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Runbaken Electric Scooters

Runbaken Products of 280 Deansgate, Manchester Runbaken produced an electric scooter in 1919.

  • The Runbaken Magneto Company of Manchester were prominent makers of oil-filled coils, magnetos and other electrical equipment.

    Their products were used by many motorcycle manufacturers including Maxim, Romper, Howard & Johnson, British Radial, Radco, Liberty (engines) and Cykelaid.

    In 1919 the head of the firm built a prototype scooter powered by a ½ hp electric motor in- unit with reduction gearing and chain final-drive. A massive 6-volt storage battery fitted on the foot platform above the tubular open frame. The battery had its own special cradle and could be easily removed for recharging. It also had miniature Druid side-spring front forks, spoked wheels of 12-inch diameter, and twist-grip speed control.

    The big drawback was speed, as the average was 9mph/14kmph with a cruising range of a mere 12 miles/19km on a full charge. As its potential was so limited, the venture was not taken any further.

    1937 Electrical accessories. "Nivex" Electrical Test Equipment. "Runbaken" Electrical Test Equipment.

    1937 Listed Exhibitor - British Industries Fair. Testoscopes. Engravers. Hand Grinder. Time Switch. Insulation Tester. Instruments. Motor Accessories. (Stand No. Cb.910). 280 Deansgate, Manchester, 9. Telephone: Blackfriars 5515. Telegraphic Address: "Runbaken, Deansgate, Manchester". (1937)

    1939 Listed as an Aircraft Industry Supplier

Source: Graces Guide

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