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BSA Bantam D1 125cc, 1950

Bantam 1950 125 D1 Specifications

ENGINE: Single cylinder two-stroke; 52 mm. bore 58 mm. stroke; 125 c.c.; deflectorless piston head with twin transfer ports giving efficient scavenging; aluminium alloy piston; roller bearing big end; detachable aluminium alloy cylinder head; Amal carburetter incorporating air cleaner: mainshaft on ball journal bearings with spring-loaded crankcase compression seals: combined flywheel magneto and dynamo; petroil lubrication; efficient silencer.

TRANSMISSION: Crankcase and gearbox in unit construction. with fired-centres: primary chain drive from engine shaft to clutch on gearbox mainshaft; three-speed constant mesh gear-box. positive-stop foot change (with gear position indicator) and Kickstarter. both pedals on right: gear ratios 7.0. 1.7 and 22.0 to l: front chain .375in. pitch: rear chain ½in. .335in.

FRAME: Of tubular welded construction: I gallons petrol tank: telescopic front forks: brakes Sin. diameter. of weatherproof design with finger adjustment: easy-lift central stand: spring seat saddle. Twist grip throttle and front brake on right

CONTROLS: handlebar: clutch lever and lighting switch on left; rear brake Operation by left foot pedal.

EQUIPMENT: Dunlop 2.75-19 tyres; Wico-Pacy flywheel dynamo lighting set with switch operation by handlebar lever: parking battery mounted in headlamp: bulb horn - built info steering stem: rear luggage carrier: metal toolbox with complete tool. inflator: licence holder: speedometer extra.

FINISH: Frame, tank, forks, wheels, etc. attractive pastel green; bright parts chromium plated.

DIMENSIONS: Wheelbase 49in.; saddle height 26in.; ground clearance 5½ in.; overall height 37in.; overall width 26½in.

WEIGHT: 150lb approximately.