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Bayerische Motoren Werke displayed their first motorcycle at the Berlin Automobile Show in September 1923. The new BMW was a horizontally-opposed 500cc shaft-drive twin designed by Max Friz, already famous as a designer of aero engines.
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Could you find manufacturing date for my R100GS Paris Dakar?
Vin number is 0066690R100GS.
Thanks in advance
Hannu Tontti
Lahti, Finland
clunie2 at
Bmw motorcycle and sidecar
Do you have any motorcycle and sidecars for sale
Peter Green
Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England
    This is an information exchange site. We don't sell anything.

klhdcr at
2005 BMW F650 SC (Scarver). Belt drive.
Looking for a lite weight leaning side car. Models/price?
USA Arizona. Zip code 85029. Kalich list a sidecar for the F650: Kalich Sidecars.
keck5816114 at
BMW R100/7 - 1977
ich benötige Bais Lack,
Burnt Orange Metallic #534
wo Kann ich den mischen lassen ?
(I need Bais varnish, Burnt Orange Metallic # 534
where can I have it mixed?)
Thomas Martin
66482 Zweibrücken Perhaps try contacting a BMW restorer in your area and ask this question.
BMW R100/7 image posted to Comments

anglines449 at
1967 BMW R69S
Hi Admin,
I am very excited to write to you and request for your assistance in listing my for sale advert for my classic '67 BMW R69S on your website with details below.
This 1967 BMW R69S is powered by a numbers-matching 594cc opposed twin paired with a four-speed transmission. Equipment includes an Earles-type leading-link fork, shaft drive, a solo seat, a detachable windscreen, a 6.5-gallon fuel tank, and saddlebags. A 2003 restoration included an engine rebuild and a repaint, and the bike was recently serviced with a replacement battery and tires. This R69S is now offered with service records, refurbishment photos and original Washington Title.
Excellent Condition.
Price: $12,000
Please see attached pictures of the bike.
Frank AnglinKirkland, Washington United States

r.sykes at
bmw r35 1935/55 .
I'm after a BMW R 35 .
I am in southern uk .
(Later)... Big thanks for that - so much information – some proper smart bikes out there . Maybe you`ll know but where`s a good place to start with trying to buy one of these ? Or even the best country to start at ?>
robin sykes
Portsmouth UK
alberto1013021 at
BMW R12 1936-1939
Hello, my Name is Alberto I want to find and buy BMW R12 but I don't find anyone, thanks
Alberto González delgado

Try these people: Motos Antigua HD
26-Aug-2020 lider.ubezpieczenia at
BMW R11 , BMW R12
Good morning,
Please let me know if you have a BMW R11 or a BMW R12 motorcycle for sale.
Thank you for the information.
Bitte lassen Sie mich wissen, wenn Sie ein BMW R11 oder ein BMW R12 Motorrad zum Verkauf haben.
Danke für die Information.
freundliche Grüße

akkochan0711 at
BMW Royal
I need a car body strength statement in order to have a BMW R12 sidecar inspection.
I want to know how strong the sidecar frame is, the dimensions of the pipe thickness etc.
Toshihiro Miwa

  • You may need to find someone who has the appropriate model Royal sidecar and ask them to measure it.

paul.wied at
BMW Motorcycle
Hey, I came across your pages while investigating for my re-furbish, not sure if you still maintain thiese pages or not, but here goes. I bought my Beemer in 1992 and stored it from 1996-2015 due to moving around for work. Because of the long storage I need to do a lot of polishing. Mechanically It is finally good (except battery). I need to polish the engine housing and would like tips on how to do it...meaning what can I use?
Paul Wied
Stockholm, Sweden

  • Not entirely clear on the meaning of your question. Polished alloy pieces are best treated with aluminium polish such as Autosol. Cast aluminium components like crankcases can be treated with any number of commercial cleaners.

christian.simoni71 at
Hi, I'm looking for a pair of Wixom saddlebags for my bike
Firenze, Italy
manofleix at
1974 BMW R90/6 with Ural sidecar (not sure of year of manufacture, definitely not '80s-on)
Where can you suggest find a used tub to replace my slightly crinked one? Also, I have a Motorvation Coupe Royale I need to sell. Condition is ok. Will need detail work. Car and frame disconnected. I am asking for $600.00 U.S
Thanks Sheldon for your continued support.
Bill Dunn
South Bossier Parish, Louisiana
tom at
1944 BMW R75
Getting ready to restore an R75 with Steib 43 side car. I am in Northern California and will need some help and source of parts. The bike is in pretty good condition but the engine is disassembled. I have a repair manual and a parts book (reproduction)
Tom Graham
pcwconcreteworks at
1968 R69S
Looking for a Angular not Bubble Hoske Tank
ronald Leon
smgemail at
2005 bmw k1200LT
I am looking to purchase a sidecar for my BMW K1200LT. Can you sell me one that I can adapt to this motorcycle?
Bud Johnson
Florida, UA
  • Sorry, we don't sell sidecars.

