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USA versus UK Super Rockets

Following is a summary of model differences between UK and USA model A10 Super Rockets.

UK Super Rockets
- Headlamp cowl (nacelle) and if a tacho was requested it was fitted on a bracket which bolted under the top fork cap
- No rubber fork gaiters
- For 1958/1959, had either red mudguards and tank or silver mudguards, oil tank, toolbox and tank with the remainder in black (The silver sheen optional color was only available for 1958)
- The UK model had front stays fitted to the mudguard until 1960 when the deeper valanced mudguard was introduced across the range and the front stay was done away with.
- In 1960, the UK model rear mudguard (fender) was longer than US models.

USA Super Rockets
- No headlamp cowl (nacelle)and the tacho was standard (headlamp was fitted with a dual clock mounting bracket)
- Rubber fork gaiters after 1959 (gaiters added in 1959 when chrome fenders were introduced)
- In 1959, had sapphire blue and chrome tank finish and chrome fenders
- Stays on front portion of front fender (up to 1960) same as UK
- The US models also had an extension to the rear light to comply with some state regulations that the rear light lens must be the most rearmost part of a vehicle.
- In 1960, the US model rear mudguard (fender) was shorter than the UK models.

I encourage anyone with additional information about UK vs USA model differences to contact me (Email to danielboss at I am particularly interested in documenting color differences for other years and other differences. I would also like color photos of original or "correct" UK and USA Super Rockets. Based on notations in a A10 spares list, there may be differences in UK and USA model silencers (42-2653/54 USA vs 42-2651/52 UK), tank rubbers (40-8029/30 USA vs 40-8012/13), front fenders (42-6555/3 USA vs. 42-6555 UK), top yoke (42-5036 USA vs 42-5035 UK) and bottom yoke (42-5012 USA vs 42-5086 UK), pistons (67-1552 USA vs. 67-1370 UK), fork top nuts (66-5106 USA vs 65-5331 UK). If anyone can describe these differences, please contact me.

Note: Based on the literature I have reviewed to date, both USA and UK Super Rockets had non-valenced type fenders in 1958 and 1959 but went to valenced type fenders for the remaining years.


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