BSA Motorcycles 1950s

US paint code matches for BSA motorcycles

Most of the following paint codes were collected by Clark Francy (founder of the OVBSA OC) and supplied to me for this webpage. Additonal codes came from Steve Wilson's BSA Motorcycles since 1950. I encourage readers to report any errors in this table.

US paint code matches for BSA motorcycles
Year Model Color Suggested Match Source
1950 A-10 Gold Flash Polychromatic Golden Beige 1970 Ford Ditzler 2044 "The Antique Motorcycle", Fall issue, 1994
1957 B-33 Maroon
(Note: This is the same paint for '54 to '58 Maroon painted
B31, B33, and A7 models)
Ditzler #2979 Barry M.L. Smith
1959 A-10 Rocket Red Dupont Acrylic Lacquer Code No. 45187 Red Horace Farrugia
1958 A-10 Rocket Non-metallic Red L8140KM, SUZUKI APPLE RED-#55,
851J- 80.1
885J -116.7
Mike (zinny at
1968 A50 & A65 BSA Front Hub Silver Dupont Centari Acrylic Enamel No.D8590A,Code 136 Bud Kubena
1966 A50 & A65 BSA Lightning Flamboyant Red PORSCHE Brilliant Red ICI Code C966B Jon at SRM
1970 B44 Victor Special Spectramaster Yellow YS300K CC: Dupont ChromaBase BC
Tinting Guide
844J MED YELLOW 64.6
807J LS BLACK 74.1
851J BRT ORANGE 75.4
150K B/C BALANCER 198.5
175K BINDER 236.1
Gary Edwards gary21sn at (per Gary, this match is dead on)
1971 Thunderbolt Green Dupont Centari #5331AM called "Ivy Bronze" Bud Kubena/Don Beckinger
1971 Thunderbolt Green Dupont Chromabase Code 46 #B8506 Roland Tremonti
1971 BSA Frame Grey DuPont Imron 71537U (matched very well) Dennis Dyck dyck at SASK.USASK.CA
1972 Thunderbolt Etruscan Bronze Dupont's Chromabase the mixing for a pint is:
893J Brown 98.0
855J Light Red 55.1
881J HS Light Yellow Oxide 38.0
813J Med Coarse AL 12.6
811J Med Aluminum 10.5
806J HS Black 6.7
150K B/C Balancer 224.7
Erik Dinkelman
Gold star, RGS, etc Silver sheen VW Beetle Silver Steve Wilson's book BSA Motor Cycles since 1950
C11G, A7, B31/33, etc Maroon Ford imperial maroon ibid
A10 Golden beige Chrysler Champagne Metallic (Berger 7440),
or BL Metallic Golden Beige,
or Chrysler Golden Sand
A7 Star Twin/Shooting Star polychromatic green Toyota Altair Metallic Green ibid
D1 Bantam green Ford Mist Green, Mercedes Green ibid
C15/A7 fuchsia red Vauxhall 230S ibid
B40 red Jaguar Carman ibid
BSA A10 Sapphire Blue 801J white 71.6 grams
828J fast blue 119.2grams
806J black 131.4 grams
831J fast green 141.0 grams
150K balancer 374.0 grams
175K binder 455.8grams
standard Chromabase paint cumulative formula
Mike G (zinny at