pande at
BMW R61 1939
Please Help me, i want to find engine parts BMW R61,
plese check the picture
Pande Sudiara
Bali, Indonesia
  • BMW-1939-R61-Partsdiagram.jpg posted to Comments.

natasha.miles87 at
BMW 1940
I'm wondering if you can help me with some research. I am trying to find out what sort of motorbikes would have been deployed in France with the German Army in 1940. My grandfather was in the BEF at the time when the army was retreating to the coast. He somehow "acquired" a German military motorcycle and rode it to St Nazaire, where he was evacuated. I've always wondered what model of motorbike it may have been. My father suspects it was some sort of BMW, but we're not sure. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
(Referring to an image which appears to be NE France in this gallery: Military Motorcycles)

  • Very hard to say - if it had a sidecar, that would narrow it down to Zundapp or BMW. If solo it was probably one of those but could also have been DKW or one of several other marques in use by the German army at that time.

jeff at
BMW R80/7 1978
Hey there, I'm restoring a '78 R80/7 for a friend and have been trying to hunt down original dealer posters (in particular the cutaway engine drawings) or related BMW moto vintage artwork, particular the 1930s-era works. I found a number of images on your site, but yet to find the actual posters or a digital file that I could print myself. Can you point me in direction to source something like this and/or do you have original posters and/or digital files I could purchase?
Jeffrey Werner
Vancouver, Canada

BMW 1930-1939 Weltrekorde 1934

  • Many of those posters were available from poster specialists, most of which have been forced to close by the behemoths. An image search may turn up the ones you need.

rmccarver027 at
BMW R1150R - 2002
I'm looking for a sidecar to mate with my BMW R1150R - 2002. Color BMW Black. Please provide me any details to the build and delivery to Colorado Springs, Colorado USA. T: 719-930-8212. Thank you.
Rick McCarver
Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

farid.samuel at
New project
Hi I'm just starting to piece together what I'll need to do a /2 conversion. I'm hoping to run an R100 motor so about 65-70hp. I would like to go with the most robust swingarm option you talked about, the hybrid. Could you please tell me a bit more about it. On my R75 the shock mount is determined by the final drive. Would a full /5 swingarm(SWB) and final drive not bring the length required to align the top shock mounts of the /2 chassis? Thank you so much for your help!
Sammy Farid

  • You may be referring to information from this page: 1963r502.html
    That is an archive of a site from some years ago. Sorry, have no further information at this point.

nathan at
1950 R35
I need a workshop manual, thanx

Tue, 13 Feb 2018
bertrand.guenezan at
Tank hoske R60/2 1966

Do you sell hoske or meier tanks ? Thank you
Bertrand Guenezan
La Vraie Croix France

  • No, sorry, we don't.

Tue, 06 Feb 2018
nobloto at
R1200C 1999

I would to upgrade my Cruise R1200C to a sidecar BMW R1200C Troika Sidecar. May I ask you to give me the details of the vendor to do this. Thank you for your feedback.
Thionville France

Wed, 27 Sep 2017
foddersbarn at
r60 1958

I'm attempting to install a rebuilt r75/5 engine into my conversion bike, and need help figuring out the best way to do the electrical. will a slash2 wiring harness and headlamp be sufficient to run the r75 etc? any links or websites you could point to would be greatly appreciated. I have everything installed except the wiring (i.e. I have the /5 wiring harness that was installed on the /5). thanks
tom sterling
norwich, vt

  • Understand you're fitting a /5 engine into a /2 chassis. If so, best use the /5 electrics, particularly if it's an electric start model.

Wed, 02 Aug 2017
jjdesalas at
BMW 1994 k1100rs

Hello Im searching for the k100rs silver sticker for each side of the bike. Do you have them?
Barcelona Spain

  • Sorry, we don't sell stickers.

Sat May 06 2017
robertfodell at
New 1969 BMW Motorcycle
For Sale, crating and shipping provided. More pictures and details apon request.

BMW R60US 1969

April 12th 2017
From Facebook messages

Gerardo Pisapia writes:
Ciao x una bmw r 35 o un problema al cardano puoi aiutarmi?
Googletrans: Hello bmw r x a 35 or a problem with the gimbal can help me?
The 1939 model R35 has some an engine shock absorber built into the cardan shaft just aft of the gearbox, and it has self-destructed.

BMW-1939-R35-Pisapia-01 posted - see the comments button above.

Sun Jan 15 2017
turfdvlp at
Early Pictures
NSU V Twin
came across old picture from my father, his friend Otto. 2 are from NY 1927 & early1930s. Last picture Otto Sr and my cousin Helmut Germany early 1950. Hope you enjoy them. Any information on models please let me know. Thank you

The one identified as "NY 1927" is a BMW R62 of 1928 or 1929.

