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Bultaco Models include:

125 TSS 125cc 1968-1970

125 TSS Acqua 125cc 1968-1972

125 Lobito 125cc 1967-1976

125 Sherpa 125cc 1968-1979

125 Pursang 125cc 1972-1974

175 Lobito 175cc 1971-1973

200 T SS 200cc 1968-1972

250 T SS 250cc 1968-1972

250 Alpina 250cc 1970-1979

250 Frontera 250cc 1973-1976

250 Sherpa Sammy Miller 250cc 1964-1968

250 Sherpa T 250cc 1967-1979

250 Pursang MK1 250cc 1965-1967

250 Pursang MK2 250cc 1968-1971

250 Pursang MK3 250cc 1968-1971

250 Pursang MK4 250cc 1968-1971

250 Pursang MK5 250cc 1971-1974

250 Pursang MK6 250cc 1971-1974

250 Pursang MK7 250cc 1971-1974

250 Pursang MK8 250cc 1974-1979

250 Pursang MK9 250cc 1974-1979

250 Pursang MK10 250cc 1974-1979

250 Pursang MK11 250cc 1974-1979

250 Matador MK2 250cc 1965-1967

250 Matador MK3 250cc 1967-1972

250 Matador MK4 250cc 1967-1972

350 Alpina 350cc 1973-1976

350 Sherpa T 350cc 1973-1976

350 Sherpa T 350cc 1977-1983

350 TSS 350cc 1968-1972

360 El Montadero 360 1969-1972

360 Frontera MK9 360 1975-1976

370 Frontera MK10 370 1976-1978

370 Frontera MK11 370 1976-1978

370 Pursang 370 1975-1978

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Hi, I bought a Metralla. The title says it is a 1965. I’ve never seen handlebars like this before. It has a DOT taillight that looks like a trailer light. The front fender is shorter and the racing number plate on the front fender runs to the end of fender. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Bultaco-1965-Metrala-GPa.jpg posted to Comments
drumnagorrach1 at btinternet.com
Bultaco Sherpa 199b
Just read the article about motoplatt flywheel mag, thanks. My stator has a diode but I don't have a blue wire but I do have a grey one which I have been unable to identify it’s use . Could that be a capacitor charge wire , if it is , how would it be wired in?
Lee Halsall
Scotland UK

Image posted to Comments
danielwilkenson at gmail.com
Bultaco frontera 1975
I have a external rotor motoplat lower Ignition coil for my bultaco protect. I was wondering if you had any input on if I could use the two higher wattage wires to run a 4 wire reg rectifier and produce 12 v dc without damaging the lower Ignition unit
Daniel wilkinson
United States
wilsoncherie761 at gmail.com
engine number PM-9101353
frame number PB9101353 we are trying to find out what year our Bultaco motorcycle is
cherie palmer

Richardk at paininda.net
1978 Bultaco Streaker Model M-204
What decals do you all have for this model? Price as well please. Thank you, Richard

  • Sorry, we don't sell decals. Ed.

Tue, 08 Aug 2017
toniyesares at hotmail.com
bultaco tss 125 600420-6

senor sabe usted de recambio del motor tss 125 de la caja de cambios y selector un saludo
españa Europe

Trans: Sir, do you know about the tss 125 engine? S gearbox and selector

Fri, 04 Aug 2017
jeansjima at comcast.net

Bultaco Pursang

Searchin for Old Bultaco riders
wilmington, il

Sun Aug 10 2014
rick1881 at yahoo.com
Bultaco Sherpa 175 cc
Hi ! I have from new, a mint condition Bultaco 175c ( never trailed and not scratched - all original parts ). I need to have a valuation of this motor cycle which I purchased in the 80's. FYI - It has less than 100 miles on the clock ( genuine )Photo's on request.
UK -

Ed: Believed to be a Model 221 of 1979. These were available as 175cc machines only in the UK, and all other 221 models were 125cc.

Fri Apr 04 2014
daddy19581955 at yahoo.com
Price on set of Akront Wheels
Bultaco 1975 250 Pursang #135
I am looking for a new set of Akront rims for my Bultaco.
USA Wisconsin

Thu May 16 2013
Parts and service Manuals
Bultaco 250 Metralla mk11
also require 2x tool box side covers
Sydney Australia

Thu Apr 05 2012
engine and frame numbers
bultaco sherpa t with sidecar
hi i wish to make my bike road legal and need to have my engine and frame numbers verified can you help please
colchester england

Mon May 30 2011
westhighlandtracer at gmail.com
for sale
bultaco sherpa t 175
i am selling bultaco sherpa t 175, very original and becoming rare, complete bike running but would benefit from restoration,,any sensible offer considered

