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BCB Trirrodio

Nicknamed the Bichibi, this delightful three-wheeler was created by Paco Bulto (later of Bultaco), Carlos Carreras of ENASA, and the Italian designer of the Pegaso, Medardo Biolino in 1952-1953. It was powered by a 125cc engine from Montesa who were to have been a financial partner in the venture.

Before the prototype was completed, the microcar market in Spain had evaporated with the advent of inexpensive light four-wheelers from Renault and Seat.

The Bichibi underwent restoration and was completed along the lines of the original design, and the impressive result was presented at the 2011 Auto Retro Salon in Barcelona.

It is one of the exhibits at the Museo de la Motocicleta Española

Sources:, Mike Ricketts.

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