Fri Feb 24 2017
leonardo.ferro at
sidecar troika bmw r1220c
volevo ordinare se possibile un sidecar per la mia moto bmw r1200c
italia sicilia

Fri Jan 27 2017
hans.olislagers at
Logo BMW R80/7 or R80
Hi ,
I,m looking for the a sticher for a BMW *0/7
The Red R80/7 or the Black R80
Is it possible to get a download link to download these file so I can purchse thiese stickers froma Sticker center?
Or are you able to deliver these stickers.
Many thanks in advance for your answers and help.
Kindest regards Hans
Maastricht The Netherlands

Try searching Bikelinks for decals.

Wed Nov 25 2015
alberto.zurcher at
sidecar Swallow
Swallow unknown
I want to sell this sidecar swallow
Brasil BMW-R60-2-Swallow
More images...

Thu Mar 26 2015
rtbuffel at
New photo
BMW R100RT 1981
Here a photo of the same bike, but in better hands
Zeddam, Netherlands

BMW R100RT 1981

Thu Aug 21 2014
tannyalrb at
measure of spokes for BMW R12 1938
BMW R12 / 1938
Pls I need to know the measure of the spokes for an BWM R12 year 1938. We have the rin and we need new spokes. Many many thanks. Its urgent.

Thu Jun 05 2014
richardfreeman at
Decal required
restoring a 78 BMW R45

Thu Feb 21 2013
Lufthansa BMW R100S
BMW R100S Exclusive Sports Lufthansa Airlies
Interested in how many 1980 BMW R100S Exclusive Sports Lufthansa Airlines edition motorcycle were manufactured and how many were sent to the U.S. or North America? Appear, it is an unusual and difficult to model, information about the fine. See link for images -
Wis, USA

New accurate info on R100S it is NOT a Lufthansa pattern bike since never has been one! The three blues are pattern colors of the Bavarian nation flag. This pattern & colors were first used in 1978 on race R100S bikes. Only 30 of these "Exclusive Sport" model decal bike entered the USA in Oct of 1979 by US importer Butler & Smith.

Sat Dec 22 2012
BMW R16 and R11
Dear Sir,

My name is Chita and I'm from Indonesia. Me and my boyfriend are BMW pre-war bikes enthusiasts.

Currently, we're looking for BMW R16. We know that this type is very rare, but if you have information regarding the bike, we will be most grateful.

We are also looking for R11 and other prewar bikes that are worth to collect.
We hope will be hearing soon from you.

For your time and trouble, thank you very much.

Warm regards,

Yuchita Erayanie

Sat Oct 27 2012
kapouic AT
3d-modeling a Bmw Buccati
BMW Buccati
Hello, I thought I'd write to you because I don't want to spam. My friend, Cris Robson from, has just released a new tutorial about modeling a BMW S1000RR. If you would be interested in doing a contest or some promotion for it, it would really help us. Just get in touch with Cris Robson at
cris AT and tell him that Daniel Roy sent you. Thank you for considering my offer. And wonderful site by the way.

Have a nice day,
Daniel Roy

Sat Jun 02 2012
bmw r68
I am searching for a BMW R68
San Francisco

April 10th 2012
BMW 1951 R35
Listed on Ebay
it does not run atm not sure what the problem is
Images posted with permission daviidyoo

Tue Nov 29 2011
used bmw motor
bmw 100 gs
i am interested in to buying a used motor for a bmw 100 pd or gs without the clutch could you lease tell me where i can buy one in Europe Germany or england if you dont have , any sites on Internet to look for
thank you in advance for your time
greece athens

Wed Nov 09 2011
radio console
BMW 2004 R1200CL
The AM/FM went out on my radio console. CD player, but there is no volume control. Local dealership wants to sell me a new one ($700.00). I know it is an electrical problem, does anyone have an idea on how to fix. I have done the bateery disconnect but that didn't work. I really need the schematic for the radio console. Any help out there

Fri Sep 23 2011
handle bars
1997 k75
i am after a set of 1997 k75 bars with end weights in black
maryborough vic

Sun Aug 28 2011
BMW R26, R27
Tapered output shaft and drive flange are inseparable preventing tranny teardown. Looking for decent replacement transmission.

Sat Sep 03 2011
robin.marais<at>gmaildot com
rotax motorcycle engine
bmw 800gs
Does rotax produce the F 800GS twin four stroke motorcycle engine

Quoting from the forum:
"The F800 twin engines are BMW's design built for BMW (and only BMW) by Rotax in Austria. The F series thumper engine was also built by Rotax and was based on a Rotax design which was common to Aprillia as well. Since being rebranded the G series, those engines are now built by BMW in China."