Fri Feb 25 2011

hooty1000rr<at>hotmaildot com
bulltaco for sale
bulltaco enduro
i have a bulltaco i found behind a barn with parts. make me a offer
Elizabeth city, nc

Fri Dec 10 2010
pworrall<at>kearnypearsonforddot com
Bultaco Sherpa
I have information on the trophy pics that Tim Beasley was writing about. I was good friends with John Gracia, the son of John Grace who was part of the forming of Bultaco with Sr Bulto. John Grace was a huge racer in Spain and was the president of Bultaco USA

Sat Dec 04 2010
Metralla wiring
Bultaco GT
Can somebody help me out with a wiring diagram for GT Metralla 142 with Famsa points ignition and famsa regulator.
Rgards Wayne

Fri Dec 03 2010
theoanast<at>hotmaildot com

bultaco sherpa
i am looking to buy a bultaco sherpa and i will be in spain next month Can you help me to find one?
also please prices about and condition

Thank you
Athens Greece

Thu Feb 18 2010
kklubbe at earthlink.net
Piston lst oversize
vm l85. l976 sherpa t l25cc (bultaco) sherpa t l25cc
Do you have piston (lst oversize) for this bike?
Washington State USA

Sat Feb 13 2010
Autocrazy at Ruraltel.net
Vintage Bultaco's,
Bultaco's, 73 350 pursang, MK 99 Alpina,
Ive always liked Bultaco;s,
Id like to have a 73 350 Pursang, and a mk 99 alpina 350,
Sweet bikes sweet looking,
nothing runs or looks like a Bultaco,
they are nicely made nicely designed bikes,

Fri Oct 09 2009
tradewindzer at gmaildot com
Metralla Gas/Fuel Tank Cap
Metralla M23
Hi All,

Does anyone know where to source the monza style fuel tank caps for a metralla??

Thanks in Advance

Wed Aug 05 2009
moemamoo at yahoodot com
Bultaco Pursang 250/360
Dear Sir,

I was given a Bultaco in lieu of work done and I don't know much about it. I was told it is a Pursang, it's old but I don't know how big the engine is or when it was made. I don't even know if it works. The motor looks visually larger than the 250 motors I've seen on the internet but I'm not sure. The motor has a # M-10500054 on the crank case. I will send several pics along with this email and if you could be so kind as to speculate what size and model the motor is and what year it was made, I'd really appreciate it!
What can I use to remove the oxide on the head, cylinder and other aluminum parts?
If I take the head off, will I need to replace the gasket before I reassemble it?
What kind of paint can I use to repaint the exhaust pipe?
What do you think a fair price for an AS IS bike like this?
I'd really appreciate any info you might have. Thank you so much

Los Angeles, CA

Sun Jul 19 2009
tigersboxing at sbcglobal.net
bultaco for sale
bultaco 71 and 72
two bultaco for sale needs work

Sun Jun 14 2009
siwalkabout at hotmaildot com
chassis number
bultaco sherpa?
hi ive just picked up a bike and am told its a bultaco chassis. the frame number is (i think) tb 22100006. does this make sense and have you any idea od the model and year?? many thanks...si
cheltenham. uk

subject: Bultaco Alpina 350 cc
Email: rod-greer at bigponddot com
message: I am restoring a 1974-5 Bultaco alpina 350 and am looking for a complete set of transfers/decals/stickers.
Can you supply and if so what is ballpark price.

I can supply photographs of existing decals.

Fri Mar 06 2009
frankenstein1269 at yahoodot com
bultaco go kart
matisse persang
i am looking for any history on this kart all i know is its a bultaco 250 cc fke III experimental.....HELP PLEASE

  • More information and photos here:
    cardomain.com/ride/3239959 (404)

Mon Jan 05 2009
rhysemo69 at yahoodot com
hay bultaco boys
bultaco Bultaco Frontera 360 1975
hay i wos wudring if sum one cen help me i have a Bultaco Frontera 360 1975
 dus eney one have a egnilton pack
australia .s.a

Tue Oct 14 2008
craigdallen at btinternetdot com
Bultaco sherpa t parts
bultaco Sherpa t 67 vintage
Hi, trying to find some parts for this old bike. I need a complete ignition, or advice on adapting others to suit. Seat,rear fender, exhaust, ignition sidecover, throttle,airbox, kickstart. How can i tell if it is a Sammy miller T ?

Sun Oct 05 2008
klbabylo at rockwellcollinsdot com
Disassembly of steerin column
1974 Bultaco Pursang 200
How do I remove the threaded tube and bearing in the steering column

Sat Aug 30 2008
got2 at aoldot com
Air box
Bultaco 135 Mk 8
Looking for an air box for 135 Pursang
Alabama, USA

Thu Apr 17 2008
celtickingjames31 at yahoodot com
need ignition for bultaco 390 cc
bultaco 390
ihave ignition on engine,just need coil,ect

Fri Mar 14 2008
peterbonnici at onvol.net
need parts
bultaco frontera 125cc
i am looking for a flywheel part no.
motoplat 9600061,can somebody please help so i can get my bultaco back on the road.
thanks a lot.

