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Girling of Tyseley Birmingham was a British automotive systems manufacturing company. 1925 The company started as a car brake manufacturer after Albert H. Girling. He patented a wedge actuated braking system.
  • 1929 He sold the patent rights to the New Hudson company.
  • 1938 Girling brake manufacture was taken over by Lucas in 1938 but the patent remained held by New Hudson until this in turn was purchased by them in 1943. Lucas then moved their Bendix brake and Luvax shock absorber interests into a new division which became Girling Ltd.
  • 1943 Private company.
  • 1949 Advert for brakes for cars.
  • 1961 Chassis engineers and manufacturers of disc/drum brakes and dampers. [2]
  • 1963 Motor Show exhibitor. Disc and drum brakes. [3]

Sources: Graces Guide

Mon, 13 Nov 2017
817mike at
Watsonian 1982 Monaco

I have a Girling gas shock absorber on a 1982 Watsonian side car which I purchased as a barn find. There was very few miles on it before it was put into storage in the barn where I bought it. My question is this: Should a gas shock, unused 30 years be automatically replaced ? It seems to respond well when compressed .. I am concerned that there are seals inside it that would crack and/or deteriorate with age .. Thanks, Mike
Michael Durniak
Bay City, MI USA

Recommend replacing with suitable Koni, Ikon, Hagon or similar. Original Girling not easy to rebuild.

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