Wikipedia confirms this: BMW GS parallel twin

Tue Jul 19 2011
Lot of service and repair manual
BMW R 80 G/S
I bought a cpuple of manual in: SrDespiece ( There are a lot of manual and the price is cheaper and attention it's great...
More information under Motorcycle Books & Manuals

Sun Mar 27 2011
BMW Touring Bike R80RT
I own a 1987 BMW R80RT touring bike and am wanting to sell it, but as it is a classic and very well taken care of,I was wondering what I might honestly ask for it. I have attempted to look up for blue book value but having no luck. Engine size is 800cc. In mint condition. I would appreciate your help.
Thank you
Edmonton, Alberta

Tue Mar 15 2011
doug<at>plumislandfocusdot com
"German Mtotorcycle Troop" actually American
BMW R75/6
Hi Sheldon,

First of all, I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed pouring over the photos on your site! THANKS!

This one, I stared at for a long time:

Those "Germans" are riding Indians or HDs (my American ID skills are limited, but the GMC M3 Scout cars in the background are a certainty, and they are headed in the same direction). Such a weird photo - were they training? Was it normal to "slide in?" They MUST have been leaking fuel... but what else could you do?

Anyway, thanks!
Plum Island

Tue Jan 25 2011
gearbox required
bmw r45 1986 electric start
hi am looking for a gearbox for my 1986 r45
dublin ireland

Fri Jan 14 2011
benjamin.libman<at>gmaildot com
Looking for parts
BMW R1200c 1999
I'm looking for the original blue hand grips for my r1200c. Do you think you could point me in the right direction.

Sat Dec 18 2010
vintage.cycles<at>yahoodot com
BMW R-35 restoration
R-35 BMW
Restoration business in New Jersey, USA dealing with restoration, parts and repairs specializing in pre-war BMW R-35. We're also in facebook. (john cycles). contact us if you have any questions.
New Jersey

Mon Oct 18 2010
wazz0955<at>gmaildot com
R35, 350cc 1937
Can I have the purchase price in Australian dollars of the bike concerned.It is origional and subject to sale via a deceased estate.Regards, Wazz West.

Tue Sep 07 2010
Bzimmer1956<at>aoldot com
wheels and spokes
bmw 1950 r51
need front and rear wheels and spokes
staten island new york
More information under Wheels

Mon Aug 30 2010
speki13<at>yahoodot com
spare part
bmw R 1159 RT
Dear all i have a problem to find this part for my motorcycle so can you help me.
Drivers Information Display 6 speed
and where i can find it to bye and what is the price
Regards Goran

Tue Aug 10 2010
Sell BMW R75, Original, complete with documentation.

Mon Aug 02 2010
vin# of 50 R-27 dover white
BMW R-27
Looking for someone that would have the vin # to the 50 r-27 ordered by butler& smith and also I keep seeing early 60's model r-60's in dover white, are these repaints ?

Tue Jul 27 2010
To sell BMW R52 nice running

Tue Jun 22 2010
info<at>motorgrrldot com
Need to convert 6 volt to 12 volt on 1938 BMW R71
BMW R71 civilian model
Hi! I'm wondering if anyone had any information and could help me out. I'm trying to do a conversion from 6V to 12V and need conversion kits for 2 different motorcycles. The first is a Beneli Motobi 250cc's (year unknown) with vin#HS17196. The second is an old 1938 civilian (single-drive, not two-wheel like the military version)BMW R71 with sidecar. The transmission serial number is 8800343 and engine serial number is 8902025.

I need the conversion kits for these bikes. Any information at all will be much appreciated.

Thank You!
Brooklyn, NY

Sun 16 May 2010
 BMW R75/5 Wixom Fairing and Rear Luggage rack
Email: jwise1<at>san.rrdot com
message: I am looking for the following items as I restore my 1973 R75/5 LWB motorcycle:

1. A black Wixom Ranger fairing complete with the 4 mounting brackets. I would like one in excellent condition with few scratches or smudges on the fairing itself and a clear windshield. I also would like the original white pinstripping on the fairing. I am willing to pay top dollar for the right fairing. I had one like this in 1973 and want to restore my bike to as near as possible to the original condition of the one I had.

2. A padded rear passenger seat rest (i.e. sissy bar) with a rear luggage rack behind it suitable for holding a briefcase. Again, I am willing to pay top dollar for the right one. I had one like this in 1973 and want to restore my bike to as near as possible to the original condition of the one I had.

Thank you.