Wed Feb 06 2008
www.martinlonso at yahoo.es
Bultaco el bandido 360 model 18.... O 68.........
Compro bultaco el bandido 360 mk1(18....) O MK2 (68.....) PARA RESTAURAR

Sun Feb 03 2008
kimmuir2002 at yahoodot com
Motor Bike
Bultaco Frontera 250
I have a Bultaco Frontera 250 ? given to me , I would like to restore it to original condition, I know little about this bike and need to know where to find modle/engine numbers etc . I recieved the bike in boxes of parts , also is there a Bultaco club in Australia i can go to for parts , work shop manual & advice etc
Regards Kim
West Australia

subject: bultaco 350 bike
keith at rhlttdot com
message: hello my name is keith i live in Trinidad i have a bultaco bike but have no idea what it is i was told that the serial number contains this info. where is it and who do i ask.

Fri Nov 30 2007
sellsworth06 at hotmaildot com
Model Type?

Did Bultaco every make a model and what year, with a chrome fuel tank?

Mon Nov 12 2007
davidthomas350 at talktalk.net
Bultaco pistons and rod kits
Looking for 2 -60.9mm bultaco pistons &rod kits do you have any stock.

David Thomas UK
North Wales UK

Thu Oct 25 2007
scottcarter01 at aoldot com
250 Frontera 1976
For sale; under a thousand miles, with extras.
In great shape.

Sat Sep 22 2007
mikesnolan at cox.net
Bultaco Sherpa T350
Hello Bultaco owners! In the late 70's I was seriously into trials in southern Arizona. I have two complete Sherpa T350's and an Alpina 250 that haven't run in years, but were running when I garaged them. How can I determine the value of these bikes if I want to sell them now?

Bultaco Sherpa T 350 Arizona

Sat Sep 08 2007
licpedroquintanilla at hotmaildot com
Bultaco Frontera 1975 76
We are looking for a frontera bultaco 1975 76 if so please contact me at 956 345 6818 or email.

Thu Aug 02 2007
young-quality-cars at msndot com
Wanting to Purchase
1974 Bultaco Matador SDR Mk5
I am searching for a '74 Matador SDR, any cond , but it must be complete,any where in the world.

Wed Jul 04 2007
osullivanjimmy at yahoo.ie
looking for a piston kit !
1965(ish) mercurio 155cc
Hi just found your site and I am hoping that you might be able to help me out.I have ,what i am told is a 155cc mercurio road bike which were used by the postal service(An Post) in Ireland. The problem is that I am having trouble finding a piston kit for the bike.The piston measures 56mm diametre and 60 mm from bottom up to first ring slot.If anyone has any info'I would be delighted to hear from you. Thanks,Jimmy
Co.Cavan. Ireland

Fri Jun 01 2007
jsapacptrs at aoldot com
Bultaco Pursang and Matador
1975 Pursang and 1975 Matador
Two bikes for sale, mint, restored by Bultaco West, $4,500 each
Rancho Mirage, Calfiornia

Tue May 15 2007
ken.mills at eftel.net.au
Bultaco Matador Mk3 Brochure & Photos
Bultaco Matador Mk3 1970 (Australia)
My friend Greg and I purchased 2 new Matador Mk3's in 1970 in Mt Isa, Queensland , Australia. They were brilliant motorcycles and we had lots of fun in the bush. That is me in the photo.
Queensland Australia

Wed Apr 18 2007
cd4321go at aoldot com
1972 250 pursang
have just rebuilt a cherry 72 pursang but can't get it to fire. was wondering if someone had timing specs'. has electronic ignition thasnk you

Thu Mar 08 2007
twostep581 at yahoodot com
bultaco 360 persang
Hello I have a 360 persang I was wondering if you had any info I am looking to find a new top end for it? Other than it needing a new top end the bike is in mint condition. Would like to see it running again My dad raced it once and also has another one with the 250 version. It has been a while and were looking foreword to getting into it again.

Mon Jan 15 2007
pmazo at cox.net
bultaco tss 196cc
restoration of tss i need dellorto carb, tach and tach drive
idaho, usa

Tue Jan 09 2007
mellar at verizon.net
fuel oil ratio
Bultaco Sherpa T 350 model 199A
Hi, I'd like to know what the recommended fuel to oil ratio is for the Bultaco Sherpa T 350 is. Thanks
Washington DC

Sat Dec 02 2006
yosemite704 at yahoodot com
2005 Bultaco Pursang 125/250
OK! I have searched everywhere to see if this is a real bike.. I found it on bikepics.com, I WANT ONE! Is Bultaco making these bikes again? thanks Kim.
TX, USA Can find no evidence of a resurgence of the marque. Ed.

