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Photos of BSA A7s and A10s motorcycles owned by webpage readers

This section of the website contains photos (organized by model type and year) submitted by readers visiting the webpage. In some cases, photos below are not A10 or A7 but I felt like including them to show some of the other great BSAs out there in internet land.

If you have a scanned photo of an A7 or an A10 and would be willing to let me add it to my webpage, please send it to Daniel Boss. Please include year and model and even engine and frame numbers if you have them, plus any other history you have on the bike pictured in your photo. I am currently hoping to gain some more photos of Spitfire Scramblers and pre-1960 A10 Road and Super Rockets. Please send em if you got em.


William Klaehn's 1957 BSA A10 Super Rocket - with correct rocket fender emblem and original title to prove this is a 1957 A10 Super Rocket (not Road Rocket)!

Guillermo Suarez's 1958 BSA A10 Super Rocket - Red export BSA restored in Mexico!

Errol Franks 1958 BSA A10 Super Rocket - Red beauty!

Norman Stringfield's 1958/59 A10 Super Rocket Cafe Racer - Have a look at how he put the "cafe racer" into this bike!

Fred East's 1958 A10 Super Rocket Photo is circa 1968 and in black and white.

Franks's 1959 BSA A10 Super Rocket and 1954 BSA A7 These are very original VINTAGE photos in black and white! See the bikes the way the looked in the true vintage days!

Doug's 1959 BSA A10 Golden Flash and Super Rocket Great pics of both his bikes.

1959 BSA A10 Super Rocket - This is a 1959 BSA Super Rocket photo on a BSA factory post card showning a USA export model 1959 A10 SR to the correct specifications. This is very rare photo and very useful for restoration purposes, check it out!

Graham Collin's1959/60 BSA A10 Super Rocket Golden Flash hyrbid - This is very nice bike with an A10 SR engine on a GF frame.

Jay Egan's1959 BSA A10 Super Rocket - This is a great 1959 BSA Super Rocket.

Bruce Hatton's 1959 A10 Super Rocket - formerly owned by Phil Montague below but with some recent improvements!

Phil Montague's 1959 A10 Super Rocket - Done in black!

My (Daniel Boss) 1959 A10 Super Rocket restoration project

Chris Edmond's 1960 BSA A10 Super Rocket - It is FOR SALE - Look Before IT IS GONE.

1961 BSA Super Rocket John O Regan's flashy 1961 A10 Super Rocket

Chris Saville's 1961 A10 Super Rocket - Great looking bike with red tank!!!

Lex Dreier's 1961 A10 Super Rocket - This is one of the hottest looking A10s I have seen. Done up in sport bike styling....YOU MUST SEE THIS BIKE!!!

Steve Anthony's 1961 BSA A10 Super Rocket has a nice touch of class to it!!! Also includes some pics of his 1935 BSA blue star restoration in the works.

Mike Cheyne's 1957/1961 BSA A10 Super Rocket A Great LOOKING bike!!!

Ron Kendall's 1961 BSA A10 Super Rocket This bike just sold in October 2003 (listed for sale on my website on August 2003), check it out!!

1961 BSA A10 Super Rocket brochure plus one page with other A10s including the 1961 Spitfire Scrambler and Royal Tourist. Brochure scan supplied by Ryan!

Bob Jamieson's 1961 A10 Super Rocket - Professionally restored and great quality picture!

Walt Malec's 1961 A10 Super Rocket - Shows the Sapphire Blue (correct color) tank and Big Valve Super Rocket decal. Check it out!

Stan Jackson's 1961 A10 Super Rocket - A fine example of a restoration with many enhancements to improve performance and reliability!

Tormod Eikill's 1961 A10 Super Rocket - Beautiful bike in a beautiful setting!

1962 BSA A10 Super Rocket in original WEST coast brochure . Brochure scan supplied by Brian Milthorp!

1962 BSA Super Rocket Street Tracker Nicely done in red with scrambler pipes and street tracker seat.

Michael McNall's 1962 A10 Super Rocket - This bike is in GREAT condition!

Ron Dark's 1962 A10 Super Rocket - The photos of this red bike include a good shot of the tank top decal.

Walt Malec's 1962 A10 Super Rocket - The photos of this red beauty were taken in 1965

Sales Brochure: 1963 BSA A10 Super Rocket from original color BSA sales literature


Gary Scheaffer's 1949 BSA A7 - Nicely done restoration!!!

See Tony Boothmans A7 (w/ dual carb A10 head) Swing Arm for yourself (they really do exist!) This bike has alot of Eddie Dow aftermarket accessories too!

1951 BSA A7 color sales brochure!!!

Doug Bruce's 1951 BSA A7 Great Looking bike in its original configuration!!!

Malcolm's 1952 BSA A7 Star Twin - Beautiful plunger bike!

Frank's 1959 BSA A10 Super Rocket and 1954 BSA A7 These are very original VINTAGE photos in black and white! See the bikes the way the looked in the true vintage days!

Chris's 1956 BSA A7 Cafe Racer Has the twin carb head and many modifications!

See Barry Porter's photo of an A7 (w/ dual carb head)Twin Star taken an the international BSA rally in Australia! Shows a close up of the carbs!

Tim Rush's 1958 A7 - This bike was customized...check it out!

John Keeble's 1959 A7 - This looks like it was a killer bike. John unfortunitely sold the bike in 1972.

Chris Saville's 1961 A7SS - Great looking bike with green tank and trim.


