BSA Motorcycles 1950s

Special thanks

I would like to thank Brian Pollitt of the UK-BSAOC for countless pieces of advice, many of which are documented right here in this webpage. He has spent hours and hours of his time helping me with the information in this webpage. I would also like to thank Clark Francy of the OV-BSAOC and BSA mechanic Frank Deihi for additional tips added to this webpage.

A paper, "The Crankshaft" written by Frank Deihi and Bill Barse documented a portion of the sludge trap removal procedure summarized on this webpage. Thanks to Dave Kath, Rick Dorgan, Harris Turner, Charles Falco, and John Healy for BSA A10 literature and/or tips.

I must also thank, in general, the subscribers to Brit-Iron, whom I can always count on for an answer!