BSA Motorcycles 1950s

Wyn Bingel's 1960 BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler

1960 BSA A10 Spitfire Chopper

1960 BSA A10 Spitfire Chopper

Wyn Bingel's engine and frame are how it came from the factory. Wyn owned it since 1966 and customized (chopped) it around 1972. He recently put it back on the road, after it had been sitting in the back of his garage since the mid 70's. It runs "so-so". Probably needs a magneto overhaul. It has full-width Ariel hubs on it (stock). Wyn lives near Buffalo, NY.

Engine No. DA10R2295 (1960 Super Rocket)
Frame No. FA7-1536 (1958) Note, no "A" after the FA7
Generator E3L (6 volt neg gnd) 60 watts
Magneto Lucas K2F (March 1960)
Carb Single Amal Monobloc No. 389/47
Transmission STD
Front tire 3.50X19
Back tire 4.10X19