Thu Oct 19 2006
valfab1 at charter.net
Pistons & Rings
All Bultaco's
I have a large box of new, old stock, pistons, rings and piston sets/kits from the 1970's for Bultacos. They are Bultaco, Mahle & Tarabusi brands. Are these sought after? I am an eBay seller and was going to list them but I thought I should do some research 1st. Thanks, Val

Fri Sep 01 2006
value/ desirable?
1975 Bultaco 250 Frontera
I have one in North America. 975 original miles. I've stored indoors past thirty years.
is complete and great.
Any body want to make an offer?
usa IL 60102

Sat Aug 26 2006
rsrichetti at hotmaildot com
Need Help finding pipe
MK4, 250 Pursang, Model 86
I am having a hard time locating a new pipe for my MK4 250 pursang. Reaman is fine. Any help I can get would be great!!
Helena Mt.

Fri Jul 14 2006
peter.kean at btinternetdot com
villa 125 pistons
bultaco tss
am looking for 54mm piston for a 125 bultaco tss,have been told 125 villa piston will do witht slight mod,anyone out there got any,sick of mahle ones failing,

Thu Jun 15 2006
astrogirl1956 at yahoodot com
Bultaco Motorcycle
73-74 350 Bultaco Alpina
I have my late husband bike in the garage. I would like to know what it is worth as is. It is in fair condition no crack fenders. I would like someone locally in Houston, Baytown,Tomball, Humble etc to come out and tell me what my bike is worth as is. Please can someone help me at a local level. I know that this bike is a VINTAGE bike.
Thank you and I will be looking forward to a response.

Mon May 29 2006
coljaylyn at bigpond.com.au
market value sherpa t
bultaco sherpa t 350
Just wanting to know what this motorcycle would be worth there is also spare motor and frame falks and wheels. My son was left this bke buy his dad and would like to know what it is worth
nsw australia

Thu May 25 2006
ridersrest at junodot com
Bultaco 4 speed??
I have a 4 speed Bultaco, serial #'s are:
B401804 and M401804D-Can you tell me what exactly I have? Thaks, Mike

Thu Mar 09 2006
Bouts-13 at yahoodot com
Mk 6 Lobito
I'm just trying to find out as much info and specs as possible on my 93 mk 6 175 lobitos. They seem a rare motorbike with almost zero information available on the net. Can you help?

Thanks for your reply, it is appreciated. 93 is the Model number. eg. serial number is 9300047. i'll attach a photo of the motorbike for you...

Thanks again,

Jarrett Bouts, Adelaide. Aust.

Tue Jan 24 2006
michelledeeg at hotmaildot com
1974 bultaco sherpa t
Hi I am restoring a 1974 bultaco sherpa t and need a few hard to get parts.
can anyone help me out with
gas tank cap (screw in)
gear stick
rear shocks
chrome exhaust & muffler
carby rubber to air box
front mud guard brackets FD

Wed Nov 30 2005
bob at cyclingnews.co.za
Bultaco TSS road racers My family owned and raced several TSS models during the sixties and seventies. We had a pair of 1965 aircooled 250s, a 1966 125 w/c 125, and a pair of `966 w/c 250s (one bored out to 252 for the 350 class).

We finished off the 60s with a superb gear-drive 250 and a magnificent a/c 350 (with 360 sleeve and piston) . Our number one rider, South Africa's Martin Watson set lap records on all the British short circuits, as well as picking up the Newcomer's trophy in the 1966 Manx GP . The 125 never placed outside the first six.

The 350 was vastly undeveloped but picked up a host of club wins everywhere.

They were truly fabulous bikes and very reliable. If only they had produced the 250 twin which Barry Sheene told me he had seen at the factory in 1971. Apparently senora Bulto vetoed the project because she didn't want her son, Ignacio, going road racing.

A great marque made by a great family and achieving some great results.

Bob Aldridge - Johannesburg

Wed Nov 09 2005
metralla mk2
who can provide official proof ie certificate linking frame No...
See Spanish Motorcycle Forum

Fri Aug 26 2005
We have been lucky enough to acquire a superb Bultaco collection (not unlimited stock) of key rings, patches and stickers from the 1970's....
See Spanish Motorcycle Forum

Bultaco Motorcycles: http://www.bultaco.net [404] (now bultaco.es)

http://www.hughsbultaco.com -- Hugh's Bultaco -- Veteran New York Dealer

Does anyone know of a Bultaco list, or own Bultacos? I have a friend that just re-aquired his old Sherpa-T and needs some parts, documentation, etc. -- Jon Burdsall -- jburd at mt.net

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