Jim Wise

Sun Jan 10 2010
harrypalmer at
BMW 1938 R23 Baujahr
I have a 1938 R23 Baujahr BMW Motor Cycle in Pristeen condition bought at Auction in Europe fully reconditioned by the BMS factory. Had it shipped here.Now want to sell it. I am not sure of value. Could you please help me?
Homestead, Florida

Sun Dec 27 2009
dli1957 at gmaildot com
Parts of BMW R 75
Engine and frame parts 1943
I need parts from BMW R75.
Argentina -Buenos Aires-

Nov 2009
Good morning - it took me 18 mths to re furb my 1960 r60 as it I bought it from our p.m.e.a. Club treasurer - graham dawson - he bought it from another club member - neither used it for many yrs. , So it was corroded - esp. The frame . It has matching frame + motor s/n - so thats good .
So I cannot claim a complete motor . Trans. Overhaul - on the motor all I did was fit new rings and the usual valve grind / de coke .
But I had to strip the entire bike down so the panel beater could attack all the dings and prepare it for repainting - I replaced most of the bolts / nuts with p.s.s. Ones from vech in sturgis ms. He has been a very great help technically as he runs a classic bmw o/h shop there . He also has many good mod. Kits such as the s.s. Prop stand / easy clutch etc.
Don't let anyone tell you that some components are not available - vech has them !

The shot of it bare - is frame alignment checking - good to know its bent before you refurb or o/h ! - Hope I am not choking yr computer . If so , just tell me to buzz off - us old a+ps have very thick skin . Feel free to send shots of yrs now .

After the first few wks graham dawson loaned me his 1961 r60/2 to copy off - so I did some o/h + refurb work on it to repay him - so it was here also for 18 mths. - I told him I was stripping all the good bits offa his for mine !
My r60 is on the right - have many other detailed shots - pls ask if they might help . G.d. Has kept his bike more original than mine .

No 1 thing is , there are quite a few differences in the r60 and the /2 - esp. In the barrels / pistons / conrods / carbies. Etc.- so be very careful buying any spares .
I bought a bmw factory manual + componentry book from vech and have never regretted it - as he also works with exact p/n of spares - not just the yr of the bike - I also always tell him the frame + motor s/n .

Our ex pmea club treasurer - john dunphy in coooriobah qld., has r 50 under refurb + many other bmws - you may see him at rallies . Also club member billy stammers has an unusual r60 which has been converted to gearshift on right - he also does all the rallies . Our top rider is frank craw - 82 - and rides a r69s - also 1917 h.d. - But his buddy ken affleck tops that , as he is 92 and rides one owner 1936 r5 - now being refurbed by the famous adrian vergison in syd. He is the top classic bmw / zundapp guy nowadays in syd.

Another excellent guy in our club is clive weiss - he has r60us with 260,000 miles on it - so I take notice of him - he also builds complex things like classic bike fuel tanks .

Was talking to chris henderson in shepparton - he also is under way with his r60/2 o/h - he got it from gosford - and has found that the left hand barrels are different to the right hand barrels / pistons - great ! Some clown does not know there are differences in r60 and /2 in gosford - so beware the grey haired guy that is supposed to know all about classic bmw !

There are good supply shops in germany also - uli + stemmler etc - have not bought anything from them yet - and there is munich motors in perth - also helpful guys .

I would like to offer any assistance I can on the o/h of yr r60/2 - do not hesitate to ask pls . - Thanx j.c.

Tue Nov 17 2009
mlamon at hotmaildot com
vendo microcars
messerschmitt and isetta 1957
vendo un messerschmitt kr200 y un isetta para restaurar

Wed Nov 11 2009
shootingcookie43 at
i have these and i do not know anything about bike parts, i need to know what model and year bike these fit, there is a bmw number on the shocks this is 7 702 732 and the shocks are approx 16.5" long, thats about all i know, please can anyone help, thanks
Fri Feb 19 2010
jschweiger at falconepsdot com
Spring shock
PN 7702732 is the front spring/shock on an R1200GS Adventure with ESA Suspension

Fri Oct 16 2009
robert at
looking for bike part
bmw or zuundapp WWII
trinkwasser karnister 2 x5litre

Sun Sep 27 2009
vhermida at
Looking for bmw r35
BMW 1948 R35 BMW
I had found a site in germany for parts, from a link on the vintage motorcycle owners site. But I can't find it anymore can you help where is the best place for parts. Thanks
Montreal, canada

Wed Jul 01 2009
vovc1964 at yandex.putin
1939 BMW R-12
Selling part of the BMW R-12, original.
Deckel zum Motorgehause, Lagerbuchse zur Steuerwelle, Zylinderdeckel (2), Zylinder (2), Steuerwelle, Lagerbuchse, Kettenrad fur Steuerwellen-Antrieb, Kettenrad fur Zundapparat-Antrieb, Schwungrad, Druckteller, SchluBscheibe, Fuhrungsbolzen, Zwischenscheibe, Kupplungsbelage, Sum-Vergaser, .. and other parts.
More photos on request.
Yours faithfully, Oleg.

Wed Jun 03 2009
a.isaac at
clunky gear shifting
BMW 1955 R69
in regards to 1955-1969 twins I purchased mine in 1980 so I have been riding it for almost 30 years and yes at the begining it was noisy when shifting gears upwards. I didnt like the CLUNK so after some experimenting I found out that if I changed gears in TWO SHORT STEPS instead of a long single one the noise was almost totally gone.

