parts Catalogue” CD...
See the BSA Forum

June 8, 2001
BSA sold their spares to C.G Chell Motorcycles 25-27 Marston Rd, Stafford, Staffordshire ST16 3BS tel 01785 251975, the man to speak to is Jim, if he is still there.
Hawkshaw Motorcycles of Liverpool e-mail address Hankshaw.Motorcycle at btinter.com have some spares, no idea what.
Watsonian-Squire Ltd, Northwick Park Business Centre, Blockley, Glos. GL56 9RF tel 01386 700907 import modern Mopeds fitted with F.Morini engines.
The best-informed source for anything Italian is Keith Blair, e-mail address keithblair at mcmail.com
I don't know if you are aware but this model was also sold as the GT50
Tony -- NVTMC at aol.com

May 03, 2001
I am looking for a petrol tank for a Sloper 1929. Who can help me? -- Reinder Bielleman -- rbi at wxs.nl

April 14, 2001
Dear whoever,
I have inherited a BSA B33 1959 500 single alternator model. I have spent more than ...
See the BSA Forum

April 8, 2001
Dear Sir,
I am the owner of a B.S.A. 1945 C11 motorcycle...
See the BSA Forum

December 10, 2000
Doe's any one know where I can source a F Morini 50cc engine so I can get my old BSA Boxer on the road and if anyone has info on my model of bike any correspondence would be gratefully received . -- PPipanne at aol(dotcom)

August 5, 2000

I have a three wheeler 1981 49 cc bsa ariel 3 in great condition. See the BSA Forum