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BMW 1951 R51/2

BMW R51 1938-1954

BMW R-51 1938

Production years: 1938-1940
Power: 24 CV at 5600 rpm
Capacity: 494cc
Engine: Boxer 4-stroke, overhead valve
Transmission: Cardan
Maximum speed: 140 Km/h
Units produced: 3,775
Weight: 182 Kg

BMW R 51/2

Based on the prewar BMW R 51 from which it adopted the chassis and the engine, production of the BMW R 51/2 began in 1950. Visually it differed in minor detail, with the rocker covers retained by a clip.
Production Years: 1950-1952, c.5000 constructed.
Engine: Four-stroke HO Twin, Type 254/3
494cc, 24hp @ 5,800rpm, max speed 135 km/h.

BMW R 51/3

The BMW R 51/3 500 cc sports model used the chassis from the BMW R 51/2 but the engine had been redesigned using a central camshaft.
Production Years; 1951-1954
Production Qty.: 18,420
Engine: 494cc, 24hp @ 5,800 rpm.
Gearbox: 4-speed
Ignition: Norris magneto