I am 66 and was not interested in computers until one of my sons showed me one bike just like mine in a movie, muffler noise included and when not able to ride because of the weather I now navigate motorcycles in the web and have found your pages and images most interesting. Great work. I hope other 1955-1969 Beemer riders would like to try my way of gear shifting.
merida yuc mex

I've not ridden a /2 for some years (tho I have a very sad one in the garage, just recently acquired) but as I recall, yes, that's the way I used to shift them too. Ed.

Thu Feb 19 2009
robertfodell at yahoodot com
1951 bmw r 67
bmw r67
for sale, first year r67. very rare bmw. 1951 model. engine and frame match. i can assist in shipping world wide.
st. louis, mo. usa

Sat Feb 14 2009
eurojava at
BMW R 1200 C BLACK 2002
Is it possible i get a sidecar for my r 1200C. The price?

Wed Dec 03 2008
w.bruce at
ignition key for 1979 r65
bmw r65
i have bought 1979 r65 but owner has lost key any ideas how i trace key code cheers

Try this page:

Thu Sep 11 2008
joeorfe at aoldot com
parts needed
bmw 1953 r-35
I have a 1953 BMW R-35 and need a transmission, or the cluster and 3rd gear for the one i have, i know they used different parts in these, so i thought it would be easier to get a complete one, contact joe at joeorfe at if you can help
Michigan, USA

Sat Sep 06 2008
dli1957 at
Parts engine and others BMW R 75 ( year 1943 )
I need parts and I dont know where can I buy original or good replicas.Not parts from "made in china".

Fri Dec 07 2007
benj-feldia at braidnetworksdot com
An inquiry of the R 1200 C with Troika Sidecar
Troika Sidecar attached to the BMW R 1200C
I saw the bike with the sidecar in your website. I would like to request for an information where I can contact the manufacturer of the side. I am planning to purchase one.

Thanks in advance,

Benj Feldia

There are several models available and prices range from 25,000 to over 40,000 euros for complete machines.
There is more information here:

Fri Oct 12 2007
roycekk at yahoodot com
Looking to buy
BMW R26 or R27
I am looking for a fully restored BMW R26 or R27 to use in Japan. I have an LT1100 at present but my first bike was an R26
Narita, Japan

Thu Sep 27 2007
richard at
I have just been on a 3000k ride and found the handle bar position uncomfortable. And see you can get bolt on barbackers to shift the handgrip position back to a more comfortable position. Can anyone advise the easiest place to get a set of these from in New Zealand. Thanks

Wed Sep 19 2007
jessica.kary at btinternetdot com
BMW 1200 GS
I am hoping to buy a new BMW 1200 GS for my husband's 50th birthday present. I need to find a dealership close to Sallanches in France. Does anybody know of one? Thanks.

Aug 23rd 2007 (Forum application email)
<markrodhouse at>
Subject: Re: Welcome to European Motorcycles Forums

My elderly neighbour worked for BMW before the war making aircraft engines, he fought in the war in the Luft Waffe and was injured on the western front and bought back to England as a POW. After the war he went back to Germany to finish off his apprenticeship transferring his skills to become a motorcycle mechanic, and then came back to England to live with his English wife (married her while still a POW!). He worked as a Motorcycle
mechanic for the local police force until he retired. He now lives on the opposite side
of the road to me. We spend many hours talking about bikes and his workshop is a real
Aladdin's cave of used classic bikes. A truly amazing Guy!



Sun Jul 08 2007
Luckyat12kv at aoldot com
Dellorto Carburator
PHM38 Dellorto (BD)
I have two of these carbs on my 77 BMW R100RS Motorcycle, and my Brother just parked it in his yard back in 1994. I bought it 2 years ago, and I am sure they need to be rebuilt so I can get the bike running again. He said they are very good racing carbs, so I would like to keep them. Do you have any information on where to find rebuild kits for them, or any other instructions on how to do this? I am a "Do it yourselfer", but will take it in if I have to. Any feedback would be helpful, thank you.
Los Angeles, Ca, USA

An early RS fitted with these carbs probably also has larger valves - it was one of the fastest bikes BMW had ever made, and was practically unbeatable over any distance on the road with a capable rider. It was also extremely handsome. I once averaged over 100mph travelling from Bathurst to Forbes via Canowindra (which included a fair stretch of dirt) on one of these bahnstormers. When I pulled up at the Forbes airport, the discs matched the calipers - they had blued from the heat!