John Batchler's BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler Collection (page omitted)

Service bulletin - Spitfire Lighting This literature shows how dealers were to fit accessory lighting to the Spitfire Scramblers in 1958. I bought this literature from a retired BSA dealer, pretty neat stuff!

Bates Lighting Kit for Spitfire Scramblers This literature sent by Don Bachtel. Compare to the other 1958 literature mentioned above.

Wade O'Connor's 1957 A10 Spitfire Scrambler - Great bike!

Dave Bevington's photo of a 1957 A10 Spitfire Scrambler - Owned by Mike Moore, nicely done!

Olav Hästbacka's 1957 A10 Spitfire Scrambler - Check out the dual carbs and scrambler exhaust pipes!

John Gough's 1959 BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler - A Bunch of shots of his bike from various angles. Shows the accessory headlamp and taillight too!

1959 BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler - This spitfire is still in orginal condition with the original tank top decal and has accessory lighting kit, photos sent by Glenn Bator!!

Steve Hayes 1959 BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler - This spitfire was professionally restored and is superb!

Wyn Bingel's CUSTOM 1960 BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler - Check out the upswept mufflers on this unique A10 done up as a spitfire chopper!!!

Muzz's 1960 A10 Spitfire Scrambler from photo taken by Lew Graham.

Original 1961 BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler brochures - Oddly, one shows a 61 Spitfire with a pear badged tank, scan sent by Roger in contrast to another brochure showing the round badged tank.

BSAOC of NSW - has a 1962 BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler brochure page.

Fred Lohse's 1962 BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler A great bike in the final stages of restoration!.

Peter Dietrich's 1962 BSA A10 Goldstar Spitfire Scrambler prior to be auctioned off on ebay..nice bike.

1963 A10 Gold Star Spitfire Scrambler (a.k.a. Rocket Goldstar Scrambler) literature along with some useful information on this model.

Sales Brochure: USA BSA Gold Star Spitfire 1963 from original color BSA sales literature

Clive Harrison's 1963 BSA A10 Goldstar Spitfire Scrambler Have a look at the COOL two-into-one exhaust on this spitfire!

Geoff Ullmann's 1963 BSA A10 Goldstar Spitfire Scrambler original photos invaluable photos taken not long after the bike was bought new.


Carey Jones 1953 A10 Cafe Racer Carey has really done a nice job putting his own touch on this classic bike!

George Brown's 1951 A10 Golden Flash photos taken in 1952 ... great reference photos of a bike still in nearly new original condition.

1951 BSA A10 Golden Flash color sales brochure!

1952 BSA A10 Golden Flash color catalog cover from Nicholson bros

Erling Lund's 1954 A10 Golden Flash - Very nice Golden Flash located in Norway.

Steve Arthur's 1957 A10 Golden Flash

Shaun Gibbon's 1958 A10 Golden Flash - Great rider used for extensive touring!

Wayne Casterlin's 1958 A10 Golden Flash This photo was taken circa 1964 and shows the optional accessory rear seat rail with BSA lettering. Nice vintage photo. (but missing from archive)

Bob Gambarelli's 1958 A10 Golden Flash - great bike!

Doug's 1959 BSA A10 Golden Flash and Super Rocket Great pics of both his bikes.

Curt Delanoy's 1959 BSA A10 Golden Flash - This 1959 BSA Golden Flash has a great Cafe look! Have a look!

Paul Goff's 1959 A10 Golden Flash - Check out the WILD fairing on this bike in Prestwood Bucks, England!

Peter Cutajar's 1960 A10 Royal Tourist - Nice bike!

Gregory Catalano's 1961 BSA A10 Golden Flash - Looks great with Goldstar style tank with large badges!

Micheal Richardson's 1962 A10 Golden Flash - Great Condition!


John Preston's A10 Super Rocket/Gold Star Hybrid Check out this racing photo at the Isle of Mann. This bike is not really a Rocket Gold Star but an A10 mixed up with Goldstar parts. GREAT PHOTO AND BIKE!!!!

Les Josey's 1962 BSA A10 Rocket Gold Star Very well done and competition winner!!!!

Photo of an old BSA A10 Gold Star Twin supplied by Walt Malec


David Robert's 1954 A10 Road Rocket with enhancements

John R. Gough II's 1954 A10 Road Rocket - A great looking bike!

Allan Mackay's 1955 A10 Road Rocket - Cafe Racer set-up, check it out!

Bobby Blunk's 1956 A10 Road Rocket Check out this desert beauty!

Mirek Sharp's 1956 A10 Road Rocket Complete with the unusual (correct) rocket fender ornament! GOLD STARS AND BSA PREUNIT SINGLES

Joe Anania's BB34 Cafe Custom - Great looking bike!

Brian Bayliss and his Goldies - a 1956 DBD34 Clubman and another Goldiemix!

Fred Anderson's Goldstars - Both a 1956 and 1961 BSA Goldstar.

Austen Kear's 1955/56 Daytona Replica, BSA B34 Small Fin Trials Bike and Gold Star Scrambles bike - Fully restored!


BSA Instuction manuals

BSA A10 Clones - the Kawasaki W1 and W2 650 Twins

Grant Hellinger's original 1968 KAWASAKI W2 SS 650

BSA Twin Port Heads

My A10 twin carb converion head. This head is off the bike and allows a better look at the rare twin port A10 head.

BSA 441


BSA Cars

Michael Murray Grant's 1937 BSA Scout 4-seater tourer - check it out! Also - Michael wishes to know if any of you out there know of BSA car websites other than the UK front wheel drive club.