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The 1957 BSA A10 Super Rocket- The First year of the Super Rocket

Look through any of the Roy Bacon books, Haynes manuals, etc and you will see NO mention of a 1957 Super Rocket and you will ONLY see listed a Road Rocket for 1957 but, they WERE introduced in 1957, just not well covered in current BSA literature.

Below is literature I had in my (Daniel Boss) own personal library on 1957 Super Rockets, a reprint that Walnecks did on a 1957 Cycle magazine road test and a sales ad from BSA incorporated in New Jersey.

1957 BSA Super Rocket

Below is literature supplied by Ryan on 1957 Super Rockets.

1957 BSA Super Rocket 1957 BSA Super Rocket 1957 BSA Super Rocket

Ryan, has a 1957 A10 Super Rocket, and got a source in Australia to do a bit of research on factory records and found out that Ryan's bike was dispatched on May 04 1957 Engine # CA10R-4891 Frame # EA7-11066. BSA wrote that this bike was indeed A 10SR (As in Super Rocket not Rocket Scrambler as these were stamped CA10SR on the cases). Dispatched to BSA Inc. New Jersey. Consignment Number 85112 Tally Number- 26310

Interestingly, the last Road Rocket Ryan's source could find was Eng-CA-10R5675, Frame-EA7-10138, Black Coulour, Dispatched on April 30 1957 But that wasn't the last one to leave the factory, EA7-10013, CA10R-5679 Dispatched May 10 1957 to A-B.E. Sweden.

The first Super Rocket his source could find went to BSA Inc New Jersey, EA7-10010, CA10R-5652, Dispatched May 07 1957. They did build A10 Super Rockets in 1957. August of each year was typically the start of the new model range for BSAs, so BSA were 3 months ahead that year."

I also have more pictures of a 1957 A10 Super Rocket still in original condition here.

If anyone else has anything to add to this information, email me at Daniel Boss.