You will find Dellorto rebuild kits at Gowanloch's

Fri Jun 08 2007
xa480 at
side car R1200C BMW
ou puis je trouver le side car R1200c.
est il adaptable sur ma r1200c ou est ce un seul concept. je suis fort interressé par celui ci.pouvez vous me donner reponse.
xavier tetart
amiens (80) france

Tue May 29 2007
anjun at
andres junemann nuñez
bmw r 1200 gs 2006
sidecar para bmw r1200gs
cl chile

May 8th 2007
subject: BMW R100RS 1978
Email: bobstannett at msndot com
message: I am looking for a wiring diagram for the above bike that shows detailed information regarding the starter circuit including the starter relay and starter solenoid. Is there anybody that may be able to help please

Sun May 06 2007
cguisl at
BMW R 32
Hello !
I have just published a book about BMW flat-twins for which I did a lot of research, and I can strongly state that the first BMW motorcycle was NOT shown at the 1923 Paris Salon, contrary to popular belief : no BMWs were shown in Paris before 1927 in retaliation for the Great War ! The R 32 was first shown at the Berlin Show in 1923, even BMW now admit this.
Interested readers may visit my website at 404

Fri Jan 26 2007
pmargson at
sidecar wanted
R27/LS200 combo
I'm from Canada and am absolutly smitten by this early sixties combo. I just recently decided to try to find one for sale.Any info on where one might aquire one would be very helpful.Any condition,anywhere.Thank You.

Jan 1st 2007
[In answer to the quiz for joining the forums]

Hi there,

I dont know the answer to your questions but Im a true classic motorcycle fan and I currently own a BMW R90S -75 in Daytona Orange. Im also a collector of Villiers engined Norman motorcycles made in Ashford, England and I have about five or six of them at the moment depending on how you count :-)
I also have an Ariel 500 cc Red Hunter from the early fifties thaths been in a fire so its a demanding project that I havent started yet. I used to ride a BSA Spitfire 650 -68 and a Vincent Comet 500cc -51 aswell but now Im happy with my good old Beemer.

The reason I found this forum is because I bought a strange motorcycle
this summer and I dont know what it is, no badges or any thing. It looks very German with an ILO 175 engine and rigid rear end but the most intresting part is the telescopic front fork who have two rubberbands behind the headlight instead of the conventional springs
inside the forklegs. I have had lots of experts looking at it without any luck and I have
searched the internet as good as I can but without any luck so I hope that your forum will help me.

Regards and Happy New Year,

Peter Hällström
Stockholm, Sweden

Sun Nov 26 2006
 kostaslivas at hotmaildot com

I am located in Canberra, Australia.

Interested in R12, R17, R50, R52, R57, R69.AND MILITARY MODELS


Kostas Livas

Wed Nov 22 2006
alessandro.gregoroni at
Side for motorbike Bmw R71 (year 1938)
I think may be similar to Steib TR 500
My name's Alessandro from Udine (Italy) I have a Motorbike Bmw R71 of the 1938, but the side I think is not original, so I need some informations and documentations for to find the correct side. I think that the correct side may be similar to the Steib TR 500 but I'm not sure.
Plese help me
Best regards
I have found some of the photos of my motorbike which I send you with attachements. The motorbike is a BMW R71 (produced in 1938).

I know that there is a lot of pieces not original but I would like to restore them. I have just bought all the pieces that I must change. The side is the Staib one (on the right side there is stamped "Steib"). The side has many of pieces broken and not original and that is why I would like to know:

1) what type of side is the correct one for my Bmw R71 (1938), is it possible that it is a Steib TR 500, it is very similar.
2) How and where could I find the new pieces of the side that I must changed
3) If there is any photo of my side that is correct for my motorbike with some details like frame, fender, lights, seat, wheel and brake (I don't know if there is a brake also on the wheel's side or not)

Thanks for your help

You possibly have this information already, however...
try for Steib parts & info
try for more sidecar links.

4th Nov 2006
zoltar92 at
bmw r12 for sale. wechrmaht wersion , restored. For details mail me,

Mon Oct 30 2006
letsoc-yo at yahoodot com
I have a BMW engine and the front part of the motociclete from an R75 mounted on a M-72. The bike is registred and good to go. Unfortunatly i have to sell it... i estimated the price like 6.500 Euro. If someone is interested contact me on email: letsoc-yo at yahoodot com or by phone : +40765488613

Wed Oct 25 2006
riviere at estudiorivieredot com

bmw r 50 1955
Cesar Riviere from Uruguay

Sat Sep 30 2006
peggy-dcc at yahoodot com
BMW R-26 1956 & R-27 1966
I am selling a BMW R-26 and a very nice restored BMW R-27 If you would like more info, please contact me.
Thank you for your time
this is the picture of my R-27
FYI: i just add original side mirror and rear seat

Sat Jul 29 2006
paul at business-supportdot com
Panniers for my BMW Motorbike
BMW R45 (1981)

I have a BMW R45 (1981) and am looking to purchase a set of hard panniers for the bike. The sort which are on permanently. Can you help or make any suggestions please?

