BSA Motorcycles 1950s

Eastern USA vs Western USA Super Rocket Models

The following model differences are based on BSA sales literature for standard items for East and West Coast models. The webpage reader should be aware that dealers could and often did specify Western USA variations for their Eastern USA models and vice-versa. Therefore, if you have a 2 gallon tank and an Eastern USA Super Rocket, don't be alarmed as this was most likely due to special dealer requests when ordering the BSA.

East Coast Super Rockets
- 4-gallon tank standard (did have the 2-gallon as option for '58 & '59, 3-gallon '60 on)
- Rubbers knee grips on tank
- Eastern type "Twin-Solo" dual seat (wider, softer, and longer for the highway touring habits of the Eastern Market)
- Handle bars featured the "Laconia Bend" sweeping handle bar contour for comfort and control

West Coast Super Rockets
- 2-gallon tank standard (for 1958 and 1959) and 3-gallon special sport tank for 1960 to 1963 (Note: conflict in literature, one catalog (for 1958-59) list the special sport type 3 gallon tank as standard for Western model).
- No rubbers knee grips on tank
- Sports type "cushionaire" dual seat (slimmer design more suitable for off-the road sports favored in the West)
- Handle bars designed with a "Gunter Bend" smooth shaped design

Note: Details on "Gunter" and "Laconia" bend from 1957 Road Rocket (not Super Rocket) sales brochure. I am assuming these bend styles were carried along when the 1958 Super Rocket models were introduced.

I encourage anyone with additional information about Eastern USA vs Western USA model differences to contact me (Email to danielboss at I am also interested in color photos of Eastern and Western type Super Rockets. Note: The picture at the beginning of this webpage is of the West Coast version Super Rocket.