Many thanks

Mon Jul 10 2006
carlos at scanfiskdot com
side car
bmw 1200 c
hello, I have a bmw 1200 c and I´d like to have a side car. can you give me information about price and place to have it??? regards , Carlos
Zaragoza (Spain)

Wed Nov 16 2005
info at battlefinddot com
1943 BMW R-75
I am selling a very nice restored BMW R-75 with ammunition trailer. If you would like more info, please contact me.
Thank you for your time.

Hello again:
Thank you for the reply.
Here is the text of the ad as it appears. It is also advertised on WALNECKS motorcycle classifieds online and in print.

1943 BMW WWII R-75 w/trailer, This is a perfectly restored BMW R-75 from the German military. It has a 745cc 2cylinder engine, 4 speed transmission with reverse, 2 Wheel-drive with High-Low transfer case giving this machine 8 forward and 2 rear speeds total. These machines were never built for civilian use in this heavy duty configuration. This is one of 500 trailer models ever built, with most being destroyed in battle. It has it's original trailer with solid wheels. Easily valued at $45,000. More PHOTOS and my personal contact info at . It can climb a very wet, steep hill with ease fully loaded. It was used in Italy then shipped to be used with the Afrika Corps. After the war, it was abandoned and recovered by a civilian who stored it in their barn. It was discovered two years ago and underwent a very thorough restoration. It has had every part restored and all parts replaced were NOS or original used. This is a museum quality bike that saw light use in the war and was never battle damaged. It is totally complete.This machine is in south Holland- I can assist you in getting there to view, or the buyer can chose to use to assure the integrity of the transaction. There is nothing missing or incorrect about this machine. $32,000 price reflects machine delivered to your door anywhere in the free world.

Thanks again for the assistance.
Best regards;
Patrick Garrison

Tue Sep 20 2005
marclanni at msndot com
Salve, mi chiamo Marcello Lanni ed ho comprato ad Imola sabato scorso una BMW R35 con NR telaio 336838 e con NR motore 330828; poichè la moto è senza documenti vorrei conoscere l'anno di costruzione e soprattutto se è autentica per poterla restaurare ed immatricolare. Grazie e cordiali saluti

Translation: I call Marcello Lanni and I have bought to Imola past saturday one BMW R35 with NR chassis 336838 and motor NR 330828; poich?a motion?enza documents I would want to know the year of if above authentic construction and for being able to restore it and to register.

Mon Aug 01 2005
illsley at
BMW R 75 wermacht manual
In 1948 we bought an R75 and used it until the mid '50s. I found a factory parts manual and copied it on 35 mm film. If it is of any value to anyone, contact me. The original manual has suffered water damage, but the film is good.

Thu Sep 15 2005
espineta at
2002 R1150RS
Can I purchase lower fairing fo my US motorcycle. It only has half faring

Fri Jul 22 2005
oabaro at aoldot com
Fur Hochste Anspruche metal poster
I have a metal BMW poster with "Fur Hochste Anspruche" written on it. I was wondering if you could tell me what that means? Thank you.

One translator says: "to meet the most strenuous demands". Another: "Claims highest Fur"

Fri Jul 15 2005
josemariavazquez at hotmaildot com
steib n 28
i am sendig photo of a steib 28 with BMW R61 1938
Original, perfect. as new

From: "Tub Maxson" <maxson-h at tmriskdot com>
Subject: RE: FW: NSU
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005

Here it is, 1966 R23/LS200,

To: Tub Maxson
Subject: RE: FW: NSU
Thanks, Tub, I'll include that with the next update.

Would be keen to see the R27/Steib pic, too. I had an R69S/501 combo years back, best machine I ever had.


Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005
subject: bmw 60/2
Email: davidrooneyjnr at
message: looking to buy a bmw r60/2 would be grateful for any help

Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005
subject: BMW SR1200C Troika Sidecar
Email: mally64 at
message: I have seen the photo of the sidecar in your site. Where i can buy it?? Is splendid!

According to (see below) the machine was not for sale when displayed in the US in about 2001. Two sources indicate that it may have been built as a concept bike by BMW.
More information at

October 12, 2000
I need the manual of r20. can you help me? Just now I found one and I want to restore it. Tthanks
Giorgos from Greece -- argiraki at -- argiraki at hotmaildot com

In 1939, the Germans moved BMW's motorcycle assembly plant from Munich to Eisenach in order to build airplane engines in the Munich plant. At the end of the war, Eisenach ended up in the Soviet sector. In the plant were many unbuilt motorcycles, including the R35s. The Soviets took these parts and built the first BMWs to be produced after the war, renaming them EMW

The SR 1200 C Troika concept sidecar was displayed at several US trade shows on the West Coast in about 2001, and was used in TV commercials including one for mobile phones using twins.advertisements. I recall a cellular phone advertisement with a set of twins. At the time it was not for sale in the US, but if it was it would have cost around twice the price of the solo.
Cobbled together from information found at

Images of the Troika are in this gallery: BMW 2000 on

If you have a query or information about BMW motorcycles please contact us